Sunday, April 29, 2012

RFK assassination witness tells CNN there were two shooters in the pantry

There's a big new story at CNN from a pantry witness who wants to see the cover-up stop:

I'm told video may be added to that link at some point tomorrow, so check back if you don't see any. Right now, it's just an article. But I hear more media is coming.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Writer you know just died today - C. David Heymann. Collapsed in lobby of his building.

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Blogger Real History Lisa said...

I got to interview Nina myself, for the book I'm working on. Wonderful lady. Very credible re two shooters. Interestingly, she is 100% certain the shooter she saw ahead and to the left was not on the table. Sirhan was not on the table. Were there two shooters in that position? Not only possible but likely, for reasons I'll explain in the book.

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not real solid on the layout in the pantry but this seems obviously to be @12:00 Scott Enyard.?!?(go to Rfk tapes imo a fabulous radio documentary)

Now get back to work!

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Blogger Judas Disney said...

Perhaps this news item can be of some use for Lisa's forthcoming RFK book.

Google search indicated as link because original sources (such as the Tri-City Herald) are disappearing for this story.

[Story: Washington state pharmacy assistant loses license after hypnotizing woman]

Bottom line implication is that a Washington state health board has acknowledged the legitimate reality of hypnosis (and perhaps there may be other such stories within the same line of inquiry, of U.S. courts validating the reality of hypnosis).

Pharmacy assistant loses license after hypnotizing woman
By - Associated Press - Wednesday, March 25, 2015

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - State health officials have permanently revoked the license of a Benton County pharmacy assistant who was accused of having sex with a woman he hypnotized.

Kevin Geyer is an amateur hypnotist and is accused of hypnotizing a woman in his home last year before having sex with her.

The Tri-City Herald reports that Geyer pleaded guilty earlier this month in Benton County Superior Court to fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation.

The Herald says Geyer was sentenced to 364 days in jail, but the judge suspended that sentence on the condition that he undergo a evaluations and treatment.

The Department of Health revoked his pharmacy license on Tuesday.

5:22 PM  
Blogger Judas Disney said...

Another possible tip for Lisa's book -- although it may pertain to a different case, the hypno angle is relevant, and MOST ESPECIALLY I hope that Lisa can view the video clip in footnote [2] containing the "William Joesph Bryan-style" bragging of hypnotist John Jacobson:

The alleged Aurora, Col­orado 2012 shooter (James Holmes) had a men­tor named John Jacob­son (see link [1] below) who bragged about his hypno-programming pow­ers to manip­u­late “tem­po­ral per­cep­tions” of lin­ear time (see link [2] below).

[1] 2012.7.22 Video Of James Holmes At 18 Years Old Giv­ing Pre­sen­ta­tion At Sci­ence Camp (Men­tions His Men­tor (John Jacob­son) At 0:50) (ABC,

[2] 2010.4.10 How Can We Begin To Define Time?, John Jacob­son, Chron­i­cles 1 (Damning quote At 2:00 to 2:18 although entire clip is relevant) (

Hypnotist John Jacobson: "(For us to manipulate temporal order ...) We have loads of power over temporal order. If events happen in the order A [then] B, a good psychophysicist can have the subject experience it as B [then] A. This is routine, and done in experiments in multiple labs around the world."

Jacobson took affront at being mentioned in early news articles as Holmes' "mentor" and subsequently was scrubbed from many articles in their Internet incarnations of ongoing revision.

[Personal speculation: If James Holmes was indeed hypno-programmed, or set-up in any man­ner (a list of items to keep in mind: No vic­tim present at the shoot­ing can iden­tify Holmes as the shooter, because the shooter was hel­meted & gas-masked [think of Oswald doubles or Sirhan portrayal of a shooter while the real shooter is elsewhere]; also, when Holmes was arrested at his car, he was described by an Aurora officer as “impaired” and “meek” and appeared to be drugged until the time of his first hear­ing, one day later; Holmes was never blood tested; Holmes was described by police as “act­ing as if he thought he was in a movie”), is it pos­si­ble that Holmes will begin to become cog­nizant of his cir­cum­stances — and claim that he was hyp­no­tized, thus seeming to "organically dis­cred­it-by-proxy" the William Pep­per case on behalf of Sirhan? In other words, if Holmes claims he was hyp­no­tized, how does this affect the RFK case? Is this the pur­pose of the Aurora, Col­orado shooting?]

[Summary: If the Pepper case is going to publicly and nationally open the can-of-worms question of whether or not hypnoprogramming or even hypnotism is legitimately possible and authentic ... then wouldn't, in fact, the strategy of RFK conspirators be to first discredit the reality of hypnotism via a fresh and high-profile case in which a hypnoprogramming suspect is thoroughly discredited?]

[Off-topic but relevant to Aurora case: Is it rel­e­vant that the Aurora police chief who conducted the inves­ti­ga­tion was Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s head of NYPD intelligence?–07-20/news/32768190_1_police-officers-aurora-police-nypd ]

[ * note: Wikipedia entry has been scrubbed of reference to Oates being Giuliani's head of NYPD intelligence. The scrubbing itself is conspicuous. The fact of Oates' leadership of NYPD intelligence is available on other news sites by Googling "Daniel Oates Aurora NYPD intelligence".]

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