Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Can C. David Heymann be believed in "Bobby and Jackie" or anywhere elsewhere?

FYI, I started to review C. David Heymann's book Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story but found the entire book relies on Heymann's credibility as an honest broker, because all his key witnesses are dead, and the families of dead people can't sue for libel. So I started researching Heymann and his previous works. I'll give you a hint as to what I found. He lies right on the cover of his book, claiming to be a three-time Putlizer Prize Nominee. The Pultizer Prize committee never nominated him for anything. His book was sent in to the committee three times. That makes him a multiple entrant, along with thousands of others. Not a nominee.

I wrote a long, in-depth piece, and will talk about it on Black Op Radio next week. Please take a gander at it here: Then listen up next Thursday night at as host Len Osanic and I discuss Heymann's works.


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