Monday, February 10, 2014

My comment to Congress on the Keystone Pipeline. Where's yours?

Here's what I submitted. You can submit your own comment at!submitComment;D=DOS-2014-0003-0001.

How many spills will it take before we realized this was a horrible idea? How many lives will have been ruined, farms swamped with tar sands that are harder to clean up than oil? Is that a worthy trade-off for the relatively few American jobs this will create? Would not that money be better spent investing  in clean, renewable technologies?

This is the kind of match that ignites a revolution. Congress's approval ratings are at an all-time low. The strong perception, shared by myself, a life-long Democrat, is that Congress only cares about its richest donors, not the rest of us. There is absolutely no good argument for authorizing this pipeline. But we all feel you will kow-tow to the very tiny percentage among us who will wildly profit from this.

Please prove us wrong. Please give us a reason to believe Congress serves ALL of us, that this is still a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Because if it has become a government of only the rich oil people, it's ripe for a fall, and one from which we may never recover. A new revolution might make things much worse, not better. Witness what happened in Egypt.

Don't underestimate the sentiment against this bill just because people are too jaded to speak up. The fires are simmering.

Don't light this match.

= = = = =

Free speech. Use it or lose it. You can't complain government doesn't represent you if you don't make your voice heard.

Friday, January 03, 2014

Who killed the Palestinian Ambassador with an exploding safe, and other questions

First, Happy New Year! I closed my FB page - keeping up with the comments was too time-consuming. Here, I can decide when I want to set time aside to go through comments - there, I couldn't.

So I will likely be posting here more often. I love Twitter for sharing news stories, like this one:
"The safe that exploded and killed the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic had been in daily use according to a spokesman for his embassy. ... The information contradicts a statement from Riad Malki, the Palestinian foreign minister, who said the safe hadn't been opened for 20 years." (Source)

Why did someone kill the Palestinian ambassador? Safes don't just explode, especially not ones in daily use.

Elsewhere, I still smell something wrong in the Benghazi story that has nothing to do with Obama. In the long New York Times report published at the end of last year, several Benghazi people claimed the CIA killed the Ambassador. The Times said these claims were "bizarre" and "without evidence," but those of us who've studied the JFK assassination know that when the Times says this it isn't necessarily (or even usually) the truth.

I want to more about who Ambassador Stevens was, because that might give us clues. It's a fact that weapons were being shipped from Benghazi to Syrian rebels via Turkey. But what if chemical weapons were being shipped from there? What if Ambassador Stevens found out, in advance of a CIA or Saudi or joint plot to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack that could be blamed on Syria as a pretext for invading? Bizarre conspiracy theory? Perhaps. Or maybe that's what happened. Maybe Stevens was going to stop that or blow the whistle. I'm just speculating. But there are historical precedents for all of this.

It's a new year. I hope, each year, that the new one will bring us more truth than the last. I hope you continue to seek it, knowing it will never be handed to you by the mainstream media, giftwrapped and ready to go.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Predictably, the Washington Post releases a major CIA story during a week when no one is paying attention

The best times to read the paper are Friday nights and holiday periods. That's when the more sensitive stories the CIA doesn't want you to read are often put out. It's happened over and over through history.

This holiday season, the Washington Post released an important story ( on covert operations describing how we've given "smart bomb" and GPS technology to Columbia to go after rebels.

Imagine if the British had access to such weapons in 1776. There could have been no such revolution.

That's what's really frightening about drones, smart bombs, and other weapons that target people based on GPS settings. And now we're giving them away to neighbors in the hemisphere.

I feel we are sowing the seeds of our own destruction with each such weapon introduced. It's only a matter of time before someone figures out how to use them here.

I also feel it's absolutely heinous to be killing people rather than trying to capture them and put them on trial. If people are so overtly evil and active, there should be other ways to get to them. I don't care if it takes time. Just killing people without trial is barbaric and something that, as Americans, we should not be supporting.

I hope you enjoy the holidays. I hope, too, that you spend a little mental energy envisioning the kind of things America should, and shouldn't, be doing on the world stage to make the world a better place. It starts with thoughts, and thoughts have power and gravity. Help the world by putting more positive solutions into it. Killing is so last century. Seriously, we have to be better than that, 2000 years after some man changed the world by saying we should love our enemies, not kill them.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My response to Evan Burgos for his misleading article today on the JFK assassination at NBC's site

Dear Evan,

I’m sorry now I wasted nearly an hour of my life talking to you, Evan. The one quote from me you used from me in  your article on the Kennedy assassination today  (  was out of context because you didn’t mention the CIA’s work overthrowing other leftist leaders all over the globe.

More importantly, McAdams and Shenon are completely, factually wrong about RFK and Dulles and RFK’s view of the CIA’s role in the assassinations.  As I mentioned after reading this, Robert Kennedy was so done with the Dulles’ that he had the last Dulles still in government, a sister of Allen and John Foster, fired. I could get you the source for that but why bother? I also mentioned that RFK’s belief that the CIA was responsible was his deepest belief, according to a lot of original research by founder David Talbot in his book Brothers.

So once again, you prove why the mainstream continues to be irrelevant as a factual source of information on the Kennedy assassination or anything else important.

I don’t blame  you for not knowing McAdams and Shenon were full of it. But had you circled back to me, I could have given you the sources that completely refuted their crapaganda.

So in the end, you have just added to the cover-up, whether you meant to or not.

Disappointed but hardly surprised,

Lisa Pease

Monday, October 21, 2013

My comments on the JFK and the media panel at the Duquesne "Passing the Torch" conference

The following are my prepared remarks for the special program I spoke on last week during the “Passing the Torch” conference on the JFK assassination at the Senator John Heinz Heinz History Center. The other participants included writers Jeff Morley, David Talbot, Russ Baker and Jerry Policoff and our special guest, film director Oliver Stone.

I skipped the paragraph on Max Holland, below, because he was in the front row and I feared he would use that as an excuse to disrupt the event. But I got him the next day, with a shout-out from the stage re winning the CIA’s “Studies in Intelligence” award, “the first person outside the government” to do so, and said I was glad the love went both ways.


My interest in the JFK case was initially sparked, ironically, by the mainstream media. I had been working on Jerry Brown’s presidential campaign and saw up close how the press completely misrepresented things that happened. I thought, if the media could be that wrong about a presidential campaign, what else might they be wrong about?

Early in my research, it became clear that the notion that Oswald acted alone was simply not supported by the evidence. I read Arlen Specter’s questioning of Parkland doctor Malcolm Perry and was shocked to find Specter leading the witness. Perry clearly thought the wound in Kennedy’s neck indicated a shot from the front. Specter clearly didn’t want Perry saying that.

My first thought was that Specter’s agenda was so obvious no serious journalist could have missed it. My second thought was, no serious journalist ever read this.

But the more I learned, ignorance alone could not excuse the shoddy reporting on this case. The media could talk at length about the theories I call collectively, the “anybody but the CIA did it” theory. But the media has never addressed the myriad and strong evidence that high-level people in the CIA planned the assassination of a president they had come to see as a threat to their very existence. Why couldn’t the media go there?

I found the answer in Mark Lane’s book “Plausible Denial.” He talked about Priscilla Johnson McMillan, who had interviewed Oswald before the assassination and written an inaccurate book about him after. Lane made a strong, if circumstantial, case that she worked for the CIA. We’ve since found out she did - her handler wrote that she could be “encouraged to write” pretty much whatever the CIA wanted, and her file listed her as a “witting collaborator,” which begs the question, what is an “unwitting collaborator?”

I then read that now-famous memo the CIA sent its media assets instructing them how to discredit critics of the Warren Report. I found this stunning. Here was the chief suspect, the CIA, having the power to destroy the credibility of anyone who might factually accuse them.

So I formed a theory. If the CIA really had killed Kennedy, anyone devoting a lot of time and energy to tell me that they hadn’t was likely working for the CIA. The value of any theory is its predictive value. This particular theory has proven remarkably accurate over time.

One journalist in particular, James Phelan, author of a famous book about Howard Hughes, had gone out of his way – to the point of bribing a witness – to sabotage New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s case against Clay Shaw back in the 60s. That was WAY beyond the bounds of professional journalism, so naturally, I figured Phelan was likely connected to the CIA. I started digging and it didn’t take me long to find a significant connection.

I was the first to note the relationship between Phelan and Robert Maheu, the man the CIA had tapped to run its Castro assassination plots. During the Garrison investigation, Phelan had met with Garrison in Las Vegas. Garrison trusted Phelan because he had previously written a favorable article about him. But rather than using the nearest copy machine, Phelan had taken Garrison’s documents to Maheu’s office to be photocopied. Given Maheu’s relationship with the CIA, which was ongoing during the entire period he worked for Howard Hughes, I thought that was pretty stunning. Essentially, Phelan was making Garrison’s key files available to the CIA.

When I posted about Phelan’s relationship with the CIA online, Phelan called me up at home and tried to threaten me with a lawsuit. But I knew I had only told facts, so he’d have no case. I also figured he wouldn’t dare enter into a process where I could legally learn even more about his life. I was right. I never heard from him again.

When Gerald Posner wrote his factually inaccurate “Oswald did it” book “Case Closed” that got a lot of attention on the fortieth anniversary, I figured he probably had connections to the CIA. I found his previous nonfiction books had all been written with help from the intelligence community, and his sole fiction work at that point was a novel about the CIA that lauded the old guard covert operators over the new guard bureaucrats. Indeed, Posner even said he’d been promised CIA cooperation for Case Closed by his editor Bob Loomis (who, by the way, had been James Phelan’s editor).

Edward Epstein, who attacked Garrison and later tried to pin the assassination on the Soviets, turned out to be a protégé of the man who held the most secret files on Oswald – CIA counterintelligence legend James Angleton, one of the top suspects for a direct CIA conspirator!

My theory’s holding up pretty well, isn’t it? Funny what you can find when you ask the right question.

What’s scary is how naïve the press is. They never seem to consider that members in their own ranks could be deliberately misleading them. For example, reporter Hugh Aynesworth holds sway over the JFK case in Dallas, despite the fact that Aynesworth has openly bragged about how he lied to a reporter about a key item regarding Oswald. Why would you take seriously someone who brags he misled other journalists?

Would it surprise you to learn that Aynesworth applied to work for the CIA a month before the assassination? We have his application. Of course, on the record, the CIA rejected him. But as anyone who knows the CIA understands, that’s also standard operating procedure. As Gordon Novel once put it, “no one ever works for the CIA,” even when they do.

Does Max Holland work for the CIA? All I know is that he writes for them. When he couldn’t get an anti-Garrison article published by his former employer, The Nation magazine, he found a ready publisher at CIA in their “Studies in Intelligence” newsletter. He even won their award, claiming to be “the first person outside the US government to do so.” Curiously, his vita shows a lot of fellowships from foundations, which have often been conduits for CIA funding. Maybe he was just an “unwitting collaborator.”

But it’s not just individual journalists who work hand in hand with the CIA. It’s entire media organizations. The president of CBS for decades worked with the CIA directly. The New York Times was the CIA’s most powerful asset. The Washington Post under Katherine Graham and later Ben Bradlee kept the CIA’s secrets. ABC, NBC other major media sources have documented relationships with the CIA.

When the Church and Pike Committees started investigating the CIA’s media operations, that was the one thing the CIA refused to give up. Congress could not pry that information from the Agency.

By 1991, the CIA had become so all-powerful in the media that pretense was no longer necessary. In December of 1991, less than a year before the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination, CIA Director Robert Gates laid out, in a memo titled “Greater CIA Openness,” that its Public Affairs Office:

“has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation. This has helped us turn some intelligence failure stories into intelligence success stories, and it has contributed to the accuracy of countless others. In many instances, we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods.”

It should be clear that any organization that brags about its ability to change “intelligence failures” into “intelligence success stories” is, at its heart, an anti-democratic organization. The public simply cannot make intelligent choices about politics when failures are misrepresented as successes. No business could survive such misrepresentation for long. But intelligence agencies get away with it.

We have to know the truth about our past and present in order to plan adequately for our future. And it’s hard. Sorting good information from bad in this case isn’t easy. It took me years to understand just how solid the scientific evidence is that Oswald never fired a rifle on November 22. And I was actively interested in the case. I can see why journalists would shy away from that. It takes a Herculean effort.

And that’s the unfairness of ridiculing “conspiracy theorists.” Some of them are the ones who have done the heavy lifting, the historical mining that the mainstream media has failed to do. To group the nuttiest with the most informed is labelism at its worst. Imagine reading this in the New York Times: “these Jews should be ridiculed, even shunned. It’s time we marginalized Jews the way we’ve marginalized smokers … make [them] stand in the rain with the other outcasts.” That’s what Bryan Burrough in the New York Times wrote about conspiracy theorists, not Jews. But we hear the problem more clearly when we substitute a different group of people. It’s intolerable. It’s actually hate speech.

Conspiracies happen. I was a juror on a conspiracy trial. Pretending they don’t is not only ahistorical, it’s irresponsible.

And conspiracy theories serve a useful purpose. They ask, essentially, what if we’re being lied to, and that’s a question that, as history has shown, journalists should be asking far more often than they do. WMD, anyone?

If the press had looked seriously into the Kennedy assassination, they would found a conspiracy. Had the press then reported the conspiracy, there could have been prosecutions. Had there been prosecutions, we might not have lost Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. NOT challenging the official story was the same as giving future conspirators a blank check, which was taken and cashed, several times over.

The media has been an accessory to these crimes and more through silence, ignorance and misrepresentation. My hope is that journalists get more diligent and less naïve. My other hope is that the public gets savvier, and treats the news as the stage-managed affair it all too often is. After fifty years, it’s time we grew up.

Monday, September 16, 2013

My testimony to the UN commission on Dag Hammarskjold's plane crash is mentioned in their report

I was one of three Americans to testify to a new commission that has been reinvestigating the death of Dag Hammarskjold for the last year. I'm named in the report that is now out. Please see my summary of the report over at Consortium News here:

There are two worlds - one in which covert operations are well known, and one in which they are barely known at all. Which do you live in? You really can't understand what's going on in the world if you don't have a good grounding in covert operations. You will remain forever one of the "sheeple" the intelligence agenices laugh about and take advantage of. Don't be that person. We need informed citizens, not sheeple, if we want to improve our lot in life and in the lives of others.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The government's case for an attack in Syria is REALLY thin

"Most people are rightly incensed over what appears to have been gruesome chemical weapons attacks in Syria. No one questions that the current regime’s crackdown on dissidents has been obscenely violent. No one questions the brutality of the Syrian ruling family over multiple generations. But the evidence is far from conclusive that the recent chemical weapon attacks were ordered by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad."

Read the rest of my article summarizing many of the reasons to doubt the government's case re attacking Syria over at Consortium News here:

While you're there, check out the slew of articles about Syria there. I tried to summarize some of the best pieces of information that have come out in the last week re the latest attack, and who was, or wasn't, behind it.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Updates as we approach the 50th anniversary of the JFK case

Long time no see! I've been busy with other projects, but wanted to give you all a heads up on some developments in advance of next year's 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

Jefferson Morley, former Washington Post journalist and the author of several books, has started a blog at, where he discusses and debunks garbage information about Kennedy and links to factual sources of information about Kennedy in life and death and about Oswald, and what agencies of the government knew about him in advance of the assassination. Well worth watching. If you see anything that could help others get over some disinfo - send the data to them. It won't be worth much if only a few of us see this work.

On the RFK case, I wanted to give people on the East Coast a heads up. James Douglass and Paul Schrade will be speaking together at a three-day event at the Rowe Conference Center in Western Massachusetts, a beautiful area I got to visit in my earlier incarnation as a harp student at Tanglewood. Both Douglass and Schrade are not only great speakers, they are wonderful, interesting people. If you feel inclined to dive in in depth, get the details here.

David McCullough, whom readers love but other historians don't respect, is headlining the near invitation-only event in Dealey Plaza next year. It's not quite that bad, but the city of Dallas, along with the CIA's Museum Sixth Floor Museum, is preparing a celebration expressly designed, or so it would seem, to prevent those with information about the conspiracy that killed Kennedy to speak. Seriously, looks like you will have to get some sort of ticket to attend, so plan ahead now. I plan to be there, and I hope to see many of you there as well.

Jim DiEugenio's new book is out. Don't be fooled by the fact that it has the same title as his old one. It's about 80% new, based on information that came out after his original book Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba and the Garrison Case. It basically shows, step by step, document by document, how the CIA sabotaged Garrison's case against Clay Shaw for what Garrison had good reason to believe was Shaw's peripheral involvement in the JFK assassination. I wrote a blurb that the editor liked so much, he asked me to make it a preface. I start by saying as adults, we have to learn to decouple the words "conspiracy" and "theory," as not all conspiracies ARE theories. Some are fact. Like this case. Provably.

On a slightly different note - did you hear about the four American soldiers arrested (and on trial in Georgia) for plotting to assassinate Obama and take over the government? Never heard that on your local news, did you? Why are we spending billions to fight terrorists abroad when we have some at home?

I post more frequently, albeit shorter tidbits, on my Facebook page and on Twitter (/lisapease). Caution: If there is a Portland Trail Blazers game on, my tweets will be predominantly about the game. I do love that team!

What's new in your world? I've missed talking to and hearing from so many of you! And if you have anything of note about upcoming JFK-related events, please note them here.

P.S. I hear Tom Hanks abandoned his fiction-in-the-guise-of-documentary project (based on Bugliosi's book) and has opted for propaganda-in-the-guise-of-fiction instead. More on that another time....!

Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend. Talk to you later.

Lisa Pease

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Silencing the whistleblowers in Dealey Plaza on the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination

The following is a note from John Judge re his efforts to try to get a permit to hold the usual moment of silence to honor John F. Kennedy. For years, a few hundred people have gathered on the Grassy Knoll on November 22, the anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination, to hold a moment of silence and renew our efforts to find the truth. The research community  has, in essence, been whistleblowers to the crimes of many in government who provably sought to cover up ties between Oswald and the CIA. If there was nothing to hide, why is so much still being hidden?

But I digress. Here is John Judge's message. I hope to see many of you in Dealey Plaza next year.

- - - - -


Imagine the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy, November 22, 2013, at the Grassy Knoll passing without a word in the press about his assassination and who was behind it, only a celebration of his life. That is what Dallas authorities are planning now.

Every year, as you know, we hold a Moment of Silence on the Grassy Knoll at 12:30 pm on November 22 to commemorate the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and to keep alive the knowledge and outrage about the injustice of his intentionally unsolved political murder. After our event, which continues a tradition started in 1964 by researcher and journalist Penn Jones, Jr., we speak truth to power.

We invite the best researchers to our annual meetings to present the best new evidence in the major political assassinations of the last five decades, and we encourage them to speak briefly on the Grassy Knoll. Our event is not a circus or carnival atmosphere, it is not even “conspiracy theory,” as the press commentators try to dismiss it. It is an event lest we forget.

We will be there again this year, this time on Thanksgiving Day. We invite you to join us for the conference and for the event in Dallas, from November 22-25th. We will be staying and meeting at the Hotel Lawrence this year, as in the past.


Imagine, on the 50th anniversary, when the attention of the national and international press, the crowds who come to Dallas and Dealey Plaza and the world that will be watching, that there would be no Moment of Silence. We have been applying for the permit for the last three years in anticipation of a major conference and huge crowds, and have been told repeatedly that none could be issued more than a year in advance. To our surprise a permit was then issued for the whole area of Dealey Plaza for next year for a full week in November to the Sixth Floor Museum, without an event yet planned. This permit is also exclusive of other events at the site, which ours never was.

The director of the Sixth Floor Museum said she got the permit to be “proactive” on behalf of the Mayor’s office in Dallas, which then appointed a committee to plan “dignified” events to “celebrate the life of John F. Kennedy” that week. We have attempted to coordinate with the Sixth Floor Museum only to be told that we should “move the national and international press attention to [JFK’s] death to another moment.” That would be a trick, but we all know that it will be gone at any other moment. We are also trying to coordinate with the Mayor’s commission to exercise our right of free speech in a public park that belongs to history and the American people. We want to be there to be seen and heard, to be silent and loud. We don’t want to be in a “free speech zone” a mile away where no one will hear our message.

The Director of the Sixth Floor Museum, which gives a very imbalanced view of the evidence and the history of the assassination of JFK to millions of tourists each year, told the Dallas Morning News that they had no event planned but they might do a “moment of silence”. I would suggest that if they do such an event to the exclusion of ours, it would stretch into an eternity of silence regarding this assassination.

Penn Jones wrote four volumes on the evidence and strange witness deaths in the Kennedy assassination called Forgive My Grief. Forgive ours, but some things are not forgivable and should not be forgettable. We will be there on November 22, 2013 in any case. Hope you will be with us.


We also fight to release all classified records on these murders, now decades past. Our support for the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act and the Review Board it created has led to the release of over 6.5 million pages of classified records buried since 1964, but not all of them. We have joined the call by the Committee for an Open Archives and the Assassination Archives and Research Center to expedite the release of all related files on JFK’s assassination by the 50th anniversary next year, and not in 2017 or even later. All efforts to use FOIA, Mandatory Declassification Review or even Obama’s Executive Order calling for release of files classified for over 25 years to be implemented without review have failed so far. The new agencies, created by his administration to facilitate transparency and release, have decided that the JFK records are outside their mandate. An online petition to demand release can be found at

We continue to push for introduction of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Records Act to release hundreds of thousands of pages of the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation into his death, locked up since 1978 until 2028. All their files on JFK are already released. The Clerk of the House was approached to use her authority to release these records, but their office has declined saying it needs Congressional legislation. We have a new sponsor who seems ready to drop the bill and details will follow to get support.

Our website features speakers from past conferences as well as regular news updates about political assassinations, new evidence and witnesses, legal developments, threats on the President and Secret Service response, and in-depth articles from leading researchers and academics.

Every year we gather in Dallas, and some years in Memphis, Los Angeles and New York, to present and discuss the best new evidence in the murders of Malcolm X, the Kennedy Brothers, Dr. King and others. We invite renowned legal, medical, forensic and ballistics experts, academics and noted authors, and citizen researchers whose work over the years has shed light on these crimes and rewritten our history. We make many of the presentations available by livestream on our website, but being at the event, networking, getting the latest books and resources and meeting those seeking the truth is an experience not to be missed.

This is a critical time because these assassinations are fading into history for later generations. The approaching 5th decade mark may consign active concern about the assassinations of the 60s to past history and indifference, despite widespread acceptance in the public that a conspiracy of some sort was involved, not the actions of a lone, crazed gunman. We are the ones who are left to make sure that this history is not lost and its impact on the present is made clear. November 22, 1963 marked a turning point in America and the rise of the Military Intelligence Industrial Complex that President Eisenhower warned of and Kennedy opposed has defined our history since. The political assassinations that day and others that followed were instrumental in destroying hope for a different future and movements for social change. All those killed had challenged militarism, war, racism and poverty, the "pillars of oppression" defined by Dr. King that still plague us today.


Imagine instead a major conference in Dallas that we have titled "50 Years is Enough!" – with all the key researchers, authors, legal and medical/forensic experts who have broken the cases open in the past decades there to speak the truth about them, to those present and on the internet to the rest of the world. Imagine a crowd of thousands in Dealey Plaza, along with the world press, seeing our banners calling for release of records and hearing our speakers calling for justice and an independent investigation of these unsolved homicides that would hold those responsible to account and take the sordid history since to task. Imagine a future where the assassination of fairly elected leaders and purveyors of hope for social change would never again be tolerated and would demand full investigations and exposure of the forces behind them. We cannot celebrate the life of John F. Kennedy while we forget his death.

Our Dallas meeting this year will be held from November 22-25 at the Hotel Lawrence, just off Dealey Plaza. We will announce hotel reservation information and rates soon. Information on speakers and other details are being posted at our website as well. Next year we plan to hold a national conference in Dallas, and we may be doing meetings in Memphis and Los Angeles as well if there is interest.

We can't do all this without you. Since 1994, we have worked to present serious research, new evidence, force release of records, support legal challenges and forensic testing, and to keep these cases alive to the public and a new generation. We do all this with the help of a very few donors and on a tiny budget. No foundations sponsor us, and certainly no corporation or government funds. We are volunteers, no paid staff.


This year, anticipating the need to have a major conference on the 50th anniversary, two donors have put up a challenge grant, which will match all donations made before that up to $2,000. This means a donation of any size will double for us right now and make it possible for us to be visible next year and to bring the best speakers.

Donations of $50 or more will get you a copy of a DVD set of our jam-packed 2011 conference in Dallas. $100 or more will also automatically register you for this year's conference events, a real bargain. Donations are not tax deductible. Checks can be made to COPA at P.O. Box 772, Washington, DC 20044 or credit card donations can be made to our Paypal account from the website (

We need you. Will you join us now with your support? Will you come to Dallas this year and next? Will you stand with us on the Grassy Knoll to speak out and be visible and help get out our call for an Occupy the Grassy Knoll in 2013 (see

COPA has been a leader in this work for nearly two decades and our work is not finished yet. I hope you will contribute now to both the hope of the future and the continued visibility of the past.

Thanks for your support!

John Judge, Director

Coalition on Political Assassinations

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stories that disturb me

I'm busy working on my RFK book, so I haven't spent much time posting. When I do post - it's usually something short on Twitter ( or Facebook ( But I continue to be concerned by what I see all around me and wanted to share a few links with you.

I saw NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake interviewed on RT today (yet more proof how censored the American press is -- you won't see him on the Today show, or even Sixty Minutes). He said our every communication is being tracked in ways that violate our constitutional protections. "Our security has become the state religion," he said, and those who speak truth to power find that the response is to "attack the messenger" rather than dealing with the message. Those are powerful sentiments that should be a wake-up call to the rest of us.

Here's more about Drake and other whistleblowers:

Here's a story that should also make you think about where all this is headed, an article from the NYT titled "That's no phone. That's my tracker."

I'm deeply concerned about the growing prosecution of whistleblowers. Look - I don't care if their motives aren't pure if the information is important. Exposing war crimes should be done and should be protected, even if someone is "just a disgruntled employee" - so what? Maybe those are the only people who find the guts to speak up. And of course, most whistleblowers are NOT disgruntled employees. They're concerned citizens who see our rights violated and try to do something to protect that. But absolute power corrupts absolutely, and those who live by secret power will go to enormous lengths to protect it.