Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kucinich requests a recount in New Hampshire!

From the Associated Press:

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Democrat Dennis Kucinich, who won less than 2 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary, said Thursday he wants a recount to ensure that all ballots in his party's contest were counted. The Ohio congressman cited "serious and credible reports, allegations and rumors" about the integrity of Tuesday results.

Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan said Kucinich is entitled to a statewide recount. But, under New Hampshire law, Kucinich will have to pay for it. Scanlan said he had "every confidence" the results are accurate.

In a letter dated Thursday, Kucinich said he does not expect significant changes in his vote total, but wants assurance that "100 percent of the voters had 100 percent of their votes counted." Kucinich alluded to online reports alleging disparities around the state between hand-counted ballots, which tended to favor Sen. Barack Obama, and machine-counted ones that tended to favor Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. He also noted the difference between pre-election polls, which indicated Obama would win, and Clinton's triumph by a 39 percent to 37 percent margin.
Thank you, Representative Kucinich! You are a true patriot!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos to Kucinich but it should have been Ron Paul demanding a recount. I've sent him an email telling him to get out there and raise merry hell about this.
Whenever a public official or anyone in authority says something like "I have every confidence in ..." the alarm bells go off in my head. Must see the doctor about that ringing noise cuz I'm hearing it all the time now.
Am I merely cynical? No, I'm a realist. A cynic is someone who's hurting and tries to cover it up. A realist is angry about all the lies being told and all those people who swallow them. I'm actually a super realist cuz I am furious!
I've been on this little orb of sorrows for almost 65 years now and that's long enough to see some of the lies made public and some of the liars unmasked. But it's almost always decades after the events before we get to hear about it and hardly anyone cares because it is "all in the past."
Religious and political indoctrination plus dumbed-down teevee have rendered the people confused, ignorant and helpless.
It's show time, folks. But we ain't gonna enjoy it.

2:19 AM  

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