Monday, August 08, 2011

Caroline releases Jackie O's tapes re Kennedy assassination

So the First Lady was a conspiracy theorist. Not a huge surprise, nor is it a surprise that the media is focusing instead on sexual revelations rather than the important news that Jackie believed a conspiracy killed her husband.

I just hope Caroline kept a copy of the tapes, lest someone be tempted to doctor them.

I also think it's horrible that ABC essentially resorted to blackmailing Caroline with false Kennedy smears in that awful special that ended up airing on Reelz.

The media continues to treat the Kennedy family abominably. May all who participate in those lies have lies told about THEM when they die. See how THEIR relatives like that.


Anonymous MinM said...

Speaking of smears and perpetuating myths. Stephen King seems to be taking a page from Norman Mailer's book.

And so it goes.

1:33 PM  

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