Thursday, April 01, 2004

America's Vote at Risk!

With the advent of electronic voting, our vote has never been more at risk. I've put together a summary document titled "America's Vote at Risk" which you can download and share from here. I'm out of time right now but wanted to get this out so people can educate themselves and their friends. There are two bills - one in the House, and one in the Senate, that can take care of the problems brought on by electronic voting. But the House and Senate are dragging their feet, saying they can't do anything until after the next election. But by then it may be too late! Please read the summary, check out the list of e-votes gone wrong in the Appendix, and then write your Congressperson and Senators about the bills to support, listed within. Many thanks for your time helping protect our Democracy. We need MANY people pushing on this issue to get the changes we need in time.


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