Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Nancy Pelosi Exposes and Derails CIA Plan

Time Magazine reports that the CIA was planning to interfere with the elections in Iraq, and might have gotten away it, had not Congresswoman Pelosi called and reamed Condi Rice for such a horrible plan. How can we claim to have "freed" Iraq if we then go in and control the elections? Of course, who am I kidding? We all know the CIA interferes in elections around the world. Goodness knows who interferes with ours. I wonder where the intrepid reporter is who could tell of Saudi contributions to the Bush campaign?

Juan Cole goes after Time for the above article for using words like "unglued" to describe Pelosi, when, had it been a man, the word of choice might have been instead, "outraged" or something more manly. It's a shame to see the media play into stereotypes in this manner.


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