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War with Iran appears imminent

The thought of this makes me sick to my stomach. And yet, we've been hearing rumblings re this for years, from people in a position to know.

Jimmy Walter recently forwarded me this summary of recent articles which make this sound truly imminent, and that's frightening. We must raise our voices loudly now, while it might not be too late. NO WAR WITH IRAN. - LP

The War With Iran

Jimmy Walter

Israel has been making concessions to Hamas, Hesbollah, and Syria while rattling its air force saber at Iran. No one can seriously believe that Iran will stop enriching Uranium, which is their legal right under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). Iran does not believe that Israel will attack, but is ready to retaliate. Israel is not been know to bluff. Many of its leaders have called for strikes on Iran. Taken together, it is obvious that Israel is trying to not only isolate Iran, but prevent attacks from its other enemies when it attacks Iran.

Dictator George W. Bush has said and his handler Cheney has stated on numerous occasions that THEY will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.

Billy Kristol, a conservative publication editor, has said Bush might bomb Iran if he “Thinks Senator Obama’s Going To Win”. It now seems that Obama will win since he leads Bomb-Bomb McCain by 15 points, a 42% lead. The polls do not reflect Bob Barr who could take another 4% from McCain, extending Obama’s lead to 51% to 32%, or a 59% lead, too great to fake with the controlled voting machines.

Gold traders believe that “What lies ahead in this radically changing environment? In our view, the primary news changing event is the forthcoming attack by Israel on Iran. Our European friends have been predicting this for months and we chose to think it might not happen. Now we are about 80-90% certain it will. This event, if it becomes true, will drive energy and precious metals prices to the moon. On the other hand, stock markets could severely crash. The disruptions in global banking and credit markets might receive immeasurable damage; perhaps some of it un-repairable. One analyst says it’s a partial ploy to keep [President] Bush in office after January based upon the War Powers Emergency Act."

The US has been stepping up the pressure on Turkey to support war with Iran. The former German foreign minister has stated that the US will attack Iran. The Asia times says that Bush will strike by August.

There are many, many more articles supporting this.

Taken all together, it seems very likely that an attack on Iran is imminent, started by Israel, followed by retaliation on the US and Israel by Iran, followed by a complete destruction of Iran’s infrastructure retaliation by the US air force – followed by a ground war, involving many nations.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A full-scale military attack on iran will open the Gates of Hell. The best we can hope for with these mad dogs of war is that their plan is for limited air-strikes (bad enough) that have been "cleared" by Russia and China on the understanding that it is merely a demonstration of American/Israeli power (a bit of sabre-rattling) and that there is a quid pro quo in all this for the Russians and Chinese. Otherwise welcome to World War III and devastation, suffering and death on a scale that will make the previous century's conflagrations look like the the Teddy Bears' Picnic.
I'd like to be more positive about the outlook ahead but I'm afraid that's the deal. Rubbish leaders lead to rubbish outcomes.

3:52 AM  
Blogger Dawn Meredith said...

How scary. There is an article in today's news that Isreal will attack Iran after the Nov. election. But doing it before would make more sense for the neo cons.

Erick thinks that if w tries the military will refuse to obey his command.


5:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've been meaning to respond to your last two posts for some time, but I've been swamped... Then I ended up responding to the same topic over at kos before I got to you. (At least I linked to your article in the process.)

I will reprint that response here, since it really applies in both places:

as an immediate threat that we still have an outside chance of preventing.

Like everyone else, I've seen a lot of stuff about impending attacks on Iran. I'm not discounting it - in fact on two occasions, I've taken the unusual measure of sounding the alarm to my apolitical family members.

Suggesting it could happen - in addition to the constant drumbeat, that is:

1. The removal of Admiral Fallon a few weeks ago. He was known to be adamantly against any military action against Iran, to the point of threatening to defy presidential orders.

2. Israel's clear desire for it, and their related concern about an impending Obama administration.

3. The unexplained transport of Nuclear Weapons a few months ago, and

4. the unexplained bombing of a facility in Syria shortly thereafter - said by some to be related, and part of a larger offensive action plan that was aborted by the discovery of those Nukes before they could reach their staging area.

Barriers that will likely prevent the offensive from happening:

1. Admiral Fallon clearly indicated that he was not alone among the brass in his thinking. The Chief Executive risks facing a mutiny if he presses this.

2. As indicated in the kos diary, there is considerable dissent at the top in the administration. One would expect that any such action would of necessity require unanimous commitment from within - especially considering the firestorm of opposition they will face from outside the administration.

3. The Administration is unlikely to get approval from any significant allies on such a measure, and could face threats of retaliation from Russia.

4. Iran is not a toothless Iraq. If they do this, Iraq may respond with a force adequate to cripple the entire military presence in the region, by knocking out multiple carriers with missiles.

5. One theory that I have read about the real motivation for all of this activity (one I tend to believe) is that it is driving by Iran's decision to go to a non-dollar Oil Bourse. While this creates sufficient motivation for considering military action, actually undertaking such action would do more financial damage than the Oil Bourse itself would do. However, seriously threatening and posturing in ways that make action seem imminent harm nothing for this administration, and could result in the desired effect (though that is not likely, IMO.)

6. Mike Ruppert has consistently said without equivocation that the attack on Iran would NOT happen. I know he is a controversial figure, but so far as those on the leading edge, he has been the most dependable PREDICTOR of developments that I have read. As he would say, the map he has drawn works extremely well. I have not seen anything from him on this recently, but until I do see him change tune, I'm going to lean toward "no go" as the likely outcome.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the best blogs I've encountered on the Iran situation is Xymphora. Please check out his articles as they bring to light a lot of info that is not published in the USA.

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