Saturday, January 21, 2006

George Bush's Whim Reverses Cuban Policy

I just came across this story in the San Jose Mercury from Friday. Evidently, the Bush regime's goal of clamping down on Cuba lost a little ground. Turns out George W. Bush is a fan of baseball, and so he's allowing a Cuban team to come to America to compete in the World Baseball Classic, a true world series.

For years, activitists have tried to loosen restrictions against trade with Cuba. The very arguments that allowed us to trade with China have been ignored when it comes to Castro. Both are communist countries. But we NEED China, and we don't need Cuba. And then there's that personal issue. Bush's friend Felix Rodriguez, a CIA officer, has tried to kill Castro for years, and was present at the murder of Che Guevara, the young doctor-cum-revolutionary who dedicated his life to improving the lives of the poor throughout the Americas. The Bushes have claimed victory in Presidential politics on the back of anti-Castro Cubans.

But politics be damned. The MLB put this together, and George likes baseball. So the Cubans can come play. While I support bringing Cubans to America to play, this is yet another example of George Bush molding the law to his personal agenda. He hates Castro. He's done all he can to tighten economic sanctions. And he won't let them profit from this visit. But hey, if there's a chance to watch a really great game of ball, he's there. He's not even consistent with his own politics.

I'm having trouble comprehending why Democrats are still so hell-bent on playing "fair" and acting politely as this administration becomes more and more of a dictatorship every day. This seems like an innocent story, but under the surface, it has more sinister implications. Our founding fathers wanted the country to be governed by the rule of law. But increasingly, we're governed by the whim of Bush.


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