Thursday, December 20, 2007

Review of "Charlie Wilson's War"

Robert Parry is carrying my review of the new film "Charlie Wilson's War" over at Definitely catch this one during the holiday season.

Another film you won't want to miss: "The Great Debaters," which opens Christmas day. Here's my review re that one, also on Parry's site.

Friday, however, I will be foregoing all serious movies and enjoying the second "National Treasure" film. I so enjoyed the first one, and am looking forward to a fun-filled ride for the second!

Enjoy the holidays while you still can!

Next month, the campaign to convince us that Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert Kennedy, and John Kennedy were all killed by random lone nuts begins in earnest. I'll have much to say about that all year long, 2008 being the 40th and 45th anniversaries of those heinous events.


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