Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Empire Strikes Barack

As soon as I saw the title, I knew the video was going to be great. Because that's exactly what's going on. The Empire builders want Hillary to be the nominee because a) they think they'll be eaiser to beat in the fall, and b) if they lose, she's still so power hungry they think she'll be more likely to do their bidding. Obama is the wild card, the one candidate not beholden to the empire because he refuses to play ball their way. He won't engage in the politics of the petty. He did the right thing with Wright both earlier, when he refused to disown him, and later, when Wright proved himself worthy of being disowned.

Some of my fellow Obama supporters have been losing heart. But I remind them this is an epic story, being played out before our eyes - the bright young Luke Skywalker going up against the Empire and saying we can do better. But in all great stories, there is what is called the "all is lost" moment, the dark before the final act, when all hope seems gone.

But that's the flow of stories. Inevitably, the hero rebounds, conquers the enemy, and frees the world. Obama WILL be the nominee. It's beyond reasonable doubt, at this point. And he'll be a stronger candidate in the fall for all the drubbing he's taken of late.

The country is not as racist as some hope, and others fear. Many of us grew up in multiracial schools, and work in multiracial workplaces. There is no "other" here, not based on skin color. There is only one WE. And WE will prevail.

So chin up. Eyes forward. We still have much work to do. And after Obama is elected we're going to have even more work to do to cover his back and support his efforts. We're going to have to seize this moment because a good leader comes along so rarely. We're going to have to learn to lead ourselves, to stop waiting for someone to come save us. We must get about the business of saving ourselves.

We'll never have an honest vote until we demand it. We'll never get universal healthcare until we demand it. We'll never get alternative energy until we demand it.

We have much to do. But we've come so far already. And Obama IS going to win, if we don't give up. We've made it this far. We're going to finish in front. Luke Skywalker was a great example, but he alone did not save the empire. He just enabled others to save themselves. That's what Obama offers. And we are up to the task.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend. And enjoy this. I just loved this. The story, to date!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was fun and entertaining, and also got some good points across.
Lisa, I hope you are correct in what you are saying. Europeans tend to be more cynical. If Obama is the real deal I fear he will not make it. That doesn't necessarily mean he will be killed. There are many ways to finish a person off. The Dark Side knows them all.
Nevertheless the struggle goes on. We can't give up. Let's roll!

12:55 PM  
Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Richard Helms is dead. E. Howard Hunt is dead. David Atlee Phillips is dead. James Jesus Angleton is dead.

Let's hope there are none to follow in those icy footsteps.

5:17 PM  
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