Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gerald Ford, the Warren Commission, and the FBI

I'm a little amused the mainstream media is only now discovering that Ford was informing to Hoover during the Warren Commission's investigation. It was no surprise to me - I saw FBI records to that effect over 15 years ago. They were released in 1977, and I stumbled over them while reading microfilm at the library.

But lo, the mainstream media never READ all those files that the FBI released, so now they're all excited by the 'new' revelations. At least the Washington Post got it right on that point - there are new documents that give more detail, but the original revelation (re Ford informating on the Warren Commission to Hoover) is over 30 years old.

And then people wonder why I rarely watch the news or read mainstream papers. Why bother? I'd rather do my own investigating, since the media has been so disastrously poor on matters of genuine significance, like who killed our president.

And for those of you who want to know about the man's disastrous contributions to real history, see my earlier piece on Gerald Ford.


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