Thursday, March 23, 2006

Washington Post turns Red...State?

I got this strange news from today:
Under pressure from right-wing zealots to "balance" journalists who finally holding the Bush Administration accountable, Washington Post editors gave a right-wing hack an online column called "Red America."
I couldn't let that go uncommented upon. I've never thought the Post was a great paper, but I've never doubted that it has enormous reach and influence.

So I took a moment to send this note to,, and
What is going on with one of the country’s major papers?

What’s with the Red State blog?

Where is your backbone?

If you stand up and tell the truth, it will sometimes harm Democrats, and sometimes harm Republicans, but it will always HELP the good people of this country. The truth NEVER needs balancing.

By adding a right-wing blog to your site, you are making either or both of the following bizarre admissions:

The truth hurts the right more than the left, and therefore you want to appease the right with a place for them to rant,


Screw America. All that matters is who pays for the ads, and the right is where it’s at.

If it’s the former, shame on you. Let the truth stand. Let the chips fall where they may.

If it’s the latter, screw you too.


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