Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama's VP choice? I'm guessing Kaine.

I think Obama is going to pick Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for a running mate. Kaine was one of his earliest and strongest supporters, which really counts for something. Obama wants someone who shares his values, and with whom he is comfortable.

And Kaine may be able to put Obama over the top in Virginia, which will be a key state in the upcoming election. The race there is very close, and Kaine may be the factor that turns a maybe into a yes there.

In addition, nearly everyone else who was being vetted has already been given a speaking slot at the convention. I noticed Kaine had not, which would make sense if he's being held for a very special slot.

People are saying Bayh and Biden. I think not. I think it's going to be Kaine. You heard it here first.


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