Sunday, April 01, 2012

CIA admits to their role in the assassination of President Kennedy

In a shocking disclosure today, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency finally admitted to their historic role in the assassination of President Kennedy.
CIA Director General David Petraeus spoke to the President and senior members of Congress before calling a press conference in the entrance foyer to the CIA. Standing in front of the engraved words that read “the truth will set you free,” Gen. Petraeus dropped the bombshell.

“For years, CIA has assured its own employees we had nothing to do with the assassination of President Kennedy. But an internal study has shown us, finally, that that is simply not true. This agency was deeply involved in every aspect of that event.

“The CIA has lied about their relationship for Oswald. Yes, Oswald worked for the CIA. Yes, we sent him to the Soviet Union as a false defector to test what the Russians knew about the U2 program, where Oswald had served as a radar operator.

“When his handlers found out Oswald had discovered a plot to kill Kennedy growing inside the Agency, they tried to convince him he was imagining things. But when Oswald took his suspicions to the FBI, senior members of the plot decided to make Oswald the fall guy for the plot instead.

“We are coming forward at this time because we believe the lies about this case are literally tearing at the fabric of our democracy. We do not seek absolution for the acts of a few who were, unfortunately, near the top of the power structure within CIA. We seek to apologize not only for the assassination, but also for the nearly 50-year campaign this Agency has waged, through its paid and volunteer media owners and assets, to try to convince the American public that the CIA did not kill the president. Many in our ranks felt that if that truth came out, the Agency would be destroyed. But after talks with the President, Congress, and some of the top media owners in the country, we realize this country can handle the truth, and that the truth will truly set us free.

“Hate us if you will. Investigate our activities if you will. We ask only that you balance your analysis with the good that we have done at home and indeed, around the world, in service of democracy. There are many countries who would be living under a different set of circumstances had we not directly, if covertly, intervened."

And with that, Gen. Petraeus turned and walked through the wall, disappearing once again into the bowels of the Agency, as the media stood in stunned silence.


Blogger Zen Quagga said...

Bravo! Well done, Magic Petraeus!

10:04 AM  
Anonymous B. Davy said...

Lisa - very creative April Fool's gag. But the CIA has admitted it's complicitity in the JFK assassination. Consider those who have "confessed" in some manner: David Atlee Phillips, David Sanchez Morales, and E. Howard Hunt - all one-time, high-ranking officers of the CIA. As Gerald would say, "case closed"
Best - Bill

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Donna Lee Michas said...

I am dumbfounded, Lisa. Never expected this in my lifetime. Never expected them to ever admit it, let alone in my lifetime. Always thought a smoking gun would eventually expose the truth. Thanks for the quick word out on this.

Meanwhile, somewhere I read that CIA also admitted to lying to JFK about them NOT needing air cover for the Bay of Pigs operation. Can't find my printed copy of that, and can no longer find it onLine.

3:43 PM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Bill is right, of course - several CIA people have admitted, in one form or another, that the Agency was involved in the hit.

And Donna - I hope you, too, are kidding - it really is an April Fool's joke!

4:16 PM  
Blogger hallmonitor said...

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7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cuban_George says:

You were right about Moa Bay Mining Co. and Berlitz Language School being in the same location in Havana, on Calle 13 at which Antonio Veciana stated he received training from "Maurice Bishop"

Moa Bay Mining Co., Edif. La Rampa, 8 piso, Calle 23 No. 171, Vedado. Tel. 30-5541.

Berlitz School of Languages, Calle 23 No. 171, Vedado. Tel. 30-4720


12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cuban_George says:

The document entitled "Anglo-American Directory of Cuba 1960" states the following re: David Atlee Phillips:

PHILLIPS, David Atlee (Amer.); wife, Helen Florence Haasch (Amer.); ch.: Maria, David Jr., Atlee, Christopher. Public Relations Counselor, David A. Phillips Associates, Humboldt 106, off. 502. Tel. 70-0016. Res. Ave. 19-A No. 21413, Nuevo Biltmore, Mar. Clubs: Am; wife: M.


12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And dont forget Nixon's famous words about Hunt being exposed "it will blow the whole bay of pigs thing" followed by Haldermans book disclosing that the "bay of pigs" was code for the JFK hit.

6:35 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

from: david t. krall

after a few seconds it finally
sunk in as this was an "April Fools" joke...this reminds me of the made up "review" I read years ago in Ramparts Magazine. The "review" was a "put-on" that was in effect also was a keen observation on "direction" of the actual JFK plot but still never-the-less a made up review of an imaginary 4 volume tome that supposedly outlined the size and structure of the JFK conspiracy...needless to say..the publishers and editors had to explain in a follow-up issue that is was a "put-on" as some readers felt "had" and actually called and wrote to Ramparts and researchers about this (non-existent) 4 vol "work"... it's actually very funny if you ever come across it or read it... even in spite of the seriousness of the subject matter.
Even when I first read floored me !!! Then In a follow-up
issue I discovered its humorous familiar with this?
from: david t. krall

11:28 PM  

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