Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nasser's son-in-law a double agent? Murdered?

In bizarre news today, an echo from the past, and an incident relative to the subject of a previous post, we find that the son-in-law of former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel fell to his death from a balcony. In my experience, people simply do not fall off of balconies. They are pushed. Apparently, I'm not alone in my suspicion. As the AP story today reports:

The Middle East News Agency said initial indications suggested that Mr. Marwan fell from his apartment balcony in the St. James Park neighborhood in London. MENA said Scotland Yard was investigating.

The death of Mr. Marwan, suspected of being a double agent for Israel during the 1973 war, comes amid a controversy in Egypt about his role in the intelligence and business worlds.

Some opposition lawmakers recently demanded an investigation after Egyptian papers carried reports from Israeli media about Mr. Marwan's possible role as a double agent during the 1973 war, when Egypt and Syria waged a sneak attack against Israel on the Jewish holy day of Yom Kippur.
If Nasser’s son-in-law was a double agent, that fits with a very interesting picture. Here are some miscellaneous bits of data:

1. In the Church Committee files, there was a report by a CIA agent who claimed that he had killed Nasser on orders of the CIA. Nasser ostensibly died a natural death, but the CIA is known to have chemicals that can induce heart attacks that are untraceable. The same agent also claimed he shot down Dag Hammarskjold’s plane. I wrote an article about Hammarskjold's death several years ago. (The same guy also claimed the CIA killed Kennedy and even gave the Church committee a map of where each team stood in Dealey Plaza. Naturally, they ignored all his data, even though he seemed quite sincere in his desire to illuminate some of the Agency's darker deeds. The CIA had set him up for a crime and had him jailed - I think he was exposing bits and pieces in the hopes that the Agency would make a deal with him.)

2. James Angleton ran the Israeli liaison activities, working closely with the Mossad, on occasion.

3. In a novel about James Angleton, “Orchids for Mother,” author Aaron Latham had the Angleton character leak news of the Yom Kippur war to Israel just prior to the Egyptian attack which the CIA was backing.

4. This allegation gains support from the 16 hour battle the Pike committee got into with the CIA over declassifying four words indicating the CIA picked up on increased security measures in the Egyptian forces. The CIA REALLY didn’t want that known, I think because it showed they knew the attack was coming and didn’t warn Israel. But if the novel is correct, as sometimes truth does appear in these contexts, that explains why Israel later honored Angleton, lauding his service to their nation. The novel also suggests that Colby knew of this, which was one of the many reasons he saw the need to purge Angleton from the CIA.

5. If Nasser’s son-in-law was a double-agent for Israel, he may well have been put in place by the CIA.

Whatever the case, I believe this was no accidental fall, and I believe the true circumstances will not be reported because they have to do with intelligence matters.


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