Saturday, March 10, 2018

Preview of the cover of my new book, A Lie Too Big to Fail!

As many of you know, I've been researching the assassinations of the 1960s for more than 25 years now. I've had a particular interest in the assassination of Robert Kennedy. I started and stopped this book a couple of times over the last ten years, but got really serious about writing it over the last three and a half. Here is a preview of the cover. Jim DiEugenio was kind enough to write a wonderful introduction as well.

I can't wait to talk about what's in the book. But I'm sitting on mega secrets for now. Can't wait to knock your socks off though! The book will be out in September and should show up in and other outlets in April.


Blogger Jamey Hecht said...

Congratulations on this tremendous achievement, Lisa Pease! I'm very eager to read the book, though I know it will stir up sorrow and anger. You're a national treasure.

12:41 AM  
Blogger FB said...

Thank you for your work Lisa and good luck with your book. RIP Bobby .

5:10 PM  
Anonymous George K said...

I'm really looking forward to this book. You might not be able to reveal this yet, but is it going to delve further into William Joseph Bryan, the probable hypno-programmer of Sirhan? Last year, I read Dave McGowan's book _Programmed to Kill_, which covers (among other things) how Albert DeSalvo was likely framed for the Boston Strangler murders with the help of Dr. Bryan to feed him the "confessions". You also brought this up briefly in your Rubik's Cube article. And of course, Sirhan oddly made reference to DeSalvo. That connection between the RFK case and the world of serial killers always fascinated me.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:40 AM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Thank you so much, Jamey. Very kind. Thanks, FB and George K as well. George - in short, yes. ;-) I have some new information that should be of interest and more depth on some of the info already out there. But there is so much more to the story!!

8:47 PM  

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