Saturday, November 24, 2012

Updates as we approach the 50th anniversary of the JFK case

Long time no see! I've been busy with other projects, but wanted to give you all a heads up on some developments in advance of next year's 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

Jefferson Morley, former Washington Post journalist and the author of several books, has started a blog at, where he discusses and debunks garbage information about Kennedy and links to factual sources of information about Kennedy in life and death and about Oswald, and what agencies of the government knew about him in advance of the assassination. Well worth watching. If you see anything that could help others get over some disinfo - send the data to them. It won't be worth much if only a few of us see this work.

On the RFK case, I wanted to give people on the East Coast a heads up. James Douglass and Paul Schrade will be speaking together at a three-day event at the Rowe Conference Center in Western Massachusetts, a beautiful area I got to visit in my earlier incarnation as a harp student at Tanglewood. Both Douglass and Schrade are not only great speakers, they are wonderful, interesting people. If you feel inclined to dive in in depth, get the details here.

David McCullough, whom readers love but other historians don't respect, is headlining the near invitation-only event in Dealey Plaza next year. It's not quite that bad, but the city of Dallas, along with the CIA's Museum Sixth Floor Museum, is preparing a celebration expressly designed, or so it would seem, to prevent those with information about the conspiracy that killed Kennedy to speak. Seriously, looks like you will have to get some sort of ticket to attend, so plan ahead now. I plan to be there, and I hope to see many of you there as well.

Jim DiEugenio's new book is out. Don't be fooled by the fact that it has the same title as his old one. It's about 80% new, based on information that came out after his original book Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba and the Garrison Case. It basically shows, step by step, document by document, how the CIA sabotaged Garrison's case against Clay Shaw for what Garrison had good reason to believe was Shaw's peripheral involvement in the JFK assassination. I wrote a blurb that the editor liked so much, he asked me to make it a preface. I start by saying as adults, we have to learn to decouple the words "conspiracy" and "theory," as not all conspiracies ARE theories. Some are fact. Like this case. Provably.

On a slightly different note - did you hear about the four American soldiers arrested (and on trial in Georgia) for plotting to assassinate Obama and take over the government? Never heard that on your local news, did you? Why are we spending billions to fight terrorists abroad when we have some at home?

I post more frequently, albeit shorter tidbits, on my Facebook page and on Twitter (/lisapease). Caution: If there is a Portland Trail Blazers game on, my tweets will be predominantly about the game. I do love that team!

What's new in your world? I've missed talking to and hearing from so many of you! And if you have anything of note about upcoming JFK-related events, please note them here.

P.S. I hear Tom Hanks abandoned his fiction-in-the-guise-of-documentary project (based on Bugliosi's book) and has opted for propaganda-in-the-guise-of-fiction instead. More on that another time....!

Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend. Talk to you later.

Lisa Pease