Friday, January 03, 2014

Who killed the Palestinian Ambassador with an exploding safe, and other questions

First, Happy New Year! I closed my FB page - keeping up with the comments was too time-consuming. Here, I can decide when I want to set time aside to go through comments - there, I couldn't.

So I will likely be posting here more often. I love Twitter for sharing news stories, like this one:
"The safe that exploded and killed the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic had been in daily use according to a spokesman for his embassy. ... The information contradicts a statement from Riad Malki, the Palestinian foreign minister, who said the safe hadn't been opened for 20 years." (Source)

Why did someone kill the Palestinian ambassador? Safes don't just explode, especially not ones in daily use.

Elsewhere, I still smell something wrong in the Benghazi story that has nothing to do with Obama. In the long New York Times report published at the end of last year, several Benghazi people claimed the CIA killed the Ambassador. The Times said these claims were "bizarre" and "without evidence," but those of us who've studied the JFK assassination know that when the Times says this it isn't necessarily (or even usually) the truth.

I want to more about who Ambassador Stevens was, because that might give us clues. It's a fact that weapons were being shipped from Benghazi to Syrian rebels via Turkey. But what if chemical weapons were being shipped from there? What if Ambassador Stevens found out, in advance of a CIA or Saudi or joint plot to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack that could be blamed on Syria as a pretext for invading? Bizarre conspiracy theory? Perhaps. Or maybe that's what happened. Maybe Stevens was going to stop that or blow the whistle. I'm just speculating. But there are historical precedents for all of this.

It's a new year. I hope, each year, that the new one will bring us more truth than the last. I hope you continue to seek it, knowing it will never be handed to you by the mainstream media, giftwrapped and ready to go.

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