Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Someone is stealing my identity

For the past several years, someone has been going in and out of Internet newsgroups posting as "Lisa Pease" - sometimes on the Kennedy assassination, but sometimes on completely related issues. This person writes rambling, incoherent posts and claims they are from me. While most recognize immediately that the person is not me and others pipe up from time to time to say that's not "the" Lisa Pease, there are the few that have been taken in, who have even corresponded with that poster, thinking he is me.

Now - "Gregory Douglas" - name in quotes because he has used several names, including Walter Storch, and Peter Stahl - has posted some more disinformation on his www.TBRNews.org site. He has posted a letter ostensibly from me. Of course it is not. I wrote to him and asked him to take it down, and he refused. So truth is not part of his agenda.

And if you had any doubts re that - look at what he sent me:
From reading your website and also from the many ribald comments TBR received from readers, this denial of yours, if indeed it came from you and not the back wards of St. Elizabeth's Home for the Dim of Wit, is not a certainty.

I have found that many of the so-called "Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy" people are eccentric (to be very kind) to a remarkable degree and are the foreunners of the lunatic "bloggers" that have proliferated like fungus after a good rain.

I understand from a number of people, that you do not like me because my book, "Regicide," trashed a pamphlet you produced on the Kennedy business so I suggest that you take some Midol, let your hair down and have a good cry. [Huh? I don't like Regicide because it's based on documents no one can authenticate.]

BTW, I would recommend you take your picture down from your website lest you excite the misplaced sympathy of PETA.. [There's no picture of me on any of MY websites.]

Why not suffer your petty humiliarions in silence? I personally do not suffer fools gladly and a reading of your mindless babblings on the internet puts you squarely into the same category as Tom Flocco, "Sorcha Faal" and Wayne Madsen.

Not only will this stay in the TBR Archives, I personally willl include it, and your gorgeous picture, in a book I am writing on the 'Conspiracy Fringe' madness which is slated to appear just before the Christmas rush and which contains a lengthy dissection of the prolific and weird Kennedy Assassination writings.

Blaies Pascal once said that to destroy some one, make a fool of them but in these cases, I cannot improve on what God Almighty has already done.

If you don't like it, sue me.

I am sure that Sid Flores, Shopping Mall Lawyer would be more than happy to take your money.

Yours in Christ!

Gregory Douglas
This diary on Daily Kos talks about Douglas/Stahl/Storch's history, which includes apparently forging documents. Under the name Gregory Douglas, he wrote a book on the Kennedy assassination called Regicide that is based on a document only he has ever seen, one that is simply not credible (the CIA is putting on paper that they are killing Kennedy and why. Yeah right.) I told people I believed since the truth about Angleton's involvement in the JFK case was surfacing, Douglas put forth something provably false but pointing in the same direction. That way, if people said Angleton was involved, someone else could say - oh, those papers have been discredited, even though there are hundreds of other genuine documents available to anyone at the National Archives which show Angleton's involvement with Oswald prior to the assassination and Angleton's direct involvement in the cover-up after the fact. That's essentially what was done to Dan Rather - they sunk a true story by bringing out (possibly) false documents.

At any rate - Douglas has decided to make me a target, which begs the question of whom he really serves. Is he a nut who is trying anything to make money, and throwing stones at any who seek to expose him as a phoney? Or is he an agent of the government, out to discredit stories and people who get too close to the truth?

In the end, of course, it doesn't matter. This episode has backfired on Douglas. It detracts further from any credibility he had left, and adds to mine, as it shows I'm close enough to the truth to be a target now.


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