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Kucinich's impeachment plans for Cheney derailed by Virgina Tech shooting

Coincidence, or conspiracy? I truly don't know. But I feel compelled to put these facts side by side so you can paint your own picture here.

Over the weekend, Dennis Kucinich’s staff drafts the following:

April 17, 2007

Dear Colleague:

This week I intend to introduce Articles of Impeachment with respect to the conduct of Vice President Cheney. Please have your staff contact my office . . . if you would like to receive a confidential copy of the document prior to its introduction in the House.

Dennis J. Kucinich
Member of Congress
In a campaign video now posted on YouTube, dated last Friday the 13th, Kucinich reopens a discussion of impeachment, and mentions the Vice President.

But at the start of the week, before Kucinich can follow through, there’s a mass killing at Virginia Tech, and now Kucinich’s plans for introducing impeachment articles against Cheney are put on indefinite hold. [Source]

We’re supposed to believe that, “just minutes" after shooting people in his dorm, Cho Seung-Hui either runs into his car and makes a confession on videotape, or gets a pre-taped confession, and then mails a massive multimedia package to NBC (that’s taking them “hours to get through,” according to Brian Williams. “Much of it is incoherent, laced with profanity.”)

One of the things I heard several times yesterday is that, while the authorities could absolutely link the gun to the two shooting, they could not prove that Cho Seung-Hui was in fact the shooter in both places. That doesn’t mean he didn’t do it – only that while they could confidently link him to the first shooting, they had no such solid evidence to link him to the second, even though they were certain that the same gun had been used in both places. The unspoken subtext was that they could not, at that point, rule out a possible conspiracy. There’s also the obvious question, voiced in the clip above, as to who took the pictures of Cho pointing a gun at his head, and other equally disturbing images.

If you listen to and watch Cho on his videotaped message, he sounds like he’s repeating something he learned -– not coming up with those thoughts in real time. Yet somehow, this "deranged loner" was about to put together 27 video clips, 43 stills, and pages of solid text, kill two people, race off to the post office to mail a package, and then return to campus to kill many more people? If that were in a Hollywood script, readers would toss that one out as simply not credible.

But here's the piece that really caught my attention. The video is a confession of guilt, with his face right there for the world to see. This guy is planning on getting caught, right? So then why did he file the serial numbers off his weapon?? Criminals do that so as NOT to get caught. So we have a serious contradiction there. One that's not just bizarre, but suggestive of an alternate narrative.

Here's a sheerly speculative assembly of the facts from a different perspective:

Yes, Cho is deranged, but maybe as the result of mind control operations, which could have been conducted when Cho was hospitalized for being mentally ill. Mind control operations can take sane people and turn them into mentally ill people. Such experiments are well documented in the book "The Mind Manipulators," one of the lesser known but excellent tomes on the subject.

The serials numbers could have been filed off by the person who gave Cho the weapons so that no one could link Cho's handler to Cho directly.

Was Cho being trained for a different mission? Consider what Brian Williams is saying on that video:

"...students [on the Virginia Tech campus] talked about how creepy and methodically he was when he changed clips, dropping the clip out - just the way we see the cop shows on television. You and I, without gun training, wouldn't come to it so naturally. The way he hung the clips on that [ammunition] vest and now seeing the picture [of Cho looking like a trained shooter]'s beyond spooky."

Williams and Chris Matthews discuss how his vest can hold a lot of ammunition. He's got gloves specially cut to give his trigger finger maximum flexibility. You don't learn all that from watching cop shows on TV. What's this kid's REAL history?

I can believe anyone capable of anything. Psychoapaths really do exist, and are capable of mass murder. But when I hear a story like this, I have to consider the possibility (that's not spelled "probability") of alternate scenarios.

I could easily picture this guy, especially after seeing clips of him speaking in that weird monotone delivery, as someone under post-hypnotic control. But what I couldn’t imagine was the motive for someone having him do this now, at this time, at that location, until I read of Kucinich’s plans this week, now on hold. I know. It sounds like I’m suggesting something wild and outrageous. But it’s no more wild and outrageous than to suggest some of the biggest names in politics conspired to keep the truth of Kennedy’s assassination from the American people to prevent (so they thought) a nuclear showdown with the Soviet Union. And that’s provably what happened in that case. It also sounds wild to suggest that Sirhan Sirhan was a mind-controlled patsy set up to pull focus to himself, away from the actual shooters who were killling RFK and wounding others. But it's also provable that there were more bullet holes than Sirhan’s gun could hold bullets for in the pantry when RFK was killed, and there's a lot of evidence that Sirhan was firing blanks.

All official narratives are always just stories to me. And as the wise detective in V for Vendetta noted, "A story can be true or false." I think it's a valuable exercise to question everything and wait until more facts are on the table before believing anything. Maybe Cho really was insane and just did all these inexplicable acts for no reason. That's a possible scenario. I'm just pointing out there are other scenarios that could also explain the known facts to date, and we should not be hasty here. The truth about what happened really matters. The families of the dead deserve to know exactly who killed their loved ones, and why, to the extent that it's possible to know. I hope good, honest people will pursue every possible angle of this case and get us the genuine truth about what happened. Of course, how can we ever be sure that's what we got, in the end?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cryptogon has a really good post in a similar vein.

Thanks Lisa!

9:25 AM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Thanks - yes, good additional info there. I hope people click over there and read that info!

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Blogger thng said...

Great post!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That he was so skilled with the gun does strike me as a bit suspicious.

But I don't think it has anything to do with the impeachment stuff. And his sister's job also jumped out at me...

I saw a kid on tv last night who went to high school with him and he NEVER had friends then either.

I am not inclined to think conspiracy here. Sadly there are consiracies and there are psycho killers like Ted Bundy. We live in a violent society and a loner like him probably watched nothing but violence. He was not in the hospital long enough for any MKULTRA stuff.

Now the records of Colombine (sp?) being locked up is another matter....There's a lot of suspicion related to that tragedy. (I read some stuff years ago, relating to one of the kid's father having a pretty strange job). Seemed more than met the eye.

5:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

See also

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great piece, Lisa. I saw cryptogon's analysis earlier in the week and started to work on something about the events because my first thoughts were that it was a pre-orchestrated psyops. But ended up going in a different direction (somewhat) with my thoughts on Virginia:

I'll definitely be adding a link to your post and cryptogon's to mine.


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Hi -

Check out for a detailed analysis of what's wrong with the official analysis and explanations.

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