Monday, August 13, 2007

Connecting the dots re Bush's power grab

Jerry Policoff wrote this to me in email. I'm posting it here with his permission, as it is the simplest, most succinct summary of my own fears that I've seen to date:

You know, no one seems to be connecting the dots on this stuff. Every one talks about the scary potential of these Bush initiatives, but no one is asking why he is amassing all of these police-state powers to himself if he doesn’t intend to make use of them.

I have no doubt Nixon would have invoked the Huston Plan if Watergate had not intervened.

We need another intervention or we’ll all be in Guantanamo soon (or maybe they’ll just pack us into those detention camps Halliburton has been building all over the place).

Now why would Bush get rid of Habeas Corpus, declare the right to run all three branches of government in the event of some undefined “national emergency,” radically expand his right to eavesdrop on us, eliminate the prohibition against the Federal Government deploying the National Guard here at home, and build Concentration Camps strategically placed all over the country, unless there was some scheme behind it all?

And why is he trying to provoke a Constitutional showdown with Congress now that he has all of this in place?

Am I being paranoid or justifiably suspicious?
(Of course, my answer is, he is absolutely justifiable suspicious!)

Robert Parry has done some excellent articles connecting the dots on this whole nightmare over at Consortium News. For example, see his story today - New Spy Law Broader Than Thought. This is serious. And if we don't even try to impeach and undo some of this damage, all this remains in place for the next despot who comes along....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lisa; thank god rove is leaving. would like 2 c you or your contributors do some sort of post mortem on his " noble" accomplishments . alals, he is orobly gonna sign up to run rudys campaign or some other GOP hopeful like romney ior whoever. . . he is already bashing hillary. does anyone really believe a wonk like this is leaving to b spend more time with his family? ? ? Ha !!

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


May I be sold bold as to suggest a viewing of this post

and related posts at Cannonfire on the subject of the FISA "Modernization"?

Joseph and I have locked horns on a few topics, and he can be excessively abraisive at times, but I have a difficult time finding fault with his reasoning here.

We all agree this FISA law is a bad law, always has been a bad law, and probably always will be.

But until someone can point to something IN THE LAW that IS NOT IN THE OLD VERSION while QUOTING AND LINKING BOTH, I have to agree with Cannon on the significance of the law, and the probable purpose of this manuver by the White House.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you aware of the writing suggesting the B-52's with nuclear weapons might have been headed for Iran ???


7:42 PM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Yes, I'd heard the B-52 story. One can only hope that sane heads prevail if that's the case. Not everyone the military and government is a crazed fascist, thank goodness!

9:53 PM  

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