Monday, November 05, 2007

Nominated for a Cliopatria award!

Guess what? Jeremy Young of Progressive Historians nominated me for the Cliopatria award for Best Individual (History) Blog. How cool is that? You can add your voice too, if you feel so inclined!

I'm honored, if tired. I've been sick for the past couple of weeks - on round two of antibiotics. I feel there's so much that needs to be discussed, but I haven't had the energy to post. So I'm giving you links to some of my favorite posts from the past. Browse at will.

Dragonfly Spies, Brain Prints, and DCCC Priorities

The EPA, 9/11, and the Bush Administration

Tim Weiner's "history" of the CIA

Reclaiming history from Vince Bugliosi

Disinformation Season is Officially Open

Alger Hiss in the News Again

Missing Bill Hicks Today

The Dangers of Wikipedia

A Brief History of Blood Diamonds

What he didn’t know killed him

The Real History of Gerald Ford, Watergate, and the CIA

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

A Brief History of Labor

Living in a Dali Painting

Of Jonestown, Maquiladoras, and Elections

When Strangers Were Welcome Here

Was Milosevich Poisoned?

Dubai to Take Over the Secret Service

Can’t we jump the track?

Max Holland vs. the nation

Freeport McMoran's Corruption of Indonesia

History Repeats with Spy Scandals

Of Chavez, Economic Hit Men, and Wildflowers

Hey, hey, USA. How many coups did you plan today?

War is a Racket for the Rich

Is “Nemesis” a Black Book?

Gary Webb’s Memorial Service


Anonymous Anonymous said...


That is fabulous. I laughed when I read "even though I often disagree with her conclusions". Still you get his "best blog" vote. Now that's impressive. (But how on earth can anyone disagree with your conclusions???)

I certainly hope you are soon better. This has gone on way too long!

Did you catch Keith Olbermann two nights ago speak the truth about waterboarding and this administration's march toward fascism? It was one of his finest moments.

We need so much more truth and dissent, especially on the airwaves. To balance the phony "fair and balanced" "Fox". Good descriptive name.

Voices like yours keep me sane.


5:37 AM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Thanks, Dawn. I feel the same way about Keith Olbermann - his outrages helps make mine make sense, you know? Yes - I saw his "special comment" on waterboarding. Keith is a real treasure, isn't he???

7:09 AM  

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