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John Meier says the Howard Hughes organization was involved in the RFK assassination

John Meier, a former employee of Howard Hughes, released a statement today claiming that the Hughes organization was involved in the assassination of Robert Kennedy:
John Meier, former advisor to the recluse billionaire industrialist Howard Hughes, claims that the Hughes organization was involved in the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968.

Among Mr. Meier’s acquaintances were members of the Nixon family, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Robert F. Kennedy, Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty, Head of the F.B.I. J. Edgar Hoover, Paul Schrade (who also was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles along with Robert Kennedy), Harry Evans (who was six feet away from Kennedy when he got shot) and numerous others that are pertinent to this subject.

Mr. Meier had been introduced to Sirhan Sirhan’s lawyer, Mr. Lawrence Teeter, by Paul Schrade in 2005. Mr. Meier had numerous telephone conversations, e-mail exchanges, and meetings in Los Angeles with Mr. Teeter regarding Robert Kennedy’s assassination. The meetings that occurred during the week of February 13th - 19th 2005 in Beverly Hills, California, were recorded by Mr. Teeter. During that time Mr. Meier was also in communication with Paul Schrade and his wife.

Mr. Meier claims that Mr. Teeter was preparing for a new trial for Sirhan Sirhan based on the new evidence that they had put together.

Mr. Teeter died in Conchitas, Mexico on July 31, 2005.

Mr. Meier had his lawyer, Mr. Dale Pope get in touch with the State Bar of California, in order to retrieve all the documents, tape recordings, and e-mails that were in the hands of Mr. Teeter pertaining to Mr. Meier. After getting no satisfaction from the State bar of California, Mr. Meier had been informed by a contact that a burglary took place at Mr. Teeter’s home. Mr. Pope then was told by Mr. John Fulton from the State Bar of California that there was indeed a theft of records from Mr. Teeter’s home. Mr. Meier has not been given back any of the items that he requested.

Mr. Meier is now preparing to release the information that he has in regard to the Robert Kennedy assassination.

Go to for more information on Mr. John Meier and the harassment by the U.S. Government on Mr. Meier and his family.
You can watch a video of Meier saying the above at his site. Click the RFK link.

I met John Meier years ago, before I started my own deep journey into this case. Meier worked for Hughes during the era when Robert Maheu, the CIA's handpicked man to plot Castro's assassination, was running the Howard Hughes organization. CIA money flowed freely through the Hughes organization, finding its way to political candidates that included Gerald Ford, the Warren Commission member who would eventually become President.

I had gone to talk to him about Howard Hughes, about whom I was much interested. On the way to see him, I called Meier to check in. He told me he had just gotten a call from Robert Maheu, asking, hey John, how are you doing. Is there anything you need? Meier thought that was bizarre, since they hadn't talked in ten years. I thought it was more than sinister that the very day I was on my way to see Meier he would hear from Maheu.

Meier showed me his city, his home, his children, and talked to me of some general data re his murder charge, which was eventually proven false. (See the book Age of Secrets for the full account of that horrific saga.) Meier told me near the end of our conversation that he and J. Edgar Hoover had discussed the RFK assassination at one point, and that Hoover had told him, look, we know this was a Maheu job, but I'm powerless against the CIA. At the time, that statement rang true to me based on the research I had done to date. In the years since, I continue to be persuaded that there may be much truth to that statement.

For years I've been hoping Meier would tell what else he knew about the case. Today, he started, by releasing this statement, which I understand is simply the tip of the iceberg.

I am not passing judgment on the veracity of his information until more of it is known. For now, I'm simply sharing this provocative statement and waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. I may yet have reason to rebut all of this. But I need to see more data first.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is extremely interesting. But if I was Meier I would be watching my back right now.
The assassinations of the sixties help explain the awful mess we find ourselves in now. The Kennedys, although part of the wealthy elite, were mavericks and couldn't be trusted to follow the game plan. They just wouldn't listen to the "advice" they were given. Thus elimination was the only way to solve that particular problem.
When Teddy made his run for the presidency, you could see how reluctant he was to do so. His determination not to be selected as the Democratic presidential nominee was palpable all through the campaign. Once he lost the nomination and was thus "free", he came to the convention and made one of the finest speeches I have ever heard. A friend asked me why Kennedy hadn't performed like that during the campaign: "He would have won it hands down," he said. "He doesn't want a bullet in the head," was my reply.
King and Malcolm X had to be removed for the same reason - they meant what they said and what they said didn't suit the Dark Ones.
The 9/11 fairy tale is falling apart but still nothing changes. The London bombings (known as 7/7) took place on the very day that a "drill" overseen by British security forces was taking place. It's purpose was to detect dummy bombs being taken on to trains. What was the purpose of the drills on 9/11? "Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice.
These things are planned years in advance. The events of the sixties lead directly to the neocon nightmare of permanent war and the police state we are in now. Since the sixties no president, whether Democrat or Republican, has been a truly free and independent figure. They all follow THE PLAN. It's interesting to note that recently Jimmy Carter has broken ranks. I'd advise him to watch his back too.
'Cui bono?' and 'follow the money' are still pretty good guidelines to follow.
I look forward to further revelations in this Meier story.

4:38 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

So Lisa, what's with the Hughe's company? Wasn't their involvement in payments to the Nixon campaign part of the rationale for the Watergate break-in? And wasn't that somehow related to the JFK hit? I always thought of Howard Hughes as a great innovator and independent thinker (although he was obviously a bit looney at the same time). Was it Hughes himself who was the bad guy, or others who took control of his company?

4:41 PM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Hughes wanted to keep the war in Vietnam going so he could keep profiting from selling his helicopters. He actually put that on paper. He was a racist as well. Yeah, he was a bad guy. But I've seen no evidence so far that Howard Hughes himself was involved. I have seen evidence that leads me to believe Maheu may have been involved though. Maheu acted with a lot of independence, using Hughes' money for his and the Agency's purposes without clearing everything through Hughes personally.

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of helicopters, lets not forget Judith Baker, Arthur Young, and that Texas lot that was making Bell Helicopters. They were bankrupt during Kennedy's years and suddenly became multi-millionaires during LBJ. The book Mary Ferrie and the Monkey Virus get into it pretty good.

6:17 AM  
Blogger xtaldoc said...

I met this man in Federal Prison around 1979 or 1980, when he was incarcerated for allegedly giving false testimony to the Senate investigation into H.H's death. This was in Colorado and we watched the famous "ABSCAM" investigations together on the prison TV. Never have I been so enlightened by a single person. His grasp of real world politics and global business/trade issues is phenomenal. Not only that, but he (with all his rarified origins) was able to function in such an alien (and dangerous) setting as prison without once asking for help or protection. I listened for many hours as he blessed me with insights I could never have gotten elsewhere; delivered from a perspective my own life's experiences never approached. If, in fact, John chooses to actually speak on these events, I would bet my last dollar that what he is saying is the unvarnished truth. I have not seen the man since that time, but if he's getting ready to speak on the subject in question - folks should really listen, IMHO, because you will maybe never again have the opportunity to share the candid thoughts of such a private person on such a sensitive subject. Anyone out there with a brain would be well advised to listen whenever he speaks. I believe him to be a man of great character who has, indeed, been singled out by the CIA and targeted in such a way as to attempt to negate his credibility, in order to protect their private interests. If the story he is getting ready to tell is the same one he related to me years ago; DONT miss it! After all is said and done, simplemindz's comment is on point.......John Meier needs to watch his back at all times; there are powerful, dirty people out there with a grudge and the means to carry out any punitive act.

11:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw John H. Meier only once! He was standing to the right of Howard Hughes in front of the the Mint Hotel in Las Vegas in March 1971. There was a picture taken of Howard Hughes with Levar B. Myler and a black Cadillac parked behind them with another senior aide sitting in the front passenger seat, John Holmes Jr. Howard had long grey hair and was wearing a Bowler.

1:23 PM  
Blogger ted rubinstein said...

Lisa have you found out any more? I know Talbot is also pursuing this and there is an additional name to check out, Jack Hooper

5:06 PM  

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