Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor - please pray

I don't know or care if you are religious or not, but please send some special prayers/thoughts/positive energy towards the last living member of that band of brothers who gave so much for our country.

I'm so happy I got to see him in Los Angeles just a couple of months ago at a special event for Obama precinct captains. I took a friend from France who had listened to Ted Kennedy's latest book on tape and was a huge fan. Her face lit up like a Christmas tree when she saw him.

He's done more legislatively for this country that possibly any other Senator living. He's worked on an enormous amount of important and often bi-partisan legislation on healthcare, immigration, civil rights, and a number of top tier issues.

My own prayers are with him and his family, and indeed, our country, at this time. We need this man for as long as we can have him.


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