Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Neocons Gone Wild?

The Progress Report at the fairly new Center for American Progress has a lot to say today about the Haitian debacle today. Here's a snippet from the Progress Report of today:
DENIALS FALLING ON CYNICAL EARS: While the Administration continues to deny its involvement in – and support for – the overthrow of Haiti's democratic government, each day new evidence fuels more speculation that the Bush Administration was complicit in the mayhem. As the BBC reports, there is international "unease over Aristide's fall" with the Caribbean regional group, Caricom, saying that the U.S. removal of Aristide could set "a dangerous precedent for democratically-elected governments everywhere." Aristide's claims that he was kidnapped – whether true or false - are also contributing to confusion.
For someone who made a campaign promise not to engage in nation building, this administration sure has a lot of toppled and almost toppled regimes under its belt. Afghanistan, Iraq, Venezuela - I'll post on the whole Venezuela situation, where Bush and the CIA tried to oust Chavez, at a later date. And strangely, the President of Macedonia recently went down in a plane crash just before a vote on whether his country would be allowed to join the European Union. What is going on? Is this the political version of spring break?


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