Friday, August 17, 2007

A Mermaid in Denver

I'm about to escape for a week or so. I have the most unlikely destination: Disney's new stage version of "The Little Mermaid." It's set to open on Broadway in the fall, but like all Broadway extravangazas, they're working out the kinks in a quiet place far from the scrutiny of New York Critics. The show is already in previews in Denver, and I'm going to drive out there to see it. As many of you know - I pretty much grew up in musical theater. It was a huge part of my early life, and still has a hold on me.

I also love seeing a work of art being born, like a newborn colt, rising on wobbly legs, and watch it transform into something beautiful. I saw the first preview performance ever of Stephen Sondheim's brilliant musical "Into the Woods," a show any activist should see, as it explores the themes of community and responsibility and how "No One is alone, really." When I saw it, at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego many years ago, it was almost four hours long! So you can imagine how much got cut, but ah well, that's how it goes. I later got to see it on Broadway and was surprised at some new additions. But the show was wonderful at every step of the way. I expect the same will be true with "Mermaid."

Now, several people have reminded me that the Southwest will be brutally hot. Duh! And thank goodness! I've been living in an air conditioned, artificial environment for months (years!) and I crave real heat. I'm a fire sign, after all (Sagittarius, which should come as no surprise to anyone remotely familiar with astrology).

I'll be viewing natural arches and bridges (yes, there's a difference) and hiking past hoodoos. I'm even going through one of the world's official "Dark Sky" parks - the first to be so named. I got to see the Milky Way from Joshua Tree National Park last weekend, to catch the Perseid meteors shattering against our atmosphere. The night sky is so beautiful, but with all the light pollution (and wasted energy) it's harder to find a place to see it. On this trip, I should see many stars.

I'll be in mountains and streams, in hot pools and in deserts, in diners and ghost towns, in cities and sacred places. I'll see red rocks and blue streams, green mountains and gold-rimmed clouds. I'll go back in time to visit the cliff dwellings of the Anasazi. I'll catch the latest fantastic dish in Santa Fe. And I’ll finally see the Grand Canyon. Can you believe I've been to the rim by car twice, but BOTH TIMES it was fogged in and I could not actually see into it?? That's so not fair! The third time should be the charm.

So wish me luck. I have no idea if I'll have the access or the energy to post from the road. But I’m sure I’ll have much to say about whatever I learn along the way, sooner or later. And get some travel time yourself. There's nothing like nature to refresh one's soul.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip. have a wonderful time.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Thanks, John. So far, so tired. But the views have been spectacular. I'll post more when I'm back. Everyone should visit Southern Utah!!

10:20 PM  

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