Thursday, March 04, 2004

Chavez, Shhh!

Talk about trying to provoke action. The Washington Post, if it can be believed, says that
Last weekend he [Chavez] called President Bush an "illegitimate" president, referred to him with a vulgar epithet and threatened to cut off oil supplies to the United States.

With all that's going on in Haiti, Chavez should look to his own country and not provoke a fight at this time. Fortunately for him, our military is pretty well engaged around the globe at this time.
The story in the Post, coupled with the resignation of the UN Ambassador from Venezuela, paint the case that Chavez is trying to thwart a recall vote against him. Curiously, Chavez predicted this accusation over three months ago:The Venezuelan president said recent statements by U.S. officials urging him to submit to a constitutional referendum were "preparing the ground" for his possible violent ouster, either through a military coup or an assassin's bullet. He repeated his conviction that Venezuela's opposition had failed to gather enough pro-vote signatures to trigger a referendum in April or May. Electoral authorities are due to start checking the signatures next week to see if they fulfill the 2.4 million required.

"If in the end they don't have enough signatures, and the National Electoral Council declares this, then I can see them there in Washington saying I'm an enemy of democracy," Chavez said during his "Hello President" television and radio show.

"(They'll say) that Chavez sabotaged the referendum, and so we have to get rid of him, it's worth toppling him ... that the armed forces should take up arms against me, or that someone should shoot me," he added.

Was Haiti the first foothold in the battle to truly oust Chavez? Those who said the issue in Iraq wasn't oil said if it was oil, we'd be fighting in Venezuela, not Iraq.

Strong evidence reveals that the Bush regime was involved in the previous coup attempt on Chavez, one that failed within two days, causing great embarassment for the Bush regime which had moved quickly to support the ouster.

Chavez, pipe down. Bush doesn't take insults well and may just strike back, again.


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