Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ford is dead. Saddam is dead.

I'll have more about Ford in a while - working on post about that now. Re Saddam - I am not sad he's out of power, permanently. But I am sad that our world is so barbaric as to mistake revenge for justice. I don't believe in putting anyone - not even a dictator - to death. I believe strongly in lifelong imprisonment for those who cannot function responsibly in normal society.

What angers me about the killing of Saddam was that it was a crime against history. Killing him stops all the trials, all the investigations, all the means of uncovering how things came to be. In other words, all his co-conspirators, which, in my understanding, includes plenty of American officials and operatives, all now get off scott free.

Is that justice?

I don't think so.

[UPDATE: Don't miss Steven D's excellent post on the repercusssions of the assassinations of the sixties at Booman Tribune today.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I hate to be a conspiracist but I did not actually see Sadam drop through the trap door. Also let us not forget he supposedly had many doubles. What angers me most is the almost diefication of Gerald Ford. The truth is he was nothing but a fascist scumbag who sold his country out by propagating the lie about a bullet hole at the base of John Kennedy's neck. Ad to that as Herald Weisberg stated he wrote a for profit book by stealing supposedly classified material and changeing the wording just enough to support the SBT. Add on to this his words that the American people should never be allowed to know about secrets such as assassination attempts on foreign leaders only makes the sell out complete. Oh!! least not we forget about this pig running from Warren commision meetings directly to the FBI and letting Hoover know exactly wht was transpireing in those sessions. What a TRATIOR !!!!!

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