Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why Didn't the Pentagon Release the 9/11 Video Sooner?

After watching the Pentagon "video" which is really just a series of photos, I'm very disappointed. We are now not an inch closer to knowing the truth. I'm very much persuaded that a plane, not a missile, hit the pentagon, because of the wreckage and the eyewitness testimony, including ordinary people I met on the street when in DC last. But having seen the Pentagon's video, well, I can see where people who think a missile hit are going to feel vindicated.

What's especially disturbing is that we have this immense budget for Defense, yet our own command central is so unguarded that someone can fly a commercial plane into it? That just defies comprehension. Because that means we've been screwed. Royally screwed. For all those trillions spent on defense, a small team of pissed off people can hijack a plane and attack our very center of operations at moments notice. All that money spent building nuclear weapons and fancy battleships was money down the tubes, because someone could attack us from within, and we couldn't even see it coming.


And/or, really. And/Or, the reason no money has been spent to ensure a building like the Pentagon could not be attacked was because we know we are essentially safe. We're not worried about a single country in the world coming to our soil to attack us (note I said "country," not "terrorist"). So again, we've been had. Trillions spent on a defense that, except for a random terrorist, was not necessary.


Or we knew it was coming, maybe even aided the attack on some level. We did, provably, because we helped build Al Qaeda to help us fight the Soviets in Afghanistan years ago. We paid and trained Bin Laden. So we absolutely aided and abetted the attack on America, no matter how you slice it. We killed the butterfly, and painted a target on ourselves long ago.

But did we do more recent aiding and abetting? I leave that to those who are seriously pursuing that line of thought. I'm not talking about conspiracy theorists who trade on a certain brand of mythology. I'm talking about the serious researchers who believe, with some interesting evidence, that there is much more to the picture than we have been shown. History is too often told as a cropped photo. The full picture often tells a different story.

I don't know what happened on 9/11. But I don't buy that a guy who couldn't fly worth beans pulled off world class manuevers to dive-bomb the Pentagon. THAT I just don't buy.


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