Sunday, April 04, 2004

Martin Luther King Assassination Anniversary goes nearly unnoticed

Today, there was little coverage of an important assassination 36 years ago in Memphis, Tennessee. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was shot by a sniper as he stepped out of his hotel room onto a public-facing balcony.

Unmentioned in the scant coverage was the fact that in 1999, a jury found Loyd Jowers and "others unknown" guilty of conspiracy in the assassination of MLK, and concluded that Ray was not the shooter. The King family had brought a civil suit against Jowers after he confessed on ABC's Prime Time Live show to being part of the conspiracy, saying he had purchased and handed the gun to the shooter, who was not James Earl Ray.

Probe magazine covered the trial and published several long articles on this dramatic turn of events, about which the mainstream media has been shamefully silent. Read the coverage on the MLK articles page here. There are more articles on my Real History site. And if you really like to read, you can find the entire trial transcripts online at The King Center.

In brief, the official story has always been that a petty crime operator, all by himself, shot King from a public, hallway bathroom in a flophouse for drunks. After miraculously not being interrupted by the people who had been drinking and surely had need of that room, he fled, but not without dropping a sack of his belongings, including the gun, on the sidewalk in front of a store. And then, this poor guy without any co-conspirators managed to get to Europe and stay hidden while the FBI conducted what Hoover himself called 'the greatest manhunt in history.' Need I add that the package he allegedly dropped appeared on the doorstep BEFORE the shooting? But never mind with the facts. Goodness knows the media and the courts rarely do when it comes to political assassinations.

You owe it to yourself to find out about the people who killed King. There's a great section on King's assassination in the book I co-edited and co-published, The Assassinations, which you can purchase at The first printing is nearly gone, so a second printing is planned.


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