Monday, April 04, 2005

Martin Luther King, RIP

Thirty-seven years ago today, the Reverend Martin Luther King was shot down as he stepped out onto the second floor balcony of the Lorraine Motel.

King had already been almost fatally attacked years earlier, at a book signing. But as he arrived in Memphis, he mentioned the warnings he had received in his now-famous "I've Been to the Mountain" speech, the last he would ever make.

History will judge us by how we treat his memory, and his death. For years, the government told us a lone nut, James Earl Ray killed the man. In fact, the government still holds to that. But as in the cases of JFK and RFK, that conclusion is simply not supported by the evidence.

Why would James Earl Ray plant a gun 10 minutes in advance of using it? A store owner saw a man leave a bundle in front of his store minutes before King was killed. AFTER King was killed, the bundle was opened to reveal a rifle with James Earl Ray's fingerprints on it.

How do we know this? Because the King family, God bless them, had the fortitude to force this case into court. Most Americans don't know, because the MSM never told them, that in 1999, the King family sued Loyd Jowers in a civil suit for conspiracy in the assassination of Martin Luther King. The jury not only found Jowers guilty, but also found that "others, including governmental agencies, were parties to this conspiracy as alleged by the defendant." In other words, when finally tried in court, the people ruled that a conspiracy involving people working for government agencies killed King.

Does that surprise you? It should. Does that anger you? It should. Does that move you to action? It should. If we do not discipline our agencies, who will they kill next, and on what new patsy will they pin the blame? And what will we do then, if anything?

It is a sad comment not just on our times but on all time that the greatest threat to power is sometimes those with the noblest of intentions, to serve the greater good, to stand in nonviolent protest against oppressors. There are those who would character Jesus as a leader as a "peacenik" - a hippie of his time, a rebel leader, who said those who live by the sword would die by the sword. The price of freedom and justice has, throughout history, been extraordinarily high.

It takes a lot of courage to speak truth to power. Martin Luther King had that courage. Both John and Bobby Kennedy had that courage. I pray that I will see another leader of such courage in my lifetime. But I fear for the safety of any who dare rise their head above the crowd.

But please dare. We need you, whoever you are.


Blogger Real History Lisa said...

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Blogger grannyhelen said...

Lisa - gave you a plug over here:;sid=2005/4/4/192142/3282

Pretty good blog that just started up a couple of weeks ago - you might want to check it out...

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Blogger Real History Lisa said...

Awesome, GrannyHelen. Thanks for the crosslisting! Yes, Booman Tribune has excellent material!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only logical explanation for that bag dropped in front of the store -- James Earl Ray was a time traveler. It is a shame he did not reveal his time machine before he departed this world (tongue in cheek)!

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