Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My response to Evan Burgos for his misleading article today on the JFK assassination at NBC's site

Dear Evan,

I’m sorry now I wasted nearly an hour of my life talking to you, Evan. The one quote from me you used from me in  your article on the Kennedy assassination today  (  was out of context because you didn’t mention the CIA’s work overthrowing other leftist leaders all over the globe.

More importantly, McAdams and Shenon are completely, factually wrong about RFK and Dulles and RFK’s view of the CIA’s role in the assassinations.  As I mentioned after reading this, Robert Kennedy was so done with the Dulles’ that he had the last Dulles still in government, a sister of Allen and John Foster, fired. I could get you the source for that but why bother? I also mentioned that RFK’s belief that the CIA was responsible was his deepest belief, according to a lot of original research by founder David Talbot in his book Brothers.

So once again, you prove why the mainstream continues to be irrelevant as a factual source of information on the Kennedy assassination or anything else important.

I don’t blame  you for not knowing McAdams and Shenon were full of it. But had you circled back to me, I could have given you the sources that completely refuted their crapaganda.

So in the end, you have just added to the cover-up, whether you meant to or not.

Disappointed but hardly surprised,

Lisa Pease