Friday, March 05, 2004

More Rumors and Denials of Bin Laden's capture

A story today at ABS-CBNNews today continues from the Reuter's story.
The Iranian correspondent responsible for the report told Reuters the radio had also reported bin Laden's capture a year ago. But said a new source had told him on Friday the al-Qaeda leader had been seized "a long time ago."

"It could be one month ago, it could be one year, but he has been arrested," he said.

While declining to reveal his source or how his source knew of the capture, he said: "My source said it and he knows it."
Someone who claims a personal acquaintance in Pakistan has been posting similar information:
My aunt is one of the top lawyers in Pakistan. Her name is Asma Jehanghir. I got a call from her about 10 minutes ago saying that she has reliable info that he has been caught. I didnt get into anymore detail, as it is 1:30 am over there....but as soon as I hear more, I will let you all in on it. I am not attention seeking, merely relaying what I have heard from a very very credible individual in Pakistan, someone "in the know".
A google search of Asma Jehanghir brings up this page. If this woman is killed suddenly it would only fuel this rumor.


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