Tuesday, July 21, 2020

FB and Twitter Censorship are driving me back here

I haven't been posting here because I enjoy the immediacy of Twitter and FB for an instant response. But with the growing and completely irrational censorship I'm seeing on Twitter and Facebook of late, this may be my last option. If the powers that be had their way, I'd be silenced on all platforms forever. Power relies on lies to survive. And I'm a truth warrior, shattering the mirrors they are using to try to keep us down. They want us to feel helpless. I refuse.

Free speech was hard won with the blood of thousands. But some today are so wimpy they'd give it up without any fight whatsoever.

Look. I've been against violence all my life. My way is not the way of war. I believe information can change reasonable people's minds for the better. So I write. I speak. I tweet. I post.

Free speech is like a muscle. Use it or lose it.

Join me. Call out the fascism, the racism, the labelism wherever and whenever you see it.

Donald Trump has to go. And as terrible as Joe Biden is - a Republican in the wrong party - he will bring in a team far better than the one Trump has, people who believe in science and have experience.

I wonder if God gave us Covid to slow us down and rethink our ways. He's not going to destroy us. We're doing that all by ourselves.

Of course, another thought is that Covid-19 is a population control weapon that was probably accidentally released, or perhaps "accidentally on purpose." #SorryNotSorry, someone is saying. For decades - since the 1970s, environmentalists have warned that we're straining the Earth's ability to  support us. Climate change is raising the temperature. Within a few decades, it will be too hot to grow food.

So somewhere, in the dark corners of major governments and think tanks, people whisper about population control. Dan Brown even based on a novel on that. In his novel, a mad scientist unleashes a pathogen on the world that randomly sterilizes people in an effort to contain population growth. Surely someone in the real world has thought hey, if we could kill people randomly with a virus, we could stop overpopulation quickly, and everyone will just think it was a pandemic.

And maybe it is just a pandemic. They've happened before, and they will happen again.

In the end, it doesn't matter who started it or why. What matters is how we deal with it, how we get past it, if we get past it.

Because until all the deniers start wearing masks, this is going to be with us for a long time. The number of people who will be homeless will be incredible, unprecedented.

Now, more than ever, if you have more than enough, share it with the many who have less than enough. We need a revolution of compassion first, and information second. Because America as it is currently constituted is not going to survive, period. Civil War, economic colonization, all our evils coming back to haunt us. All the things we've done to other countries will be done to the US, because that's how karma works.

And yet, I have hope. Because the only way out is through. And on the other side, I see signs of light and love and a closer, more connected nation that starts to value facts above all else. If we can just survive long enough to get there.

"Fermi's paradox," the nuclear physicists quandry as to why we don't see more intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, might be explained simply through propaganda. The more the people are deceived, the less able they are to focus on getting off their own planet, an essential task that will become a necessity in the next 40 years. And forty years is generous. Some climate scientists give us less than 10 years. We could well have to live underground in the coming decades, as the surface will be too harsh for human life, thanks to our arrogance, our lack of science, even in this day of big data. Some people alive in the present era still think the world is flat, or expanding, or a number of other things easily disproved with, well, science.

Now, I revere science. But scientists, not so much. Don't get me started on the Nobel winner and CIA liar Luis Alvarez, who concocted a way to show a "jet effect" by shooting taped melons to simulate JFK's head moving backward after being shot from behind. (But any soldier or big game hunter will tell you a head moves away from the bullet, not toward it, in real life.) Scientists can and do lie.

And that's why we're going to be in this mess for a long time. Scientists will tell us, for big bucks, that they have found a vaccine that works. And the dutiful will sign up to get vaccinated. And maybe by some miracle one of the many tried will work. But since we've never even been able to cure the common cold, I have my doubts.

We live in interesting times. The lessons we learn or refuse here will determine our course as individuals, as countries, as a planet. Someone once said "History is a race between education and disaster." Right now, it's a dead heat.