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RIP, President John F. Kennedy. The rest of you, get busy!

I've only gotten to know President John F. Kennedy posthumously. And after years of wading through books good and bad, filled with information and disinformation, it's clear that Kennedy is still being killed.

You see, it wasn't enough to destroy the man. He was killed, I now understand, because he was seeking a new way for America, one of cooperation with other nations rather than domination, one of peaceful coexistence with communists instead of the total annihilation many in power wanted.

He did not fear death. As EJK noted, one of the most beautiful parts of Jim Douglass' excellent book JFK and the Unspeakable was the story of how Caroline Kennedy came into a meeting Kennedy was having with his advisors, proud that she had learned to recite Kennedy's favorite poem, which opened with, "I have a rendezvous with death." And it was precisely because he didn't fear death that he was such a threat. Nothing scared him from his purpose. Would that we were all so brave. Sadly, most are not.

My heart breaks for Kennedy's family not just on this day but on all days, as who Kennedy was and what he stood for continue to be murdered yearly. It's hard enough to grieve the loss of a loved one, without seeing him stabbed afresh every year with some new lie touted as a "revelation."

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's inauguration. The year 2013 will mark the 50th anniversary of his assassination. Between now and then, the media will go to greater lengths than ever before to convince you not only was his killing a trifling incident, but that Kennedy was a terrible president who deserved to be killed. That this is the opposite of the truth should be deeply concerning to anyone who still hopes to live in a free country.

If the truth is supposed to set us free, what do lies do? They keep us imprisoned in a false history. And that means we're under control. "Who controls the past controls the future," Orwell warned us. "Who controls the present controls the past." And the war for control includes the war for your mind. The government wants to control the way you think about this event, and other events. Some give in because it is scary to fight that power. Few have the strength to stand up under the incredible peer pressure that will be brought to bear in the next few years. But my greatest love and respect is reserved for the many who have bravely defendended the truth about this man and other aspects of our real history. This is a battlefield without medals, but I am deeply honored and indeed, thankful, this season, for all who have sidestepped the many mines of disinformation laid in our path and walked carefully, respectfully towards the truth.

We are closer than ever to the truth about the events of Dallas. But it is the truth about the man that matters to me most of all. He was not the womanizer he's been painted (and will be painted) to be, which isn't to say he was entirely faithful. I only know the tales have been exaggerated beyond any resemblance to the the truth. And I know this is deliberate. Because if you hate the man, you won't care who killed him. That is the point of all of this. Because if you figure out that he was killed not because he was a bad man, but because he was that rarest of things, a truly good man, then you will start to know too much about what's wrong with our government, and might even feel compelled to take action. And that's what "they" don't want you to do.

So we'll have to endure Tom Hanks' production of Bugliosi's 1000+ page effort to show Oswald acted alone, when he did not. We'll have to endure Leonardo DiCaprio's equally damaging actions in the opposite direction - purporting a Mob-only conspiracy, which is also not true. And we'll have to endure Joel Surnow's completely unhistorial "History" channel series on Kennedy's fictitious sexual escapades (purported without substantiation and indeed, with quite a bit of refutation, by C. David Heymann, whose work has now polluted the historical record, having been picked up and echoed in many other works). This trio will give us the false lone nut version, the false conspiracy version, and the false biography. What does such false history do to a country? Really ask yourself if that's the kind of media that can serve us in a so-called democracy.

If the media can lie to us so thoroughly about something that happened nearly 50 years ago, the perpetrators of which are now all (nearly all?) dead, what else are they lying about in the present? How can we make any claim to being a democracy if we are basing decisions on a false record?

We can't. We're not living in a democracy. We're living in a covert dictatorship. If that's not how you want to live, stop watching media that lies to you and start funding the independent sources that try to help you find the truth about our real history. Because most people aren't going to spend years of their own lives to find the truth for free. So it's imperative you support those of us who are trying to do the right thing. I would urge you to NOT support or donate to sites that don't pay writers. Support sites that DO pay writers, because where else will you get the information the aggregator sites pick up and echo? I write for Consortium News from time to time and consider it one of the only places that will let me tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and even pay me (a little!) for it. If you want the truth about your history, it's going to take some of your money. Ads won't pay for that. Ad revenue comes primarily from corporation who benefit from the suppression of information. So ad-supported sites will never have the same freedom. Only sites that exist on donations have the total press freedom to tell you the most difficult truths.

If you are grateful for anything I have said or done over the years, at this time of Thanksgiving, I hope you'll support what Parry is doing over at Consortium News or what Jim DiEugenio and others continue to do over at the Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassination (CTKA, prounded "sit-kah") site.

And do what you can to steel your mind against the coming assault. It's going to be all out war, and we could really use your help. Educate yourself by reading good sites and good books. Not all conspiracy sites have valid information. Reply, respond, rebut, but try to stay polite. Not everyone who tells lies knows they are doing so. Do what you can to reclaim our real history before it disappears under a wave of disinformation. If you know people in the entertainment industry, talk to them. Direct them to credible sites. Share what you know with any willing to hear. You are the best ambassador for truth that there is, to people who already know and trust you. Don't let that power go unused.

Be grateful for how Kennedy saved us all from nuclear war, and how he fought mightily to keep combat troops out of Vietnam while he was alive. Reward any who follow the path of peace.

And pat yourself on the back for being as awake and aware as you are. You are a rare breed, and I am grateful to have you to talk to.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers.


Blogger Lion Wolf said...

I met President Kennedy at the beach in Santa Monica. I shook his hand twice knowing I might never see him again. The year was 1962 when the world might have exploded with nuclear bombs had he and his brother had not stared down the military in our own country. The second hand shake came in the Pacific ocean after running through his secret service. I was in swim trunks and weighed all of 135 and 17 years old.

Then in 1968 I formed a singing group called the Sounds of Time and our group was the southern california advance team and we warmed up the crowds. Bobby Daren was in Norther California.

My birthday falls on June 5th. You know it was an awful day. I was the last one to speak to RFK before his last speech. I spent the entire night looking for a threat because of the fact that in 1967, on June 5th, the Arab Israeli war started and I felt he was in danger on June 5. The security guards could not have secured a donut shop.

Someone out there who might know Lisa Pease please have her call me I gave her a card when she appeared on stage with James Douglass, Oliver Stone , and Robert Ellsberg. The handwriting was shaky so maybe she could not read it. Tell her we need to talk.
Lots to talk about. Lisa speak with James Douglass about me. My first name is Leon.

My all time heroes : JFK and RFK who made our world a possibility.

America wake up. If we continue to slumber we might wake up in disaray. Remember Network - I'm mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore! Make it your slogan.

4:42 AM  
Blogger Dawn Meredith said...

As always, beautiful, to the point and profoundly on target. One small correction:
The night of you conversation with Jim Douglas and Oliver Stone (11/8/10)-was the 50th anniversary of JKF's election.

We need to support only media that tells the truth but I think also we need to contact MSM members and try to educate them. Perhaps it will fall on deaf ears like my long email to Peter Jennings in 03 before the trash he hosted on the 40th anniversary.

Dan Rather may be more open now.

David Talbot and Jeff Morley have crossed over to the truth and are still published in mainstream publications, so it is possible to turn some of them. Others like Geraldo and Bill O'Reiley KNOW the truth but have sold out.

People like Olbermann and Rachel Maddow may be's worth a try. My wish is that by the 50th anniversary this is a moot point. That the truth will prevail. People already know even with the media lies. People instinctively know when they are being lied to.

Thanks to you and Jim for all that you do to keep this issue alive, via this blog and CTKA.

I forward your blog and hopefully they fwd it to others.


8:09 AM  
Blogger Lion Wolf said...

I do have some photos but I am not sure they can be posted here of the singing group.

6:45 PM  
Blogger EJK said...

Thanks for the tip-of-the-hat, Lisa. And for the beautiful 11/22 post.

I'm in the middle of Arthur Schlesinger's RFK bio, and practically on every page I'm thinking: "I can't believe these guys!" The brothers took on everyone: US Steel, mobsters, oil men, southern & northern racists, the Pentagon, the far right, the intelligence community, corporations, the Federal Reserve, the Congressional seniority system. It's amazing the Administration lasted as long as it did.

And the detail of two well-known examples: taking on Ole Miss & the University of Alabama. They never wavered, did not even think of political considerations while the crises were going on -- and they got those students in those schools.

Compared to the current Betrayer in the White House -- ooooo, look at Big Bad Barry go after North Korea, maybe his own personal Grenada -- the Kennedy Administration seems more and more like Brigadoon.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Sinclair said...

Great post, Lisa.

Share what you know with any willing to hear

Just drawing any readers attention to a blog examining the inquests into the deaths of July 7, 2005, from UK based research collective, J7:

Best Wishes,

4:01 AM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Hi, Dawn - if you read the post again you'll see I wasn't referring to the date of our talk - I referred to the date of Kennedy's INAUGURATION, which takes place next year. Not his election, as you mention.

8:04 AM  
Blogger RockOfAgesTrivia said...

Great commentary Lisa!
One great thing about the JFK researchers is the unique personality stamp you all have, you have a way of "keeping it real" that is refreshing and I always look forward to your too-infrequent Black Op Radio appearances.
Of the dozen ideas/suggestions I could make as we approach the 50th anniversary I'll leave you all with one: Loan your copy of Stone's "JFK" movie to a younger person who hasn't seen it. I recently watched my movie with my 3 sons-the oldest a Syracuse communications major and the youngest in 8th grade. They were shocked, saddened and impressed. It is a great gateway medium to the subject and a conversation starter. It jump-started many of us into the subject and is much easier to digest than reading a book for some, ALTHOUGH hopefully it will start some down that road.
My biggest frustration with JFK researchers is that of dubious and shaky source-material which often does not reference THE ORIGINAL SOURCE (far too often it just mentions other authors)! This is one thing that has frustrated me so much I often falter in my studies, but I am steeling myself to write a paper on this that hopefully Len Osanic can address at his Hawaiian conference.
My best regards,
Rich Negrete

7:42 AM  

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