Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What Bush Saw vs. What People in New Orleans Saw

I'm feeling chatty tonight! It just incenses me that the "leader of the free world" (heavy on the quotes) continued his precious vacation rather than dealing with the horrific tragedy happening to his fellow countrymen one state away. The Think Progress blog juxtaposes images of what Bush saw, vs. what the people of New Orleans saw. While Bush golfed, hundreds (if not thousands) found themselves newly homeless.

Where is his Christianity now?

Where is his compassion?

Don't get me wrong - I never saw signs of either before so I shouldn't be surprised. But the arrogance - the blatant disregard for serving the people who so blindly and dutifully elected him (IF they elected him, the subject of previous posts here) - is still astonishing.

I know there are many big hearts across America, and indeed, across the planet. I know people will be reaching out. And it's too much to ask of GWB that he live up to the office for which he is clearly unfit. But is it too much to ask to George W. Bush to show just an ounce of humanity? If you were president, what would you have done? I'm sure all of you would have done something far more compassionate than playing golf.


Blogger madskillz said...

Awesome post ... too bad most 'Christians' are so immature they wouldn't know a devil if they saw one ... if Dubya is a Christian, call me Mao Tse Tung.

5:13 AM  

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