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More disinfo re Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe

I imagine my inbox will soon be flooded with questions about this supposed "new" find re a document purporting to link Marilyn Monroe's death to Bobby Kennedy.

This is really old disinformation, and I know exactly why it's being recycled at this time. In a couple of months, a major new book is coming out about Bobby Kennedy so it's important from the CIA's point of view to do all they can to smear him and muddy the waters so anything that comes out later will be met with the question "but wasn't he involved in Marilyn Monroe's death?"

The only correct answer to that is no, no, and a thousand times no.

And what is this new claim even based on? If you read beyond the sensational headline "FBI file links Kennedy to Monroe's death" you will find the supporting evidence is all but non-existent:

Despite a disclaimer that it could not be sourced or authenticated, it was considered important enough to immediately circulate to the FBI's five most senior officers, including director J. Edgar Hoover's right-hand man, Clyde Tolson.

The report was in effect buried for decades as a classified document, and even the released version contains censored sections. Never before mentioned despite thousands of articles, books and documentaries about her death, it details aspects of Kennedy's on-and-off affair with the movie star, including sex parties and a lesbian dalliance, as well as her emotional departure from 20th Century Fox and descent into depression.
Right. "Never before" was it used in any book because NO DECENT RESEARCHER finds it credible!

This has all the markings of a blowback operation. The CIA plants stories like this abroad because they're met with appropriate disbelief when they start at home in a major newspaper. It's much easier to plant this and then have the Washington Post pick it up saying wow, someone at the Sydney Morning Herald found this credible - let's report on that too.

Classic BS.

In addition - at one point, I read a lot about Marilyn Monroe because she was fascinating and her death tragic. But after reading several accounts, it was clear to me that she had killed herself. She'd tried to before, several times. This was nothing new.

I'm hoping Jim DiEugenio will write about Hoover's acknowledgement of a disinfo effort to blame RFK for Monroe's death. He wrote something in Probe but could update with what he's learned since. If he does, I'll run it here or link to it.

And lastly - guess who one of the people behind this probably story is? The executor of William Bryan's estate, John Miner! He liaisoned from the DA's office to the coroners office during the sixties. He was the one who told coroner Thomas Noguchi that Noguchi's finding that the gun that killed Kennedy couldn't be more than an inch or two away was troubling, and suggested he move the gun further away (to fit Sirhan's much further away position). William Bryan, of course, is the hypnotist who famously told two prostitutes in Las Vegas that he had hypnotized Sirhan to shoot at Robert Kennedy. Why do I say Miner is behind this story? Because I heard him speak a year or two ago at a ceremony and he walked right up to this door but did not open it in a way that the audience would recognize. He hinted strongly, but never made the assertion. I was there, ready to pounce on him verbally in front of the LA Times and other newspeople if he had. Fortunately, it didn't quite come to that.

So please - I don't want any mails asking if this is true. It's not. It's unsourced bullshit most likely put out by the CIA, still the best suspect in the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, in an effort to besmirch him, to make looking into his death less interesting. Seriously. Don't fall for this crap.

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Blogger simpilmindz said...

This document has been circulating for years. You could have got it off the FBI website a long time ago. As you say it's being publicised now because someone has a book on RFK coming out soon. Also it's another distraction from the Bush mess.

3:40 PM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Thanks. There's a quote from the CIA in a book I read that says something like, once a disinformation campaign has been launched, it can be put back in play at any time. This stuff comes around every few years to throw people off the track of REAL history.

Thanks for your comments.

4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Soon as I saw this crap yesterday that is the first thing I thought too. Just in time to smear Bobby before David Talbot's important book comes out in May. And simpilmindz is right this disinfo crap has been around for years.

I have never believed that Boby was even having an affair with her let alone involved in her damn death.

Every time a book is coming out there's a pre- book smear job.

Sadly the sheeple may just fall for this disinfo as it has "FBI file" that makes it truthful. Sickening.


6:22 AM  
Blogger Harry said...

I’m glad this garbage makes you angry. It seems people have given up the fight against oppressive, lying, murdering, thieving United States government that stole the country away from its citiznes and just accepted their lot in life as ordained from heaven. I think I’ll go to my grave “mad as hell and not willing to take this anymore!”

Keep up the good work and I hope you’re around for a long time.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Thanks, Dawn and Harry. I'm very much looking forward to Talbot's book too.

And Harry - I had an interesting conversation last night with someone who has only recently come to the realization of how different reality is from the media version. He had been a staunch Republican for years, but has of late become depressed and disillusioned, but also energized to help awaken others to what's really going on. Slowly, slowly, people are getting a wake up call. It takes a Kennedy assassination or a 9/11 - some major event to make people ask serious questions and to dig beneath the veneer of news to see what's REALLY going on.

I wish we could have a "Real History" get together sometime. It would be fun to be the same room with all my great correspondents!

1:06 PM  
Blogger Bob Acevedo said...

This was a great post. And it thoroughly makes sense. Sometimes even people who know that stories get planted here at home don't realize that there's been a decades-long practice of planting disinfo stories via newswires and reports internationally. Glad to see that emphasized.

Love the blog and the title and have you linked at my site. The spooks have to keep muddying the names of those they killed because they know that when people really begin to study history on their own with a passion and a conviction to truly know, lots of the illusions start to crumble. I suppose that's one of the reasons history classes in public school are such a white-washed joke.



12:21 PM  

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