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Was Milosevic Poisoned?

Would you believe that looking into Milosevic's death led me to a strong link between the US government and al Qaeda, sharing common goals in Kosovo? That's why history is always relevant, and the truth always matters.

Here's where I started.

ABC News is reporting the "swirl of suspicion" regarding the death of former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevich:

Among the scenarios being floated: Drugs smuggled into prison, a poisoning plot and the possibility Milosevic was undermining his own treatment in hopes of being sent to Moscow, where his wife and son live in exile.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow did not fully trust the autopsy report and would send its own pathologists to examine the body. The U.N. war crimes tribunal had said a heart attack killed Milosevic, according to preliminary findings from Dutch pathologists who conducted a nearly eight-hour autopsy.

... Milosevic was found dead in his prison cell in The Hague on Saturday, just hours after writing Russian officials a letter alleging that an "extremely strong drug" was found in his bloodstream. Zdenko Tomanovic, his family lawyer, said Milosevic was "seriously concerned" he was being poisoned.

I almost blogged about this when I first heard he had died. I was immediately suspicious because a former associate of Milosevich's, who had later testified against him, was found dead in the same facility just six days earlier. The sentiments expressed by Marija Darijevic in this Chicago Tribune piece echo my own:

Six days before Milosevic's death, Milan Babic, 50, leader of Serb rebels in Croatia and a convicted war criminal, committed suicide in the same prison. Babic had provided key testimony against Milosevic and was back in The Hague testifying in another case.

"First Babic, now Milosevic. This is not an accident," said Marija Darijevic, 34, a Belgrade lawyer. "I suffered under Milosevic and I don't feel any regret at his death, but I think that even the worst criminal has the right to proper medical treatment."
The suspicious death, labeled officially "heart failure," took place in a city that bills itself as the "City of Peace and Justice." Saddam Hussein had just last year asked that his own trial be moved there, believing he would get a fairer deal. I imagine he's having serious second thoughts on that front now.

I'm surprised how people just accept at face value that Milosevich was, as the press called him, the "Butcher of the Balkans." As is often the case in historical matters, the victor's account of history is only one side of the story. Ramsey Clark, a former Attorney General of the United States, wrote a letter to Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, in which he stated:
The Prosecution of the former President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is scheduled to end its presentation of evidence to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) on February 19, 2004, more than two years after its first witness testified.

Over 500,000 pages of documents and 5000 videocassettes have been placed in evidence. There have been some 300 trial days. More than 200 witnesses have testified. The trial transcript is near 33,000 pages.

The Prosecution has failed to present significant or compelling evidence of any criminal act or intention of President Milosevic. In the absence of incriminating evidence, the Prosecution apparently hoped to create a record so massive that it would be years, if the effort was ever made, before scholars could examine and analyze the evidence to determine whether it supported a conviction.
Is it possible Milosevic was not the monster the press told us about? Is it possible it was necessary to paint him as such as an excuse to go to war, much as the WMD lie had to be invented?

After some searching tonight, I found this interesting article from Jurist. Author Marjorie Cohn, an associate professor of law, a Court TV commentator, and a news consultant for CBS, presented facts that make me think my suspicions are justified:

The most significant international war crimes trial since Hitler’s henchmen were tried at Nuremberg is scheduled to begin on February 12. Former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic will appear in the dock at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia at The Hague to answer charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

But Milosevic, often referred to in Western circles as the “Butcher of the Balkans,” maintains it is really the leaders of NATO who should be tried for their crimes against the people of Yugoslavia. In 1999, thousands of Yugoslavs were killed or wounded by NATO’s bombs, allegedly to stop the ethnic cleansing of the Albanians in Kosovo.

As The New York Times said on February 9: “When Mr. Milosevic sneers at the tribunal here as ‘victor’s justice,’ he is not entirely wrong.” Former President William Clinton, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and U.S. military leaders orchestrated the use of laser-guided and cluster bombs and depleted uranium that devastated the people and the land of Yugoslavia. They will never face charges at The Hague.

Milosevic contends he acted in defense of the Serbs against Muslim extremists. He claims he was fighting the same type of terrorism the United States is now battling in Afghanistan and elsewhere. At that time, the United States gave active support to the Kosovo Liberation Army, a Muslim terrorist group financed by the Third World Relief Agency, through which Osama bin Laden and others funneled $350 million. Milosevic insists that his pleas to Clinton to get bin Laden out of Kosovo were ignored; instead, Clinton allied with the Albanian Muslims against the Serbs.
That the Clinton administration allied themselves with the Kosovo Liberation Army is well-documented. In fact, the more I read, the more the KLA sounds like the Contras in Nicaragua, a group that was primarily made by US funding. The rhetoric was even similar:

"[The] United States of America and the Kosovo Liberation Army stand for the same human values and principles ... Fighting for the KLA is fighting for human rights and American values." (Sen. Lieberman quoted in the 'Washington Post,' April 28, 1999)
This gets even more interesting when you find out that al Qaeda was also helping the KLA. Peter Dale Scott, for an upcoming book on 9/11, makes a compelling case that the US-KLA-al Qaeda collaboration was about protecting oil interests:
Though the origins of the Kosovo tragedy were rooted in local enmities, oil became a prominent aspect of the outcome. There the al Qaeda-backed UCK or “Kosovo Liberation Army” (KLA) was directly supported and politically empowered by NATO, beginning in 1998.[49] But according to a source of Tim Judah, KLA
representatives had already met with American, British, and Swiss intelligence agencies in 1996, and possibly “several years earlier.”[50] ...

Mainstream accounts of the Kosovo War are silent about the role of al Qaeda in training and financing the UCK/KLA, yet this fact has been recognized by experts and to my knowledge never contested by them.[52] For example, James Bissett, former Canadian ambassador to Yugoslavia, said “Many members of the Kosovo Liberation Army were sent for training in terrorist camps in Afghanistan…. Milosevic is right. There is no question of their [al Qaeda’s] participation in conflicts in the Balkans. It is very well documented."[53] In March 2002, Michael Steiner, the United Nations administrator in Kosovo, warned of "importing the Afghan danger to Europe" because several cells trained and financed by al-Qaeda remained in the region.[54] ...

At the time critics charged that US oil interests were interested in building a trans-Balkan pipeline with US Army protection; although initially ridiculed, these critics were eventually proven correct.[59] BBC News announced in December 2004 that a $1.2 billion pipeline, south of a huge new U.S. army base in Kosovo, has been given a go-ahead by the governments of Albania, Bulgaria, and Macedonia.[60]
And Peter Dale Scott is not the only one putting this all together. This article also speaks of the links between the CIA, German Intelligence, al Qaeda, and the KLA. If I had many more hours I might find many more articles. But I'm already starting to see the pattern.

I'm not crying over Milosevic's death. I didn't know him. I didn't live under him. I don't support any kind of genocide. But as an American citizen, I am especially upset when people who are supposed to represent me, i.e., American officials, engage in genocidal behavior. (Or fail to prevent it, as we're failing to do in Darfur.)

I'm also trying to say that the powers that be use our emotions against us. Most people get upset at the name "Milosevic" and can't go any further than that. just as many get upset at the thought of 9/11 and can't imagine the truth could be other than what they heard in the midst of their terror and grief. The media riles us up with partial facts, but doesn't usually present the other side of the story. That's why it's important to question everything.

Ramsey Clark's letter to Annan regarding the the International War Crimes tribunal's case against Milosevic truly startled me. I had no idea when I started searching tonight that I would find this information:
The initial indictment made no allegations of any crimes in Croatia, or Bosnia. It dealt exclusively with alleged acts by Serb forces in Kosovo in 1999. All of Serbia, including Kosovo, remained under heavy U.S./NATO bombardment at the time of the indictment. There were no U.S., or NATO forces, or ICTY investigators in Kosovo. Investigation was impossible. The indictment was purely a political act to demonize President Milosevic and Serbia and justify U.S. and NATO bombing of Serbia which was itself criminal and in violation of the U.N. and NATO Charters.

And why does that seem so believable? Perhaps because the pattern of deception leading to war was repeated just recently in Iraq. And because we appear to be seeing something similar now re Iran.

If Milosevic was killed, shouldn't we find out why? Was it possible he was killed because his trial might not have produced the "desired" result? I don't know the answer. But the question was definitely worth asking. I had no idea that opening the Milosevic door would give me new reasons to question the official story of 9/11.


Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Well. If I had just gone to Rigorous Intuition first, I could have saved myself a few hours tonight. Seems he and I are, as is not uncommon, on the same wavelength here..!

11:34 PM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

And in case any are wondering...

NO, I'm not trying to say that Milosevic has been unjustly prosecuted, or that the atrocities didn't happen on his watch.

I always wonder what the other side of the story is, as there's always another side of the story. And since that's the one I don't get to hear, that's the one I'm curious about. It doesn't mean I'll believe it or find it valid when I hear it. But I wish we were given more information.

The truth doesn't have 'sides'. But the media DOES take sides, so I worry about what I haven't heard.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a former life-long very conservative Republican (at 50) and enthusiastic supporter of Bush through 2003 (how embarrassing); I've learned, well, that I was pretty brainwashed.

This is not to say I'm now a liberal, but neither am I conservative as that movement has been hijacked.

Partisan politics is just a ruse to polarize the people against each other. Don't know what I am, just know what I am not. I certainly have no intention of ever voting again, unless a free form of government is restored to this country, unlikely any time soon.

I used to utterly detest even the thought of people like Ramsey Clark and Milosovic; now I'm not so sure. All evidence I see seems to strongly indicate these and other persons were unjustly demonized by those I used to respect and admire, but whom I now believe much more worthy of my contempt, like Bush and his whole crime family.

Having said that, I disagree with your last post that Bush should be impeached. He's not the problem, but only a puppet for deeper forces who are the problem. Removing him will not solve any problem, only get us a smoother and slicker puppet.

Let's keep the beast that better reminds us of the real problem we face, and hopefully moves us to action.

Calls for his impeachment by liberals only strengthens Bush by motivating still deceived and polarized conservatives to instinctively rush to the defense of their "embattled" leader.

GWB is already betraying conservative principles so well he is losing his own base. Let him finish that job.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Milosevic has been charged with genocide. Anyone familiar with the man knows this is bogus.The main charge is over Srebrenica. A study of this issue can be found at

Which shows there was no 'genocide; and that whereas Serb troops went out of their way to protect woman and children, croats did not.


5:15 PM  
Blogger Jim French said...

Great article, Lisa. And, thanks for the reminder to look back to the past to understand the present.

Best wind to all sails,
Jim French

6:37 AM  
Blogger Κοινότητα Εκάλης said...

It is time to learn what really happened. a friend was with the greek army sent to assist the serbs in srebrenica. What western media has told ya is nothning but lies. some innocent died but what about the serbs-christians that were beheaded from the mujahedins that USA and NATO supported in this war? Bin laden and albanian terrorists shall be happy for the help that they received from USA.

It is obvious..Slono had done nothing...he just knew too many things to live...the verdict was to poison him, like plato 2500 years ago....he knew too many things to get the real story and search in google to find that behind kla and the so-called albanians of kossovo (that do not exist) is muslim imperialism and Al Qaeda

2:01 PM  
Blogger Tahoma Activist said...

I hate when our media goons ride the wave of hysteria over men in charge of socialist countries and claim that they're bad, and need to be taken out.

The whole thing stinks! And it is about oil! Just like it's about oil in the Sudan, just like it's about oil in Nigeria! There's too many people, and too many cars, and too many guns, and not enough wisdom, and not enough clean air, and clean food, and cautious leaders. This country is in the grip of a Satanic hand, and I am no Christian wing-nut, I'm talking about a diabolical force that is pitting us against each other. This war is tearing this country apart.

And this President doesn't care, and Bill Clinton didn't really care, because in the end, it's about oil, and campaign contributions, and wealth and power and prestige, and not about helping the people at all.

I believe that Milosevic was poisoned. I believe that the stories that have come out of the AP have been totally sexed up, with doctors claiming that he was supposedly poisoning himself, in a scheme intended to get him freed from prison on a technicality.

What a joke! These people are sick, and the whole way in which we are led is sick, and it's time that we the people stepped up and made a difference in our own communities, in our own terms, and demanded truly representative government, one that's responsive to the people!

By God, people, we could do this, if we all come together and get used to living democracy and speaking truth to power. I urge everyone who is as disgusted by this latest turns of events as I am to please raise your voice, write letters to the editor, link to this blog and altogether raise hell, because murdering anyone is wrong and the United States shouldn't be able to do it anytime, anywhere.

That's my feeling about it, anyway. Maybe I'm wrong. Come by The American Peoples' Congress and tell me I'm wrong about it.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For more details about how the United States worked with Iran and what are now called al Qaeda check out Cees Wiebes' Intelligence and the War in Bosnia'. This work was the results of study done by the Netherlands Institute for War and Documentation.

To conduct the study Mr. Wiebes was given access to top-secret archives of the Dutch intellegence services as well as classified UN archives.

In particular see the chapter 'Secret arms supplies and other covert actions'.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lisa, this comment is going to be very, very long, so please forgive me at the outset. You do not have to publish it. It is primarily for your future research purposes. You may share it with your readers if you wish.

First of all, congratulations on an excellent article.

Lisa, you have only just exposed the tip of the iceberg as far as what really happened in the Balkans wars. The amount of factual information that is being suppressed by the corporate media is truly mind boggling.

Here is an excerpt from a letter I wrote recently to a major media outlet which was ignored:
It is clear that NONE of these claims [about Milosevic's guilt for war crimes] were proven by the corrupt NATO-owned ICTY with a budget of 9 figures+ and after over 4 years of violating every judicial norm in trying - blatantly and unfairly tilting - in violation of all traditional civil and criminal law practices - the entire case in favor of the "prosecution".

Despite all of this they failed to link Milosevic to even ONE crime. Every one of the prosecution witnesses was either caught lying or denied that Milosevic ever ordered, condoned, incited or covered up even one crime.

Therefore the only way out of the impasse and deadlock for NATO, was for Milosevic to conveniently die just three short days after he writes a letter to the Russian embassy complaining of being poisoned by a Leprosy drug since January and fearing for his life at the hands of "this criminal.. institution" [the NATO owned ICTY].

Of course what is also not reported is the fact that Milosevic died just days after a subpoena was issued to Bill Clinton to testify and undergo cross examination by Milosevic himself to answer charges of massive war crimes committed by NATO during its 79 day deliberate bombing of civilians and civilian infrastructure - a clear violation of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions. No wonder Milosevic was denied urgently required heart surgery and had the Leprosy drug fed to him since January - or earlier - without his knowledge [but WITH the knowledge of the ICTY doctors and toxicologists which they themselves have admitted to the Dutch NOS TV station].

Russian general Leonid Ivashov had this to say about the death of the President of Yugoslavia:

"I regard it as a contract political killing because the court proved incapable of proving his guilt and
acquitting Slobodan Milosevic would amount to denouncing NATO for the aggression against

General Ivashov, vice president of the Russian Academy for Geopolitical Problems, added,
"It is a murder. The doctors whom Slobodan Milosevic trusted were not allowed to see him. Besides, he was not allowed to travel to Russia for treatment even though he asked. He was deliberately placed in a situation that caused his death."

"...Mr Milosevic’s death follows just days after a subpoena was issued against former US President Bill Clinton to testify at the ‘trial’."


The real "Butchers of the Balkans" were people like Clinton, Albright, Berger,Cohen,Rubin,Shea,Clark,Short,Holbrooke,Blair,Cook,Robertson, Kohl,Genscher,Ruehe,Schroeder, Scharping, Fischer, Robertson, Clare Short, et al - all supposed democratic "liberals" - for raining death and destruction on civilians and civilian infrastructure for 78 days - and prior to that for importing,arming and protecting tens of thousands of Islamist terrorists and Nazi fanatics into Bosnia, Croatia/Krajina and Kosovo as well as sabotaging every single peace agreement between the opposing ethnic groups, thus pouring gasoline on the fire causing the deaths of tens of thousands of innocents.

The massive injustice and outrage perpetrated by The Hague ICTY kangaroo court - a travesty of
justice in fact - with the deliberate murder of an innocent man, first by
denial of urgent medical care - a basic universal human right and liberal principle - and then finally, to speed up the process [because a verdict in the
case was due shortly] the deliberate poisoning of President Milosevic with
unprescribed drugs for Leprosy and Tuberculosis.

The Hague's story is changing yet again today [March 14] with the ludicrous & outrageous
claim by The Hague 'officials' that the Leprosy drugs must have been "smuggled
in" [along with alcohol?!], and "self administered" by President Milosevic -
supposedly without their knowledge - without bothering to explain how he could
have possibly done this, since he was under constant 24 hour a day 7 day a week
surveillance and ALL drugs were administered by the prison dispensary under
strict supervision and recorded in the prison medical records by armed prison
guards and other officials.

Just this morning in an AP report, they even have the brazen audacity to LIE
through their teeth and claim he WASN'T under constant surveillance and must
have "poisoned himself" in secret!!]
For a refutation of this, see

For the last 12 years I have used reserved and unduly polite and courteous language in numerous letters sent to government officials, the UN, nearly all
the major media outlets in Australia,Canada, the UK and the United States protesting the mass murders and child rape/child sex slavery that was made
official policy by the West.

All to no avail.

For your information, my mother lost virtually her ENTIRE family to the Nazis
in World War 2.

I take this deliberate killing of Milosevic and his demonization as a "Nazi" and "Butcher of the Balkans" to be a personal affront and insult to my mother
and her family who perished in the Holocaust because the Western NATO/EU filth who killed Milosevic HELPED numerous NAZI CUT-THROAT
KILLERS for the last 16 years to wreak havoc, spread mayhem by perpetrating vile
terrorist atrocities and commit mass murder on an enormous scale against
innocent Serbs, Roma and Jews in Kosovo, Krajina/Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina
for the last 16 years AND GET AWAY WITH IT, yet the Hague Western filth
deliberately murder an INNOCENT man who was trying to STOP these Western
sponsored killers from perpetrating their foul deeds against not only his
people - the Serbs - but against ALL 26 nationalities who reside in
Serbia-Montenegro [35% of the population of Serbia-Montenegro is NON-Serbian
including 150,000 Albanians who live in Belgrade].

Every one of us who has reviewed the evidence knows that an innocent man has
been murdered. This man was absolutely and TOTALLY anti-Nazi and anti-racist.This indisputable truth was even admitted - under OATH - by none other than former UN/EU peace mediator, Lord David Owen, at the Hague ICTY.

Lord Owen said Milosevic was: "the only leader who consistently supported peace" and "a man to whom any form of racism is anathema".

Hardly surprising, really, when you consider the abundant evidence of the REAL Milosevic as opposed to the US/NATO establishment elite media-concocted caricature - see for example

Milosevic desperately fought such openly racist, Nazi policies and was relentlessy demonized for it, unjustly imprisoned, pyschologically & physically
tortured, and finally murdered for it - thanks to the policies of the
"civilzed" West, while simultaneously the worst mass murderers and child
rapists/child sex traffickers were and still are roaming around free -because they were Western proxies doing the West's dirty work in the Balkans against the Serbs.

The worst Nazi cut-throats and killers were [and are still being] protected and allowed to commit their disgusting savageries against Serbs, Roma and Jews especially in Kosovo, and prior to that, Krajina and Bosnia, while the United Nations, European Union and NATO/EU troops looked apathetically on.

To add insult to injury and pour salt into the wound these heinous mass murderers were given BRIBES and IMMUNITY from prosecution if they would give false testimony - under oath - in order to implicate Slobodan Milosevic during
his "trial". For evidence of this, see the Dutch TV documentary broadcast in
2004 at the following URL
[you will need RealPlayer to view it - you can obtain it at]

You can see Lord David Owen give his testimony at The Hague that Milosevic was "the only man who consistently supported peace" in this documentary. Here is what I wrote back in January,2006:
Dutch documentary exposes The Hague "war crimes tribunal" as a NATO-run
Kangaroo Court.
Re-Posted from Free Republic
The Dutch television network, VPRO, aired a very nice piece on the Milosevic
"trial" at The Hague, Holland. It shows how the prosecution's case is falling
apart and how prosecution witnessess [often mass murderers of Serbs- in other
words, war criminals who were NOT indicted by the ICTY] are bribed and given
amnesty/protection to implicate Slobodan Milosevic with bogus testimony. Be
sure to check it out at:
You can watch the program in streaming video. There are two parts. It is, of
course, primarily in Dutch, but large parts are in English, Serbian and German.
And you thought that we had a "free press" that tells us "the truth"...what a
sick joke!

To make matters worse, these Western officials and troops - who were merely
following orders - actually ASSISTED these Croatian and Muslim Nazis to commit
their odious, despicable crimes against Serbs, Roma and Jews - something far
more reprehensible than merely turning a blind eye.

To add insult to injury, these crimes were not only NOT reported, but the the
victims of the crimes themselves - particularly the Serbs - were blamed and
demonized for the crimes of the perpetrators!!
One such example is Bosnian muslim "warlord" Naser Oric, who went about
murdering Serbs for an entire THREE YEARS from 1992 to 1995 in Srebrenica.

This monster cold bloodedly murdered - using the most hideously brutal methods
- over 3,800 innocent elderly Serbian men, women and even babies and children
under 5, mostly by cutting throats and beheading, often preceded by the most
horrific tortures including cutting off of
limbs,lips,noses,ears,breasts,genitalia,burning of skin and gang rape. See the
photos and videos of the brutal killings at:

Mr. Oric was protected by the West during his mass murder sprees and was never
brought to justice for his crimes of genocide. In fact after the signing of the
"Dayton Accords" in 1995 - after the US/NATO bombed the Bosnian Serbs into
submission - Mr. Oric was left to roam free and became the owner of a "night
club disco" [in reality also a brothel] in Tuzla! All of this was made possible
by neo-colonial Viceroy of Bosnia Herzegovina, "High Representative" Paddy
"Pants Down" Ashdown. Instead of Mr. Ashdown doing his job and bringing this mass murderer to
justice, he was permitted to operate his "night club" for years before finally
being arrested a couple of years ago on minor charges of "mistreating
prisoners". What unbelievable NATO/EU HYPOCRISY!!

Mr. Oric got his inspiration from the World War 2 Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS
Handzar division [see ] and

Mr. Oric actually VIDEOTAPED his heinous crimes and then - with unbelievable,
arrogant pride -BOASTED about it and showed off his loathsome "snuff" videos to
reporters of the Washington Post and Toronto Star. See

Naser Oric boasted to these US & Canadian reporters that he went about on his
mass murder sprees by using "cold weapons" - knives,
hammers,axes,machetes,daggers,iron bars - against ENTIRE Serbian villages in
and around Srebrenica and Gorazde beginning in 1992 and finally ending in July

July 1995 is when the Bosnian Serb army re-took the area in a counter-offensive
where the Serbs were falsely accused of "executing 8,000 muslim men and boys".
An accusation used by the West to justify its racist,murderous policies against
the Serbs - the only group opposed to the Nazi and Islamo-Fascist Western
proxies hell bent on illegally forcing the disintegration of the Yugoslav
federation in violation of the Helsinki Accords and the UN Charter.

One of Mr. Oric's favourite sickening acts was to gouge out the eyes, tear the
tongues out,cut the ears off, slit the throats of, cut the noses,ears,and limbs
off, and then finally cut off the heads of children and the elderly in villages
surrounding Srebrenica and Gorazde.

In some cases entire families were either burned to death or murdered with
explosives, with Mr.Oric LAUGHING about it. He even boastfully laughed while
watching the videos of his mass murders, and then saying to the US and Canadian
reporters: "we launched those guys to the moon!"

Mr. Oric went about murdering entire villages - entire generations of families
were completely slaughtered - just as occurred in World War 2 - when well over
1 million Serbs,Jews,and Roma peoples were murdered by Croat, Muslim and
Albanian Nazis -750,000 of these victims were slaughtered in similar fashion to
today's methods in the WW2 Jasenovac death camp [these figures are from German
Nazi and French,British,Italian sources].

Instead of arresting this cold blooded killer, the UN command in 1992/1993,
under French General Phillipe Morillon, actually ASSISTED him to commit his
heinous crimes by requesting that Srebrenica be made a so-called "safe haven"
WITHOUT removing and disarming Naser Oric's 28th muslim army division,
commanded by Naser Oric and receiving instructions from alija Izetbegovic in

General Morillon's excuse for this was that he wanted to prevent the Bosnian
Serbs from committing "revenge" because he had seen - in his own words - the
"terrible crimes" committed by Naser Oric's troops.


So the callous despicable murders went on and on for over THREE YEARS without
being reported on by the Western media or even a token attempt to prevent them
by the UN.
See the official United
Nations documents A/48/177, S/25835 and A/47/813, S/24991 describing these
hideous murders and rapes available at:
The UN document A/47/813, S/24991 on rape by Bosnian muslim & Croat forces in
Bosnia in 1992 can be read at:
The Dutch UN troops did NOTHING to prevent Oric from committing these
despicable acts. Instead we were fed a steady diet of lies and disinformation
with the Srebrenica "safe haven" portrayed as a defenseless town subject to a a
"vicious attack" and then finally "genocide by Bosnian Serb forces in July
1995". A blatant, bald-faced LIE by the Western corporate media whores.
See the following reports for evidence of this monstrous lie by the Western
politicians and media, where the actual victims of genocide are falsely
labelled and tarred as the perpetrators:

However, Mr. Oric's example is certainly not the only case where a heinous
mass murderer was [and still is] protected by the West - and to add insult to
injury - given an official UN position and salary AFTER he perpetrated his
loathsome deeds!!

Another case - among numerous others - is the one of former Brigadier General
in Franjo Tudjman's Croatian army during the massive Nazi style pogrom & ethnic
cleansing operation in August 1995, known as "Operation Storm" - an ethnic
Albanian - Mr.Agim Ceku.

Here is what I wrote back in December 2005,where I
revealed the following:

"...Agim Ceku, an Albanian Kosovo by birth, began his military career as an
officer in the former federal Yugoslavian Army (JNA). When the initial Yugoslav
breakup occurred in 1991, Ceku was quick to switch his loyalty to the Croatian
cause of independence. As a colonel in the Croatian army, Ceku commanded the
notorious 1993 operation now known as the Medak Pocket.
"It was here that the men of the Second Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian
Light Infantry came face to face with the vulgar savagery which Ceku was
capable of, over 200 Serbian inhabitants of the Medak Pocket were slaughtered
in a grotesque manner –female rape victims were found after being burned alive.
Our traumatised troops that buried the grisly remains were encouraged to
collect all possible evidence “in order to bring the perpetrators to justice."

"...Throughout the air campaign against Yugoslavia, Ceku was portrayed as a
loyal ally and he was frequently present at the NATO briefings with top
generals such as Wesley Clark and Michael Jackson."

"...KLA Commander Agim Ceku was appointed Chief of Staff of Kosovo's new KPC
[Kosovo Protection Corps]. In the words of Bernard Kouchner during the
inauguration ceremony:

" I look to him [Agim Ceku] to lead the new members of the Corps in the
footsteps of Cincinnatus, the model citizen-soldier of ancient Rome -- who left
his plow standing in the field to answer the call to arms & and at the end of
the war refused all honors in order to return to his civic duties".

"...Holbrooke, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and the Clinton White
House all played key rôles in supporting the Islamists who, as it transpired,
were consistently working with al-Qaida and the Iranian Government, among
others, in planning major terrorist attacks on the US."
[ 03.htm]
It may surprise you to learn that Mr. Ceku has recently been promoted from
having an official UN position and salary as head of the "Kosovo Protection
Corps" [the name given to the narcotic drug-running,child sex slavery
trafficking, terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army] to now being put forward as a
candidate for Kosovo's new PRIME MINISTER [he actually became the Prime Minister recently] with not a whimper of protest from
the NATO/EU Western pro-Nazi filth [the globalist elites] or corporate media!!

Some more proof can be found in the thoroughly and meticulously researched
and documented evidence presented in the articles below from the prestigious
International Strategic Studies Association, based in Washington,DC.
It doesn't end there, Lisa. IT GETS WORSE. Ramush Haradinaj is also another KLA mass murderer protected by the West. Despite massive evidence against him - over 30 kilograms(some 65 pounds) of documents - handed to The Hague ICTY by the US installed client government in Serbia, the ICTY decided to NOT indict him for what they should have: crimes against humanity and genocide. Instead to add insult to injury, the Hague ICTY -throught their spokesperson Florence Hartmann - made the comment that "Indictments will be issued only against those persons against whom we have evidence".

Instead of HAradinaj being indicted and arrested for his heinous crimes he is protected by the US/NATO and even allowed to participate in local politics in Kosovo! He remains free today along with other KLA war criminals, Hashim Thaci and Agim Ceku.
See photos of his victims at:

Lisa, in relation to your comments I have one issue I wish to point out and that is on the "fear factor" involved with telling the truth.

Fear of being labelled/attacked as a supporter/apologist of "genocide","war criminals" and "war crimes", whenever one dares to expose the lies of the establishment elite.

Where you subsequently wrote:

"And in case any are wondering...
NO, I'm not trying to say that Milosevic has been unjustly prosecuted, or that the atrocities didn't happen on his watch"

Milosevic WAS indeed unjustly prosecuted. This has nothing to do with being a "war crimes denier" or being an "apologist for a war criminal". This was billed by the Western corporate media and governments of NATO as "The Trial of The Century" and was compared to the Nuremberg trials of major Nazi war criminals after WW2. We were promised front page articles and regular TV updates. Instead, when Milosevic turned the tables on his accusers and proved that they were sponsoring al Qaeda terrorism in Bosnia and Kosovo,and were guilty of numerous war crimes for deliberate bombing of thousands of civilians, the media and Western politicians stopped almost all coverage of the sham show 'trial'.

Instead of regular updates on the evening news and in the newspapers we had total SILENCE for over 4 years! Funny about that,huh? This alone proves a massive cover up of the fact that Milosevic was INNOCENT.

On the basis of the evidence I have seen, I totally and unequivocally reject the charge by NATO that he was a war criminal. Every single one of the charges he was indicted for by NATO's ICTY in relation to Kosovo were subsequently found to be bogus (see,so the NATO owned ICTY, under the direction of chief 'prosecutor' Carla Del Ponte, decided to include Bosnia and Croatia in a subsequent indictment AFTER he was kidnapped [i.e.,illegally "extradited"] to The Hague - an act which is in violation of and clearly against all traditional established legal norms concerning extradition cases, in that the ICTY "allowed the addition of new indictments after Milosevic's transferral to The Hague in 2001, even though this violates the key tenet of extradition law that a defendant may not be tried for charges other than those for which he was originally extradited."

Lisa, I hope I am wrong, but you sound like you are not really sure about Milosevic and therefore worried or afraid that Milosevic may indeed have been guilty of ordering war crimes in Kosovo as the US/NATO government officials alleged,then subsequently after the case against him collapsed at the ICTY - Croatia and Bosnia - or perhaps you are concerned at what people will think of you if you dare to tell the truth about the demonized Milosevic or any other independent-minded leader the US elites in the Executive branch, elite dominated "think tanks" and on both sides of the aisle in Congress, decide to demonize and subsequently bomb.

The way the Western corporate controlled media and US/NATO/EU elite demonize a leader they don't like is based on the "argument of consequence" (otherwise known as "are you STILL beating your wife?" or "begging the question").

In the English Concise Oxford Dictionary, to "beg the question" is defined as:

"to assume the truth of an argument or proposition to be proved without arguing it".

Anybody who dares to expose the lies of the establishment runs the risk of character assassination/baseless personal attack/ad hominem labelling etc., and thereby being put on the defensive [rather than on the offensive in exposing more of the establishment's lies].

For example, the way a personal attack and attempt at character assassination is conducted using the above mentioned principle in relation to the alleged events at Srebrenica is:

Q) "...Oh but aren't you DENYING that a massacre took
place, if you deny such 'irrefutable evidence' as the recent 'atrocity video'?"

Then there is:

"How can you be an apologist for Milosevic's war crimes and genocide?"


"You sound just like a Holocaust denier! What are you,some kind of Nazi?!"


"You must be either a Serb or Russian or Greek Orthodox Christian ultra-nationalist/religious fanatic!"


"You most probably are married to a Serb or have a Serbian girlfriend/boyfriend!!"


"Where did you get your information? Must be from Serbian propaganda sources right? The guy who wrote all that is a pro-Serb propagandist/disinformation agent/Hitler/Stalin/PolPot apologist/admirer and Communist/Anarchist/Nazi/Fascist/Freemason/Jew and member of a poodle/parrot/dolphin/baby seal molesting society" etc., etc.

The above are just a few examples of the "Do you STILL beat your wife?" character assasination/labelling principle at work.

No need for the establishment and its corporate media mouthpieces to actually PROVE anything they claim: they just need to label you a Holocaust denier/Nazi or pro-Serb ultra-nationalist etc., and intimidate you into submission and ipso facto, silence.

Another example of how the
"Surely you don't DENY that you beat your wife? I mean it's common knowledge that you do beat her" strategy of the media and US establishment elite works when
applied to the corporate media portrayal of Milosevic,Serbs and Serbia, is something like this:

"Surely you Serbs don't DENY that you are Nazis who committed genocide in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo? I mean it's common knowledge that you Serbs did all of that, just look at all the evidence shown on TV news, like the Srebrenica 'atrocity video', the 'Belsen 1992' ITN concentration camp footage at Trnopolje, and the transporting of dead Albanian bodies in freezer trucks to Serbia to cover up the crime. Surely you Serbs don't DENY committing genocide with evidence like that all over the news, now do you?"

"Oh, and by the way, I also heard that you STILL beat your wife. Is that true or have you stopped beating her? Surely you don't DENY that you beat her too? So I ask you again, are you STILL beating your wife?"

[Excerpt from article begins here]

"Kind of like asking you, at a party, "Do you still beat your wife?" If you answer "no" you have affirmed that you *had* been beating your wife. And if you say "What are you talking about?" you will look DEFENSIVE to many. Why? Because a question like that makes sense ONLY if it is *common knowledge* that you *had* been beating your wife, and that is what many listeners will infer as true, simply because I asked the quesiton...."


The above paragraph was taken from an article on the 'Emperor's Clothes' website:

"The Propaganda Hypothesis. Is the mainstream Western Media controlled? A close-up analysis of how the media reported the Freezer Truck Hoax." by Prof. Francisco J. Gil-White,PhD.

Available at:

See also:

Also, check out the following:

"...Because, though the ICTY (or ‘Hague Tribunal’) presents itself to the world as a UN body, NATO officials have themselves made clear, in public, that it really belongs to NATO.[3] This helps explain why NATO appoints the prosecutors,[4] and why the Hague Tribunal ruled out investigating any war crimes accusations against NATO.[5] It follows that Slobodan Milosevic, who was a prisoner of the Hague Tribunal’s Scheveningen prison when he died, was a prisoner of NATO."

[3] "Official Statements Prove Hague 'Tribunal' Belongs To NATO"; Emperor’s Clothes; 30 June 2001; by Jared Israel

Here is a letter I sent on March 17,2006, to Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, PhD, University of Ottawa, Canada, Director of Center for Research on Globalization []

Dear Professor Chossudovsky,

On March 12, 2006, Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, made the following statement to the Australian media in response to the news of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's death at the Scheveningen Detention Unit at The Hague:

" I have been following the trial at The Hague and Milosevic died of natural causes"

This amazing statement was made BEFORE any kind of autopsy or post mortem forensic pathology/toxicology tests were performed
on Slobodan Milosevic's body.

Is Australian Prime Minister John Howard a psychic or clairvoyant, or was he TOLD what to say by his globalist US/UK handlers?

Whenever new evidence of foul play in the death of Slobodan Milosevic
keeps appearing or when previous versions of events become discredited
or untenable due to inherent contradictions in evidence and logic, the NATO
owned ICTY 'court' officials at The Hague have to keep CHANGING their story
over and over again, with almost monotonous regularity.

Just a couple of days ago the NATO owned Hague ICTY officials were engaging in ludicrous conspiracy theory, claiming that former Yugoslav President, Slobodan Milosevic was "poisoning himself" in a "drug ploy" to "evade justice."

Now, realizing that their preposterous conspiracy theory was so outlandish and contradictory that it could not possibly
withstand close scrutiny, since Milosevic was under constant 24/7 video surveillance, was NOT allowed to take medication on
his own, that every single person he came in contact with was thoroughly searched [including his doctors and lawyers], the
fact that his every movement and those of his lawyers and doctors was monitored on video cameras and recorded, the fact that
his medication was only supplied from the prison dispensary and administered in the presence and strict supervision of armed
prison guards and other officials [who recorded each and every dose in the prison medical records],The Hague ICTY 'officials' realized that this information would
eventually come out, so once again, they have a simple solution: CHANGE their story yet again and hope that people have
forgotten the details and don't notice the contradictions.

Now The Hague ICTY 'officials' have changed their story yet again for the SIXTH time, claiming in a March 17 AP report [] that "No evidence of poisoning has been found," and
"a number of prescribed medications were found in his body,'but not in toxic concentrations'".

Ahh yes,how interesting: "a number of prescribed medications were found" but "not in toxic concentrations". The fact that the
Leprosy drug WAS first detected earlier on January 12, 2006 by The Hague ICTY's own doctors and was kept secret from Milosevic,
his lawyers and doctors and the world's media for TWO months is not mentioned. The fact that it was BLOCKING the effects of his heart medication and
therefore acting - in effect - as a POISON for several months is also NOT mentioned now since the story has been changed. How

Now we are told that the Leprosy drug, Rifampicine was NOT detected in his body and therefore we don't have to worry anymore
because - to paraphrase - "he really WASN'T poisoned"!

However just a few lines down in the AP report we are also told: "since the drug disappears quickly from the body" " was
unlikely that it 'had been ingested or administered in the last few days before death'."

You see how cute that is? Oh yes, sure, we detected the Leprosy drug, Rifampicine, alright in Milosevic's blood back on
January 12,2006 but hey, we failed to tell him until March 7 just four days before he dies! Oh yes, and Milosevics death just
happens to have occurred just a few short days AFTER a subpoena was issued to Bill Clinton to testify at the 'trial'. How
CONVENIENT for Clinton and NATO! [well I mean it is a NATO owned fraudulent 'court' after all,merely mis-using the UN flag
and name as a cover for its own inherent illegitimacy and illegality]

What we are also NOT told this time around by the Associated Press & Reuters report is that if you happen to be a patient
suffering from coronary heart disease and were taking PRESCRIBED heart medication for it as Milosevic most certainly was,
that if one also took the Leprosy drug,Rifampicine, for several months, it would act - in effect - as a POISON, since it
would BLOCK the effects of the heart medication Milosevic was actually PRESCRIBED in the first place. We are also NOT told
that Rifampicine is odourless and tasteless and could easily have been mixed in with Milosevic's food or prescribed

So what they want you to think - by implication - is that you need to take Rifampicine to interfere with your heart
medication's effectiveness right up until the very same day that you just happen to suffer from a massive heart attack!All of
this in spite of the fact that you had been taking it for several months beforehand.

This latest version of their story is clearly designed to mislead the public since it directly contradicts what they said
earlier where they concocted an elaborate and convoluted conspiracy theory - claiming that Milosevic somehow obtained the
Leprosy drug, Rifampicine, from the outside world - including even alcohol[!] - from one of his lawyers or doctors and was
administering it to himself in secret at exactly the right dosage and precisely the right interval of dosage WITHOUT them
knowing about it [since it was a secret!] in an elaborate "drug ploy" to "evade justice" by "faking a medical condition" so
that he could make himself "so seriously ill" and thereby "take a one way ticket to Moscow".

But somebody in the Dutch media inadvertantly threw a spanner in the works when the Dutch NOS TV report revealed that The
Hague ICTY's own doctors detected the Leprosy drug in a routine blood test back on January 12, but sat on the report for TWO WHOLE
MONTHS and refused to tell ANYBODY in the world about it - including even Milosevic himself - until March the 7th!!

Milosevic then writes a hand written letter on March 8 to the Russian embassy COMPLAINING about being POISONED by the drug
for Leprosy and Tuberculosis - noting The Hague's own blood test report of January 12 - which he only received TWO MONTHS
later on March 7. The letter to the Russian embassy gets mysteriously delayed for some inexplicable reason and does not reach
the Russian embassy until March the 12th - the day AFTER Milosevic dies!! Well, yet again, how amazingly CONVENIENT for NATO!

'Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also confirmed that Slobodan
Milosevic's letter, dated 8 March, was only received yesterday [March
12]. "I don't know what caused such a hold-up," he said.'

Pinch me again momma, I must be DREAMING!!

So while The Hague's own doctors detected the drug in a routine blood test on January 12, we are expected to believe that
they refused to do anything about it[?!] We are expected to believe that for TWO MONTHS they knew he was secretly POISONING
himself but for some inexplicable reason The Hague didn't let ANYONE - including Milosevic or his doctors or his lawyers or
anyone else in the outside world - including the world's media - know about it, nor did they do anything to prevent it from
being "smuggled into" the prison, "along with alcohol" as well!!

So, realizing how ludicrous this story was, suddenly the story had to change yet again with the conspiracy theory on
Milosevic "poisoning himself in secret" now discarded and changed to: "Milosevic was NOT poisoned"!!

So what do we have so far? We have the revelation by the Dutch TV station "NOS" that the Leprosy and Tuberculosis drug was
first detected in Milosevic's blood back at the beginning of this year - noting the presence of the drug in his blood
outlined in The Hague's own pathology report of January 12, 2006; we have the fact that Milosevic and his doctors and lawyers
were kept in the dark about it FOR TWO MONTHS until March 7 - which happened to be the day BEFORE Milosevic wrote to the
Russian Embassy [March 8] complaining that he was being poisoned; and we also have the fact that a subpoena was issued just
days before Milosevic died on March 11 to none other than Bill Clinton to appear at Milosevic's 'trial' in order to be
cross-examined by Milosevic himself.

All of these revelations really throw a spanner in the works and completely discredit The Hague's outlandish conspiracy
theory that Milosevic was "poisoning himself" in an elaborate "drug ploy" so that he could "fake a medical condition" in
order to "escape to Russia" and thereby "evade justice". Moscow gave 100% State GUARANTEES - that Milosevic would be immediately
returned upon completion of his urgently required heart surgery - in strict accordance with the The Hague ICTY's
demands on security - including armed guards supervising him at ALL times as well as fully complying with the timeframe for his treatment.
All to no avail. The trial chamber repeatedly denied his requests for medical treatment in Moscow.

In order to MISLEAD the public, we are now told only that "prescribed medications were found in his body,'but not in toxic
concentrations'". So here we can see how they mislead the reader by saying that, yes, there indeed WERE PRESCRIBED drugs
discovered in Milosevic's bloodstream, "but not in toxic concentrations so, hey presto! "Milosevic wasn't poisoned!" Tah dah!

The fact that the UNPRESCRIBED Leprosy drug was first detected in Milosevic's bloodstream back on January 12, 2006 and was
kept a secret for TWO entire months both from Milosevic,his lawyers and his doctors, while it did enormous damage to his
heart by blocking his heart medication ISN'T mentioned of course. Neither is it mentioned that the drug BLOCKS the heart
medication from working and as a result effectively makes it a POISON. So their claim now that "we didn't detect any poison"
is entirely misleading and disingenuous.

Look at how many times The Hague has changed its story.

First, they said it was "natural causes" due to a "heart
attack", then upon revelations of a letter written by President
Milosevic several days before he died, The Hague - in particular Carla
Del Ponte - claim, to paraphrase her comments, that it is "ridiculous to
suggest" that he was poisoned.

Then they change their story again and tell us that
President Milosevic "didn't take his PRESCRIBED medication for his
heart condition" and that's why he suffered a heart attack.

Then, The Hague 'officials' change their story yet again and tell us
that he "took the WRONG medicine".

Then after it is discovered by Dutch TV media outlet - "NOS" - that
President Milosevic had traces of UNPRESCRIBED drugs for LEPROSY and
Tuberculosis - which he never voluntarily took, nor could have possibly
obtained - in his blood since January 12,2006, The Hague 'officials' have to
change their story yet again and tell us that he "probably poisoned himself" in order to "evade justice" [i.e "possibly tried to commit suicide" according to Carla del Ponte] without explaining HOW he would have been able to obtain ANY kind of UNPRESCRIBED drug from the outside world since he was totally isolated and monitored
by closed circuit video cameras in solitary confinement 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Nor does The Hague explain why he would have
written a letter several days before he died complaining of being poisoned with drugs for
LEPROSY and Tuberculosis if he was "just trying to do this to go to Moscow to see
his family and friends and evade justice" without bothering to explain how
he could have escaped from Moscow since Russia had ALREADY given
GUARANTEES that he would be returned to The Hague ex-WW2 Nazi dungeon.

Then they change their story yet again and now claim that he WASN'T poisoned!

(Do you see a creibility problem developing here for The Hague ICTY? If we were to take the example where the police arrest someone on suspicion of murder and question said suspect and he/she keeps changing his/her story, do you really think that augers well for the suspect's chances of being acquitted in court?)

Even if we were to ignore all the evidence and pretend that Milosevic HADN'T been poisoned with the Leprosy drug, Rifampicine, in order to "speed up the process" of Milosevic's deteriorating heart condition - since time was running out in the 'trial' and a verdict was due in a few short months - The Hague ICTY officials - by repeatedly denying Milosevic permission to travel to the Bakulev Medical Center in Moscow for urgently needed heart surgery - would nevertheless still bear direct responsibility for his death.

There is absolutely NO QUESTION that The Hague ICTY 'officials' who kept denying his repeated requests for urgently needed medical treatment- especially Mr. Patrick Robinson, Mr. O-Gon Kwon, and Mr. Iain Bonomy - are most responsibile for Milosevic's death.

They are guilty for the MURDER of man who disproved the US/NATO charges against him.During his 'trial', Milosevic defeated every prosecution witness by catching them in deliberately false testimony. Milosevic turned the tables on his accusers at the US/NATO globalist owned Hague ICTY and began to expose massive US/NATO war crimes in the Balkan wars of 1991 - 1999. Milosevic exposed the deliberate destabilization of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by Western sponsored Fascist proxies in Croatia and Islamist terrorists in Bosnia and Kosovo. He began to show that the REAL "Butchers of the Balkans" were US & UK officials: people like Clinton, Albright, Holbrooke, Berger, Lake, Cohen, Christopher, Galbraith,Clark,Short, Rubin, Perry,Bush Snr, Blair,Cook,Robertson, et al for ordering war crimes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia [Serbia & Montenegro], the Serbs in Krajina, Bosnia Herzegovina and in the Southern Serbian province of Kosovo. He showed that all of these Western officials were guilty of heinous war crimes and violations of international law - in particular the Geneva Conventions - and therefore should be on trial for war crimes. Milosevic was innocent and could not be found guilty. This was a massive embarrasment for the United States and NATO. As a result, Milosevic had to be silenced permanently.

It is an established fact that the British MI6 hatched a plot in 1992 to attempt to assassinate Milosevic by using a powerful strobe light gun to disorientate the driver of Milosevic's limousine while he was travelling through a tunnel in order to make the driver crash into a pylon. This plot was subsequently considered by MI6 officials as being too risky with very little chance of success and a high probabilty of detection by the Serbian authorities and was therefore abandoned. The plot was revealed in 1998 by former MI6 operative, Richard Tomlinson.

Here is a letter I wrote to the Australian SBS TV network recently:
Nice to see the team at SBS so dedicated to being 'impartial' & 'unbiased' by exposing the 'truth' about what happened in the Balkans conflicts. It's also nice to see the world news team working so hard to give us - the masses - all the 'facts'.

UN document detailing crimes against Serbs in and around Srebrenica, 1992-1993
The muslims under the command of Alija Izetbegovic and
Naser Oric MURDER at least 3,800 Serbian CIVILIANS [elderly
men, women ,and children]with HAMMERS,KNIVES,and AXES
in and around Srebrenica for THREE YEARS and BOAST about it to Western reporters, while the UN looks apathetically on and it's NOT called "GENOCIDE" by the corporate controlled news media. [Izetbegovic's "secular moderate muslim government in Sarajevo" BOASTS about its WW2 SS Nazi past]

As they say in some parts of the US: "Please pinch me momma, I must be DREAMING!"

UN document detailing crimes of RAPE & other atrocities against Serbs, 1992/1993

Former United Nations Military Observer in Bosnia,Carlos Martins Branco, who was on the ground in Bosnia when the supposedly "de-militarised safe zone" of Srebrenica "fell" in 1995, revealed the following back in the late 90's:
"...If there had been a premeditated plan of genocide, instead of attacking in only one direction, from the south to the north - which left the hypothesis to escape to the north and west, the Serbs would have established a siege in order to ensure that no one escaped. The UN observation posts to the north of the enclave were never disturbed and remained in activity after the end of the military operations. There are obviously mass graves in the outskirts of Srebrenica as in the rest of ex-Yugoslavia where combat has occurred, but there are no grounds for the campaign which was mounted, nor the numbers advanced by CNN."
"The mass graves are filled by a limited number of corpses from bothsides, the consequence of heated battle and combat and not the result of a premeditated plan of genocide, as occurred against the Serbian populations in Krajina, in the Summer of 1995, when the Croatian army implemented the mass murder of all Serbians found there. In this instance,the media maintained an absolute silence, despite the fact that the genocide occurred over a three month period..."

I also unhesitatingly challenge the mass media claim in corporate media news reports in 2004 that "Bosnian Serb authorities have made the first official admission that their forces took part in the murder of thousands of Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica in 1995...

See the ACTUAL report published by the RS government in September 2002 - a report thoroughly exposing the alleged "genocide" of 7,000 [now 8,000, sometimes 10,000 or 15,000] muslims as a complete and total fabrication.
This is the REAL Bosnian Serb government report SUPPRESSED by Ashdown and his cronies in the OHR [as well as by the corporate media] available at:
It further corroborates the evidence cited in the UN document above, of Naser Oric's genocidal mass murder campaign in and around Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995.
"The referenced "official report" [ publicized by the mainstream media in 2004] of the Bosnian Serb [RS- Republic of 'Srpska'] government is a complete and total fabrication FORCED upon the government of RS by two individuals in the Office of the High Representative (OHR) of Bosnia Herzegovina: chiefly, US Ambassador Donald S. Hays, the Deputy High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina and the High Representative himself: former British politician, Lord Paddy Ashdown.
The latter has the power to summarily dismiss ANY official of the Bosnian Serb government - including the Prime Minister of RS - should they refuse to obey his orders. Threats were made in 2003 to use this power in order to force RS government officials to comply by publishing the report. Here are some excerpts from three articles which appeared in the prestigious journal of the Washington-based International Strategic Studies Association [ISSA]- one prominent subscriber of the ISSA journal "Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy" being a well known Australian politician - now current Australian Labor Party [ALP] leader Kim Beazley - which confirm my sources[]
The articles are by ISSA president and world renowned intelligence expert, Mr. Gregory Copley, who incidentally was briefly interviewed on an Australian current affairs program [the 7:30 Report] in relation to terrorism and the war in Iraq - and NOT some "Leftist revisionist" or "ignorant dupe of Serbian propaganda".
[Excerpts begin here]
...On the eve of the dedication of a monument to Muslims killed at Srebrenica, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, in 1995, a group which includes a former UN official, intelligence experts, and journalists, released a statement on September 18, 2003, challenging the alleged casualty number of 7,000 victims as "vastly inflated and unsupported by evidence"... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
'...In essence, Amb. Hays and Lord Ashdown are attempting to force the Government of Republica Srpska (RS) to admit that Serbs were responsible for killing thousands of Muslims at Srebrenica."'...The Government of Republica Srpska’s leadership - indeed any of the elected officials of the state - can be summarily dismissed immediately by the High Representative at any time should they refuse to obey his orders, regardless of whether or not the officials were democratically elected or whether the High Representative’s own actions violate the Dayton Accords, which he was put in office to sustain.
"This threat was implicit in the ultimatum delivered by Amb. Hays in a series of meetings he held with the Republica Srpska Prime Minister, Mladen Ivanic, in late August and early September 2003 in Banja Luka, the RS capital...'...Amb. Hays presented the [RS] Prime Minister with a document - on the letterhead of the Office of the High Representative (OHR) - which the Government of Republica Srpska was "advised" to accept as à fait accompli, in which three major points were made.
The content of the two-page document was to be re-issued by the Government of Republica Srpska, probably through the RS Office of Human Rights, as though it represented the RS "final report" on the Srebrenica issue."'...Amb. Hays’ two-page document was expected to lead to a statement, possibly as early as September 8, 2003, by RS officials, which would not only serve to protect the Clinton Administration officials, including the former US President, but would also serve as an admission of guilt of Serbs for killing thousands of Muslims who, in fact, were not known to have been killed.'
"Several hundred bodies have been found as a result of the fighting in and around Srebrenica, but the Islamists and their supporters have claimed figures which grow higher with each telling, with figures now claiming some 15,000 alleged deaths. At the same time, there is no acknowledgement of the Muslim killing of thousands of Serbs at Srebrenica earlier in the war, when the city was supposed to have been a 'demilitarized zone.'
"The document which Hays has been pushing essentially forces the RS Government to state that:
"1. Nothing is unclear in the Srebrenica investigation except the number of victims. In other words, the Islamist propaganda, supported by Ashdown - who has long been disavowed in the UK by his former colleagues in the Royal Marines because of his unequivocal acceptance of Islamist propaganda - is accepted as fact by the RS Government, thereby admitting guilt for crimes never committed;
"2. The RS apologizes to the Muslims for earlier RS statements which disputed the Islamist propaganda; and
"3. A new commission would be organized which would investigate further what happened at Srebrenica, despite the RS Government’s à priori acceptance - implicit in point one of the statement - of the alleged crime. This "commission" would include three individuals from RS (not necessarily selected by the RS Government), three from the "international community" and one from an unspecified non-governmental organization.'The Government of RS would have to pay for the work of the new "commission".
"Sources in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Washington have made it clear to GIS that the present US Bush Administration has been totally ignoring developments in the former Yugoslavia because of preoccupations with Iraq and the "war on terror", while former Clinton Administration appointees, actively supported by the George Soros Foundation - which has been avowedly anti-Serb and anti-Bush - have been able to compound their control of the area.
"Significantly, as numerous GIS reports have shown, the Iranian and al-Qaida/bin Laden terrorist infrastructure in Bosnia and Serbia-Montenegro has been increasingly active during 2003, preparing for a new breakout to draw US pressure away from Iran and al-Qaida activities elsewhere.
"It appeared that the OHR wanted the statement issued before the opening of a Muslim monument - essentially a shrine which was being promoted as a site for annual Muslim pilgrimages from around the world - memorializing the radical Islamist allegations about events in Srebrenica to occur on September 19, 2003. The unveiling of the monument would be attended by former US Pres. William Clinton, and "finalizing" the Srebrenica case would help stop the ongoing wave of allegations of illegal Clinton Administration activity in supporting radical Islamist activities in Bosnia during the 1990s.
"This is particularly critical given the fact that a significant number of the Islamist terrorists involved in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States had strong links into the Bosnian Muslims whom Clinton had supported.The US Embassy in Sarajevo donated $1-million to the construction of the "shrine", even though all proper investigations of the Srebrenica affair in fact showed the Islamists’ claims to be unsubstantiated and, in many respects, without foundation at all.'
"...Recent information emerging from Bosnia-Herzegovina, and particularly from the RS investigations into the Srebrenica affair and other aspects of terrorism in the region, have highlighted the fact that the Clinton Administration had, during the war, facilitated the Islamist terrorist activities because of the Clinton Administration’s need to demonize the Serbs in order to provide a casus belli for US-led military actions in the area to distract from domestic US political problems.
"Significantly, when the Muslim representatives involved in building the "shrine" in Srebrenica approached New York Mayor Michael Blumberg to establish a sister-city relationship with New York, the Mayor refused, based on intelligence showing the link between the Bosnian Islamists and the al-Qaida attacks on his city.
[Excerpts end here]


Srebrenica: an Appeal to Reason

by R. K. Kent
December 27, 2005

G.M. Books of Los Angeles has just published and released Peter Brock’s powerful and devastating book which takes a very close and intimate look at the trees and the forest. Its title is Media Cleansing: Dirty Reporting – Journalism and Tragedy in Yugoslavia. While the major media in the U.S. and Western Europe continue to repeat endlessly that the “massacre of 8,000 Muslim men and BOYS by ‘the Serbs’ at Srebrenica” constitutes the only “case of ‘genocide’” in Europe since WWII, Brock shows that the claim is built like a house of cards. Poke SERIOUSLY at any angle and the claim collapses. The numbers are, to say the least, highly suspect. Actual findings, even years after l995, do not support them.

All kinds of researchers, in teams and individually, have arrived at a host of major doubts about this constantly repeated claim even before Brock’s new book. The context of the event alone, based on factual and verified information, exposes the claim as a methodical, structured and manipulative adjunct to an end or ends that have transcended an initial propaganda phase.

It managed to hide (a) that there was a civil war ongoing in Eastern Bosnia, involving the entire district of Srebrenica;

(b)that a SYSTEMATIC extermination and ethnic cleansing of near-by Serb villagers.---men, women and children-- had been going on even before Srebrenica became, by U.N. mandate, a “safety zone,” inhabited only by “unarmed civilians;”

(c) that this old silver-mining town was, in fact, used by well armed Bosnian Muslims, led by a warlord named Naser Oric, to liquidate all the near-by Serbs by terror and mayhem, DOCUMENTED BY ORIC HIMSELF;

(d)that Oric and up to about 5,000 of his men, forewarned from Sarajevo, fled to the Bosnian Muslim stronghold of Tuzla, days before the Bosnian Serb Army took Srebrenica ;

(e)that the allegation of “genocide” with which General Ratko Mladic is being charged, could not stand in any real court of law because he put the Muslim elderly, women and children of Srebrenica into buses and sent them to Tuzla, in sharp contrast to the real GENOCIDE carried out by Oric;

(f) that while Oric has been running a disco for U.S. G.I.s in Tuzla, under no indictment by the Hague “Tribunal” until recently (for “mistreating prisoners”) Mladic is wanted by it as a major “war criminal” for having committed “genocide” at Srebrenica;.

(g) that the U.S.under a NATO cosmetic umbrella had the command and put into action its preponderant personnel and weapons systems to wage a 78-day purely punitive air war against a defenseless Serbia, without the Congressional declaration of war mandated by the Constitution and causing over 3,000 civilian death plus a damage to Serbia’s infrastructure, governmental and private properties estimated at the low of $20 and high of $40 billion;.

(h)that the punishment exceeded by far the non-existent SERIE of “sins” into which “the Serbs” are being marched, with sticks and carrots, to accept “collective guilt” because some ethnic Serbs committed egregious crimes in an egregious tripartite fratricide heavily assisted via the classic “”Balkanization” by foreign powers of our own moment in time, some with an attested pedigree .in repetitive invasions, civilized savageries and undergoing an acute historical amnesia.

Given all that plus the latest and decidedly irrefutable work by Brock it is difficult to understand the unending flow of political venom against present-day Serbia from our powerful Solons who have inducted the U.S. Congress into additional, this time economic, threat of punishments if Mladic and Karadzic are not delivered by Serbia to the Hague Tribunal, by 31st May 2006. Since the International “Community” has constructed an international boundary between Serbia and Bosnia, Belgrade cannot send troops into Bosnia to “capture” Mladic. If foreign requests were to be put to Syria to deliver Bin Laden to the U.S. one could only laugh at them. But, the analogy is symmetric. It is also doubtful that Karadzic is still in any ex-Yugoslav space. This turns the demand to Serbia into either a “fait accompli” to punish since it cannot be met or, else, borders on the irrational..

Krajina Holocaust August 4,1995: Worst Nazi war crime since World War 2.

Australian SBS TV Remains SILENT??

Clinton made 1995 Ethnic Cleansing in Krajina Possible
Hundreds of thousands of Serbs were driven from their homes, and up to 20,000 of them were killed

by Mary Mostert
August 3, 2005

There was no outcry against the ethnic cleansing that took place in full view of the world, and made possible by US Air support in 1995 in the Krajina area of Croatia. Hundreds of thousands of Serbs were driven from their homes, and up to 20,000 of them were killed. Some of them have been refugees twice. Some of them who survived the Krajina ethnic cleansing fled to Kosovo and have been driven out of Kosovo back into Serbia. Not only are they refugees, but are refugees who have been bombed twice by U.S. bombs and missiles, while most Americans remain blissfully unaware of their plight. I recently brought up the subject in a conversation with one of my own children, who had never heard about the 250,000-275,000 Serbs who were driven out of Krajina, after more than 500 years of living in the area. She thought I was making it up because she was sure it would have been on the evening news if it had happened.
In May 1999, Vladan Zivadinovic sent me a report on what happened in August 1995 during the worst refugee crisis in the 1990s Balkan wars of the 1990s when the Croatians drove the Serbs out of Krajina. The author of that ethnic cleansing was Franjo Tudjman, who was re-elected as president of Croatia following the 1995 Dayton Accord. In the intervening five years there has been no international demand that the Croatians allow the Serbs who had occupied the Krajina area for more than 500 years to return to their homes.
Furthermore, it is an ethnic cleansing that is VERIFIED by the World Almanacs of 1993 and 2000. In 1993 the population of Croatia was 4, 763,000 with 75% being Croatian and 18% being Serbian. In numbers that turns out to be 840,885 Serbs in Croatia in the 1992 census figures. In the year 2000 World Almanac the population of Croatia was down to 4,671,584 with 78% being Croatian and 12% being Serbian. In numbers that would be 560,590 Serbs - a difference of 280,295 people. Most of them are in Yugoslavia's Serbia province. Many of them, an estimated 17,000-20,000 are dead.
The Ottawa Serbian Heritage Society, ( issued a press release Saturday commemorating the "ethnocide and genocide committed on Serbs in Krajina , Bosnia and Kosovo. August 4th is Krajina Dan, the Memorial Day for Serbian Krajina. This commemorates the day that Knin, the capital of the Serbian Krajina region, fell to invading Croatian forces in 1995. Croatia continues to occupy the region today and of more than 250,000 Serbian people whom the Croatian Army either killed or ethnically-cleansed out of the region in August, 1995, the number who have returned is virtually zero to this date.
"Every August 4th a Krajina Dan Memorial is held to remember the victims of this genocide. This year's program is: Memorial Prayer Service and a wrath laying at the Human Rights Memorial, Elgin and Lisgar streets, at 6:00pm - 6: 30pm."
After the perpetrator of this ethnic cleansing, Croatian President Tudjman, died on December 11, 1999, high level representatives from the United States and Western Europe did not attend the funeral in fear that doing so would be a political liability if and when Tudjman's war crimes and his un-reconstructed Fascism from World War II became known.
Zivadinovic's paper, found on pages 131-140 in "NATO in the Balkans: KRAJINA", ISBN 0-9656916-2-4), is a chilling indictment of man's inhumanity to man. It is an ugly story, but it is time that the American people ask themselves if they really want to continue the Serb sanctions and the Kosovo ethnic cleansing of all minorities and the general anarchy that exists there under NATO and UN occupation. Zivadinocic wrote:
In early August 1995, the Croatian invasion of Serbian Krajina precipitated the worst refugee crisis of the Yugoslav civil war. Within days, more than two hundred thousand Serbs, virtually the entire population of Krajina, fled their homes, and 14,000 Serbian civilians lost them lives. According to a UN official "Almost the only people remaining were the dead and the dying." The Clinton administration's support for the invasion was an important factor in creating this nightmare.
The previous month, Secretary of State Warren Christopher and German Foreign Minister Klaus Kinkel met with Croatian diplomat Miomir Zuzul in London. During this meeting, Christopher gave his approval for Croatian military action against Serbs in Bosnia and Krajina. Two days later, the U.S. ambassador to Croatia, Peter Galbraith, also approved Croatia's invasion plan. Stipe Mesic, a prominent Croatian politician, stated that Croatian President Franjo Tudjman "received the go-ahead from the United States. Tudjman can do only what the Americans allow him to do. Krajina is the reward for having accepted, under Washington's pressure, the federation between Croats and Muslims in Bosnia." Croatian assembly deputy Mate Mestrovic also claimed that the "United States gave us the green light to do whatever had to be done." (1)
As Croatian troops launched their assault on August 4, U.S. NATO aircraft destroyed Serbian radar and anti-aircraft defenses. American EA-6B electronic warfare aircraft patrolled the air in support of the invasion. Krajina foreign affairs advisor Slobodan Jarcevic stated that NATO "completely led and coordinated the entire Croat offensive by first destroying radar and anti-aircraft batteries. What NATO did most for the Croatian Army was to jam communications between [Serb] military commands...." (2)
Following the elimination of Serbian anti-aircraft defenses, Croatian planes carried out extensive attacks on Serbian towns and positions. The roads were clogged with refugees, and Croatian aircraft bombed and strafed refugee columns. Serbian refugees passing through the town of Sisak were met by a mob of Croatian extremists, who hurled rocks and concrete at them.
A UN spokesman said, "The windows of almost every vehicle were smashed and almost every person was bleeding from being hit by some object." Serbian refugees were pulled from their vehicles and beaten. As fleeing Serbian civilians poured into Bosnia, a Red Cross representative in Banja Luka said, "I've never seen anything like it. People are arriving at a terrifying rate." Bosnian Muslim troops crossed the border and cut off Serbian escape routes. Trapped refugees were massacred as they were pounded by Croatian and Muslim artillery. Nearly 1,700 refugees simply vanished. While Croatian and Muslim troops burned Serbian villages, President Clinton expressed his understanding for the invasion, and Christopher said events "could work to our advantage." (3)
The Croatian rampage through the region left a trail of devastation. Croatian special police units, operating under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, systematically looted abandoned Serbian villages. Everything of value - cars, stereos, televisions, furniture, farm animals - was plundered, and homes set afire. (4) A confidential European Union report stated that 73 percent of Serbian homes were destroyed. (5) Troops of the Croatian army also took part, and pro-Nazi graffiti could be seen on the walls of several burnt-out Serb buildings.(6)
Massacres continued for several weeks after the fall of Krajina, and UN patrols discovered numerous fresh unmarked graves and bodies of murdered civilians. (7) The European Union report states, "Evidence of atrocities, an average of six corpses per day, continues to emerge. The corpses, some fresh, some decomposed, are mainly of old men. Many have been shot in the back of the head or had throats slit, others have been mutilated... Serb lands continue to be torched and looted." (8)
Following a visit in the region a member of the Zagreb Helsinki Committee reported, "Virtually all Serb villages had been destroyed.... In a village near Knin, eleven bodies were found, some of them were massacred in such a way that it was not easy to see whether the body was male or female." (9)
UN spokesman Chris Gunness noted that UN personnel continued to discover bodies, many of whom had been decapitated. (10) British journalist Robert Fisk reported the murder of elderly Serbs, many of whom were burned alive in their homes. He adds, "At Golubic, UN officers have found the decomposing remains of five people... the head of one of the victims was found 150 feet from his body. Another UN team, meanwhile is investigating the killing of a man and a woman in the same area after villagers described how the man's ears and nose had been mutilated." (11)
After the fall of Krajina, Croatian chief of staff General Zvonimir Cervenko characterized Serbs as "medieval shepherds, troglodytes, destroyers of anything the culture of man has created." During a triumphalist train journey through Croatia and Krajina, Tudjman spoke at each railway station. To great applause, he announced, "There can be no return to the past, to the times when [Serbs] were spreading cancer in the heart of Croatia, a cancer that was destroying the Croatian national being." He then went on to speak of the "ignominious disappearance" of the Serbs from Krajina "so it is as if they have never lived here... They didn't even have time to take with them their filthy money or their filthy underwear!" American ambassador Peter Galbraith dismissed claims that Croatia had engaged in "ethnic cleansing," since he defined this term as something Serbs do. (12)
U.S. representatives blocked Russian attempts to pass a UN Security Council resolution condemning the invasion. According to Croatian Foreign Minister Mate Granic, American officials gave advice on the conduct of the operation, and European and military experts and humanitarian aid workers reported shipments of U.S weapons to Croatia over the two months preceding the invasion. A French mercenary also witnessed the arrival of American and German weapons at a Croatian port, adding, "The best of the Croats' armaments were German- and American-made." The U.S. "directly or indirectly," says French intelligence analyst Pierre Hassner, "rearmed the Croats." Analysts at Jane's Information Group say that Croatian troops were seen wearing American uniforms and carrying U S. communications equipment. (13)
The invasion of Krajina was preceded by a thorough CIA and DIA analysis of the region. (14) According to Balkan specialist Ivo Banac, this "tactical and intelligence support" was furnished to the Croatian Army at the beginning of its offensive. (15)
In November 1994, the United States and Croatia signed a military agreement. Immediately afterward, U.S. intelligence agents set up an operations center on the Adriatic island of Brac, from which reconnaissance aircraft were launched. Two months earlier, the Pentagon contracted Military Professional Resources, Inc (MPRI) to train the Croatian military.(16) According to a Croatian officer, MPRI advisors "lecture us on tactics and big war operations on the level of brigades, which is why we needed them for Operation Storm when we took the Krajina." Croatian sources claim that U.S. satellite intelligence was furnished to the Croatian military. (17) Following the invasion of Krajina, the U.S. rewarded Croatia with an agreement "broadening existing cooperation" between MPRI and the Croatian military. (18) U.S. advisors assisted in the reorganization of the Croatian Army. Referring to this reorganization in an interview with the newspaper Vecernji List, Croatian General Tihomir Blaskic said, "We are building the foundations of our organization on the traditions of the Croatian home guard" - pro-Nazi troops in World War II. (19)
It is worth examining the nature of what one UN official terms "America's newest ally." During World War II, Croatia was a Nazi puppet state in which the Croatian fascist Ustashe murdered as many as one million Serbs, Jews, and Roman (Gypsies). Disturbing signs emerged with the election of Franjo Tudjman to the Croatian presidency in 1990 Tudjman said, "I am glad my wife is neither Serb nor Jew," and wrote that accounts of the Holocaust were "exaggerated" and "one-sided." (20)
Much of Tudjman's financial backing was provided by Ustasha émigrés and several Ustasha war criminals were invited to attend the first convention of Tudjman's political party, the Croatian Democratic Union. (21)
Tudjman presented a medal to a former Ustasha commander living in Argentina, Ivo Rojnica. After Rojnica was quoted as saying, "Everything I did in 1941 I would do again," international pressure prevented Tudjman from appointing him to the post of ambassador to Argentina. When former Ustasha official Vinko Nikolic returned to Croatia, Tudjman appointed him to a seat in parliament. Upon former Ustasha officer Mate Sarlija's return to Croatia, he was personally welcomed at the airport by Defense Minister Gojko Susak, and subsequently given the post of general in the Croatian Army. (22) On November 4, 1996, thirteen former Ustasha officers were presented with medals and ranks in the Croatian Army. (23)
Croatia adopted a new currency in 1994, the kuna, the same name as that used by the Ustasha state, and the new Croatian flag is a near-duplicate of the Ustasha flag. Streets and buildings have been renamed for Ustasha official Mile Budak, who signed the regime's anti-Semitic laws, and more than three thousand anti-fascist monuments have been demolished. In an open letter, the Croatian Jewish community protested the rehabilitation of the Ustasha state. In April 1994, the Croatian government demanded the removal of all "non-white" UN troops from its territory, claiming that "only first-world troops" understood Croatia's "problems." (24)
On Croatian television in April 1996, Tudjman called for the return of the remains of Ante Pavelic, the leader of the Croatian pro-Nazi puppet state "After all, both reconciliation and recognition should be granted to those who deserve it," Tudjman said, adding, "We should recognize that Pavelic's ideas about the Croatian state were positive," but that Pavelic's only mistake was the murder of a few of his colleagues and nationalist allies. (25) Three months later, Tudjman said of the Serbs driven from Croatia "The fact that 90 percent of them left is their own problem... Naturally we are not going to allow them all to return." During the same speech, Tudjman referred to the pro-Nazi state as "a positive thing." (26)
During its violent secession from Yugoslavia in 1991, Croatia expelled more than three hundred thousand Serbs, and Serbs were eliminated from ten towns and 183 villages. (27) In 1993, Helsinki Watch reported: "Since 1991 the Croatian authorities have blown up or razed ten thousand houses mostly of Serbs, but also houses of Croats. In some cases, they dynamited homes with the families inside." Thousands of Serbs have been evicted from their homes. Croatian human-rights activist Ivan Zvonimir Cicak says beatings, plundering, and arrests were the usual eviction methods. (28)
Tomislav Mercep, until recently the advisor to the Interior minister and a member of Parliament, is a death-squad leader. Mercep's death squad murdered 2,500 Serbs in western Slavonia in 1991 and 1992, actions Mercep defends as "heroic deeds." (29) Death squad officer Miro Bajramovic's spectacular confession revealed details: "Nights were worst for [our prisoners]... burning prisoners with a flame, pouring vinegar over their wounds mostly on genitalia and on the eyes. Then there is that little induction, field phone, you plug a Serb onto that... The most painful is to stick little pins under the nails and to connect to the three phase current; nothing remains of a man but ashes... After all, we knew they would all be killed, so it did not matter if we hurt them more today or tomorrow."
"Mercep knew everything," Bajramovic claimed. "He told us several times: 'Tonight you have to clean all these shits.' By this he meant all the prisoners should be executed." (30)
Sadly, the Clinton administration's embrace of Croatia follows a history of support for fascists when it suits American geopolitical interests: Chile's Augusto Pinochet, Indonesia's Suharto, Paraguay's Aifredo Stroessner, and a host of others. The consequences of this policy for the people affected have been devastating.
Although the American people were told last year that the 79 days of bombing of Yugoslavia was a "humanitarian" effort to "stop ethnic cleansing," the facts indicate no ethnic cleansing took place. Now we are hearing that it was the KLA itself that was ordering the Albanians to flee, and most Albanians AND Serbs were fleeing the NATO bombs. Yet, still there as been no change in the US policy in Serbia. Clinton still insists on keeping sanctions in place in an effort to destroy the Serbs.
And, not a word has been said about any of this in the year 2000 presidential election campaign. Clinton told us in 1995 that the American servicemen who were sent to Bosnia would be "home by Christmas." Not only are they still not home, we have send another contingent to assist in the occupation of Kosovo.
I have wondered most of my life how the German people could have sat back and done nothing as their leader did horrible things. "We didn't know about it," I was told by Germans who lived in Germany at the time. I doubted them. However, now I'm seeing something disturbingly similar by an American leader, and we Americans are not even asking Presidential candidates questions about it.
I think I may owe those post-World War II German citizens an apology. Maybe they really didn't know about it. Or, just maybe, they didn't really WANT to know what was happening to their Jewish neighbors when they disappeared.


Richard Holbrooke, US Ambassador to the UN, recently reopened the Myth
of Srebrenica, attacking the Serbs. Said Holbrooke: "Srebrenica must not
be forgotten " ('AFP,' 7-11-00)

The phrase "Never forget!" is associated with victims of Nazi terror in
World War II, especially Jews killed in the Holocaust. How dare
Holbrooke invoke the Holocaust in order to slander the Serbs? The Serbs died
alongside their Jewish (and Roma, or 'Gypsy') neighbors at the hands of Islamist
Nazis during World War II. In the 1990s they were killed by NATO-backed Nazis
like Izetbegovic and Oric in Bosnia and the KLA in Kosovo.


Why is Holbrooke reopening Srebrenica? Because he wants to hide the
nightmare created by the Clinton administration in Kosovo.

"Murder, torture and extortion: these are the extraordinary charges
made against the UN's own Kosovo Protection Corps in a
confidential United
Nations report written for Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

"The KPC stands accused in the document, drawn up on 29 February, of
'criminal activities - killings, ill-treatment/torture, illegal
policing, abuse of authority, intimidation, breaches of political neutrality and
hate-speech.'" ('London Observor,' March 12, 2000)
As many as 350,000 Serbs, Jews, "Gypsies", Slavic Muslims, Catholic
Croatians, Turks and ethnic Albanians opposed to the KLA have been
driven from Kosovo. Their property has been stolen by gangsters, blessed with
official UN positions. Apartment blocs have been emptied by terror and
then sold to UN and NATO personnel. This is reality. It is in order to
cover-up these crimes and prevent public outrage that Holbrooke has dragged out
the Myth of Srebrenica - once again. (2)

5:29 AM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

It's going to take me some time to read and digest Peter's comment. And normally, of course, I would rather people post something so long on their own blog and provide a link. But because I know we DO get very lopsided coverage, and this is an emotional issue for so many on both sides, and because one side has pretty much had their say while the Serbian defense has been suppressed, I didn't mind including that here.

Peter - since you have so much info, it would be good if you could condense it into a clear, outline, concise (which doesn't necessarily mean short) article and post it somewhere so that these arguments can then be seen more clearly.

Personally, I don't believe either side acted appropriately, and the butchers can be found on both sides.

Good luck to all truthseekers. It's true that those who tell the truth are sometimes ruthlessly attacked by those with an official agenda to keep.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone who is at least trying to be really honest and seeking truth about ex-Yugoslavia should at least, as a minimal first step, take the standpoint that:
1) Yugoslavia was a multi-national country annihilated by some sudden bureaucratic and political decisions, and by this it was thrown into a civil war
2) ALL constituting nations fought against each other, committing horrible crimes against each other – each side and story should be somehow treated equally significant
3) beside previous participants, there was another participant , easily forgotten– the federal state, it’s institutions and people truly believing in unity and liberal options – easily and wrongly accused that it was mainly controlled by one side, by Serbs
4) justice and punishment should be delivered to all criminals, without excuse and without political connotations (there are too many inconsistencies about this, too many villains got away in the mean time)
5) the last, but not the least - it is naive to believe that real masterminds of this catastrophe are to be known in next few decades (even with vast unimaginable formal standards, expert resources, academic discussions, heroic figures, whatever), and it is even more naive to believe that there is one Yugoslav nation or state mainly causing problems (grasped by media - what happened to the ideal of not accusing someone until proven guilty)
And what do we have today, even if Milosevic is not poisoned or killed ?

1:45 PM  
Blogger jean frankel tries to murder me of ideas for action llc said...

Irrefutable Proof ICTY Is Corrupt Court/Irrefutable Proof the Hague Court Cannot
Legitimately Prosecute Karadzic Case
(The Documentary Secret United Nations ICC Meeting Papers Scanned Images)

This legal technicality indicates the Hague must dismiss charges against Dr Karadzic and
others awaiting trials in the Hague jail; like it or not.

Unfortunately for the Signatures Of the Rome Statute United Nations member states
instituting the ICC & ICTY housed at the Hague, insofar as the, Radovan Karadzic, as
with the other Hague cases awaiting trial there, I personally witnessed these United
Nations member states having a substantial conversation and openly speaking about trading judicial appointments and verdicts for financial funding when I attended the 2001 ICC Preparatory Meetings at the UN in
Manhattan making the iCTY and ICC morally incapable trying Radovan Karazdic and

I witnessed with my own eyes and ears when attending the 2001 Preparatory Meetings to
establish an newly emergent International Criminal Court, the exact caliber of criminal
corruption running so very deeply at the Hague, that it was a perfectly viable topic of
legitimate conversation in those meetings I attended to debate trading verdicts AND
judicial appointments, for monetary funding.

Jilly wrote:*The rep from Spain became distraught and when her country’s proposal was
not taken to well by the chair of the meeting , then Spain argued in a particularly loud
and noticably strongly vocal manner, “Spain (my country) strongly believes if we
contribute most financial support to the Hague’s highest court, that ought to give us and
other countries feeding it financially MORE direct power over its

((((((((((((((((((((((((( ((((((((((((((((((((((((( Instead of censoring the country representative
from Spain for even bringing up this unjust, illegal and unfair judicial idea of bribery for
international judicial verdicts and judicial appointments, all country representatives
present in the meeting that day all treated the Spain proposition as a ”totally legitimate
topic” discussed and debated it between each other for some time. I was quite shocked!
The idea was "let's discuss it." "It's a great topic to discuss."

Some countries agreed with Spain’s propositions while others did not. The point here is,
bribery for judicial verdicts and judicial appointments was treated as a totally legitimate
topic instead of an illegitimate toic which it is in the meeting that I
attended in 2001 that day to establish the ground work for a newly emergent
international criminal court.))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

In particular., since "Spain" was so overtly unafraid in bringing up this topic of trading
financial funding the ICC for influence over its future judicial appointments and verdicts
in front of every other UN member state present that day at the UN, "Spain" must have
already known by previous experience the topic of bribery was "socially acceptable" for
conversation that day. They must have previously spoke about bribing the ICTY and ICC
before in meetings; this is my take an international sociological honor student.

SPAIN's diplomatic gesture of international justice insofar as, Serbia, in all of this is,
disgusting morally!


I represented the state interests' of the Former Yugoslavia, in Darko Trifunovic’s
absence in those meetings and I am proud to undertake this effort on Serbia’s behalf.

12:00 PM  
Blogger neil craig said...

There is no question that Milosevic was murdered & in a remarkably sophisticated way. The drug Rifampicine was found in his blood test before the death. This is a drug that destroys heart muscle but removes itself from the body quickly so it is no longer present when the heart fails. It would not have been provably murder had that blood sample not been taken.

Here is an interesting article which shows the twists and turns in the NATO funded ICTY's story.

Clearly changing your story, repeatedly, is not a sign of innocence and since he was in solitaery confinement the murder could only have happened under their authority.

The sophistication of the poisoning suggests an intelligence agency. most of the ICTY staff were CIA or MI6 operatives (these 2 organisations are virtually Siamese twins except that the CIA is under American law which makes it a specific offence to murder heads of state - so that make it MI5.

6:06 AM  

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