Tuesday, November 22, 2005

JFK Assassination - 42 years old now

Forty-two years is a long time for a coverup. But the lies are alive and well even this long after the fact. I meet people now and then who really think Gerald Posner's book Case Closed should be the last word on the case. They aren't aware of the fact that a historian Posner himself respects says it represents one of the most stellar cases of dishonest reporting on the subject.

Over this past weekend, three conferences -- two in Dallas and one in DC -- presented evidence to further the investigation of that horrible event. My writeup of the DC conference is featured at Robert Parry's site The Consortium. I hope you'll pop over and read it. Necessarily it is incomplete - but no one would read a document that captured in full 24 hours worth of presentations!

Whatever else you do today, consider how we are ever going to recover until we demand an end to the secrecy that keeps so many facts from the public. Secrecy and democracy cannot co-exist. We must choose which is more important to the survival of our Republic.


Blogger BZTV said...

While the debate about the mechanics of who actually pulled the trigger and at whose suggestion remains as important as ever, I have another way to look at it. Think back about all the information that has come out about John Kennedy in the last decade or so -- about the mob contacts, the hits on Castro, the sexual cover-ups, the medical cover-up, etc., etc. What is striking to me, now, even as an American who loved him and wept for his death, it seems that JFK himself had a lot to do with creating the conditions of his own demise. He was reckless to the extreme, he pissed off powerful people and he set a standard of behavior around his own Secret Service that was less than stellar.

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Blogger smokinjoe72 said...

As Abraham Lincoln once said, "history is not history unless it is the truth." Norman Pearson stated that"to look back upon history is inevitably to distort it." How much of Vincent Bugliosi's new book Reclaiming History is truth and how much is distortion? That of course, depends upon each individual's perspective, but I would like to leave a few thoughts here before I finish. First, having reached that milestone of my fifth decade, I've seen many books come and go, and I always have a problem with any author that claims a "final solution" to any subject. More information is very often later discovered, other writers investigate and disagree, and the public is left with a continuing feeling of "what is the actual truth?" For me, the answer lies in those people who were historically there that day, and who have maintained their stories in a consistent manner. Not with those who attempt to claim a final solution a year, thirty years, or forty five years later. I believe these witnesses because their testimonies have never been disproved. Witnesses such as Sam Holland and his railroad co-workers who saw smoke and ran behind the stockade fence, or the testimony of Roger Dean Craig, Ed Hoffman, Gordon Arnold, and numerous others. Their testimony to the events of that day stand, and will always stand, because they were there. No amount of long-written lawyering will change their eye-witness accounts of that horrific day. smokinjoe72.

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