Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth Concerts all day today!

Well, it's here. A historic first. All seven continents on this planet have finally joined together in common cause to raise worldwide awareness about global warming.

You can watch the concerts/info/interviews on Bravo all day today (if you have cable), and can watch online at

You can also meet people in your neighborhood at a free party tonight! Click here to find a Live Earth party in your area. I'm going to one later. Tell me about yours, if you go!

MTV has 12 things you can do to help save our beautiful planet. Go check it out.

It's important to understand that conservation is the single biggest tool we have. No "alternative technologies" do nearly as much for the environment as "spending" less. That means using less energy. Less water. Creating less garbage.

Here are some of the things I'm doing:

- Changing all my lightbulbs to compact fluorescents. Did you know not only does this save tremendously on energy usage, but it can save you money as well? (Source)

- Taking the bus. And not just to work. I started doing this after watching Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" because it's such a simple thing. Well, not entirely simple, since I live in Los Angeles, which is very widespread and not well covered by bus lines. But when I can, which is, frankly, most days of the month, I'm taking the bus to work, to the beach, to the movies, to wherever I can. And given the cost of gas, this not only benefits the environment, but it benefits my pocketbook as well! For the price of one pass I can use any of the buses in not just Los Angeles, but Santa Monica as well, and can take the metro (subway) anywhere and everywhere it goes. (This has vastly expanded my lunchtime options!)

- Bought a more fuel-efficient car. No, it wasn't the Prius I've been longing for. But it's a good, small car that gets very good gas mileage.

- Take really short showers. I used to love to relax in the shower. I have since found ways to relax that don't include wasting tons of gallons of water and the energy used to heat it.

- Don't let hotels launder my room. Meaning, when I travel, if there's an option to keep the towels rather than to have them washed overnight, I keep the towels. I don't wash them every night at home. I don't need that on the road, either.

There are many other actions I could and should be taking, and today is the much needed kick in the butt to reexamine my wasteful ways. I hope you'll take a moment to do the same.

Now, our problems will be helped by such efforts, but we need a completely different ethic on this planet if we're really going to solve our problems. War is the biggest waste of energy on the planet, on every level. End wars, end a huge drag on our planet's resources.

Happy Live Earth day. Let 7/7/07 be our lucky day, a day when the balance tips in favor of awareness and action.


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