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"Surge" to...Iran?

I woke up this morning with a horrible thought. What if this proposed "surge" has little to do with Iraq's security, and more to do with positioning troops for an eventual action against Iran?

I started searching the 'net this morning and found a variety of commentators who agree.

But this was the most damning piece of evidence I found, which seems to support my suspicions:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Iran Policy Committee is holding a press conference on Thursday, 11 January 2007, at 10:00 am in the Murrow Room at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Members of the Iran Policy Committee will review various policy options regarding President Bush's 10 January 2007 Address on Iraq and release a White Paper introducing a political complement to the proposed American military troop surge to Iraq.
Read that again.

The Iran Policy Committee is releasing a White Paper introducing a political complement to the proposed surge in Iraq.

Most commentators have insisted an Iran engagement would consist of an air and sea attack only. But if the goal is an overthrow of the regime, that's going to take troops on the ground, and if you look at a map, Baghdad is well situated as a staging ground for moving into Iran:

A few years ago, someone sent me a copy of a memo containing adminstration talking points about the (then) coming war in Iraq. Striking to me was the assertion in that memo that Iraq was just a stepping stone, and that the real prize was Iran. At the time that seemed so farfetched I threw it away. I wish now I had kept it, and have vowed never to part with anything so valuable again. Iran was the prize because it's the gatekeeper to all the trade routes and pipeline routes from the Mediterranean to India. To increase the flow of goods and services, all the muslim nations in between had to be brought to their knees, and none were as powerful as Iran. Here's another map. We're in Iraq. We're in Afghanistan. What country do those two border?

In Counterpunch today, Paul Craig Roberts asks:

Is the surge an orchestrated distraction from the real war plan?

A good case can be made that it is. The US Congress and media are focused on President Bush's proposal for an increase of 20,000 US troops in Iraq, while Israel and its American neoconservative allies prepare an assault on Iran.

Commentators have expressed puzzlement over President Bush's appointment of a US Navy admiral as commander in charge of the ground wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The appointment makes sense only if the administration's attention has shifted from the insurgencies to an attack on Iran.

Two US carrier task forces or strike groups will certainly congest the Persian Gulf. On January 9 a US nuclear sub collided with a Japanese tanker in the Persian Gulf. Two carrier groups will have scant room for maneuver. Their purpose is either to provide the means for a hard hit on Iran or to serve as sitting ducks for a new Pearl Harbor that would rally Americans behind the new war.

Whether our ships are hit by Iran in retaliation to an attack from Israel or suffer an orchestrated attack by Israel that is blamed on the Iranians, there are certainly far more US naval forces in the Persian Gulf than prudence demands.

Bush's proposed surge appears to have no real military purpose. The US military opposes it as militarily pointless and as damaging to the US Army and Marine Corps. The surge can only be accomplished by keeping troops deployed after the arrival of their replacements.

Moreover, the increase in numbers that can be achieved in this way are far short of the numbers required to put down the insurgency and civil war.

With all that information, Roberts reaches what seems to me a couched conclusion:

The only purpose of the surge is to distract Congress while plans are implemented to widen the war.
I think sending 20,000 troops has to be about more than distraction. I think Roberts hints at something that can't yet be proven: the "surge" troops may not be meant for Iraq at all.

This is one of those times where I really hope I'm wrong.

Time will tell.


Blogger amj said...


When you wrote:

"A few years ago, someone sent me a copy of a memo containing adminstration talking points about the (then) coming war in Iraq. Striking to me was the assertion in that memo that Iraq was just a stepping stone, and that the real prize was Iran."

could this be the memo to which you're referring, the same one referenced in this piece?

"In closing his PowerPoint presentation, Murawiec offered a “Grand Strategy for the Middle East.” “Iraq is the tactical pivot, Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot, Egypt the prize.” Leaked reports of Murawiec’s briefing did not indicate if anyone raised the question of how the Islamic world might respond to U.S. troops tramping around the grounds of the Great Mosque....."

I had read/heard that phrase before. And recently found it (again) in this article, which is where that excerpt comes from:

March 24, 2003 issue
Copyright © 2003 The American Conservative

Whose War?
full article here:

Also ties in with this:

Scroll down to see the second map, that of Greater Israel/Eretz Israel. Click on the map to read more info.

Of course only total moonbats and/or rabid anti-semites would point out any of this. Right?!!?! anyhoo...


Thanks for the blog. Interesting perspectives for mad crazy times.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, I do not think you are wrong , Lisa. I think this is exactly what W intends. Then North Korea. Remember his "axis of evil"? This bumbling moron is determined to get us into world war three. Even with Nukes. He's probably trying to hasten some Biblical prophecy.

He is the most frightening president of my lifetime. Completely out of touch with the country.

Keith Olberman (sp) really lit into him last night. (Then he generally does; I am amazed he is still on tv, or that the neocons have not arranged for some sort of "accident".

"Strange days indeed".


4:41 AM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Amj, the memo was sent to me in email, and had a phrase very close to, it not exactly, "the real prize is Iran." I wish I had kept it!! Thanks for the additional references.

Dawn, there's a very interesting novel (that predated "The DaVinci Code") that is a must read for assassination researchers if only because most of the characters are named after people from the JFK case. It's by Jim Hougan, and was originally called "Kingdom Come," but was reissued under the title "The Magdalene Cypher." In it, Hougan looks at some of the people, fictiously but based in part on reality, who are working hard to hasten the rapture. So your theory is not without precedent! ;-)

Btw - have you heard about the red cow and the belief that it will signal the return (coming to some) of the Messiah? Yet another effort to force the ostensible hand of God, LOL!

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lisa, I, like you, hope I'm wrong too. But you are dead-on right. I wouldn't be surprised if Bill Kristol wrote Bush's speech. This is all Israel. The old establishment has lost. Read what Robert Parry and Xymphora had to say about it yesterday.

Plus, you've got to wonder why the news is still fixated on Carter. Wolf and CNN bashed him again the same night with a lil help from US Mossad Godfater Abe Foxman. They do not want any added attention. YOu know their motto..."by way of deception"... Sneaky f@cks.

1:41 PM  

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